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Report on heavy rainfall in the sss islands


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Report On Heavy Rainfall In The SSS Islands

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Report on heavy rainfall in the sss islands

  1. 1. Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning Meteorological Department Curaçao PRESS RELEASE HEAVY RAINFALL IN THE SSS ISLANDSWith regards to the locally heavy rainfall which fell over the SSS Islandsduring parts of especially yesterday, the Meteorological DepartmentCuraçao (MDC) informed yesterday during the morning hours that theweather situation over the islands would deteriorate and that someflooding was possible over a few sections.For weather situations like these, the MDC developed an Early WarningSystem (EWS).In this context several phases have been introduced indicating theseverity and probability of expected weather events that cannotadequately be described in a regular weather forecast (code green). Aprecautionary statement (code yellow) will be issued when there is apotential (less than 30%) for the occurrence of weather events, seaconditions or geological phenomena that can cause general inconvenienceor public concern (requiring the attention and action of fire departmentand police authorities). This precautionary statement will be part of theregular public forecast bulletin.Special Bulletins will be issued to describe where severe weather orhazardous sea conditions are expected to occur or are already occurring(chance of 30-50% for watches and more than 50% for advisories orwarnings). These bulletins are updated (upgraded, downgraded orcanceled) as needed. Phase Definition: No danger. Precaution Possible occurrence (≤ 30%) of a certain natural --- Be Alert --- hazard within 8 to 24 hours. Watch Conditions of a natural hazard are possible---Prepare Yourself- (30-50%) within next 3 to 12 hours. -- Advisory Conditions of a natural hazard are imminent--- Protect Yourself- (higher than 50%), within 1 to 2 hours. - Warning Conditions of a natural hazard are imminent--- Protect Yourself- (higher than 50%), within 1 to 2 hours and pose -- a larger threat.During late Thursday morning, the regular public weather forecast bulletinmentioned only a chance of a local shower. A previous Small CraftAdvisory was also canceled at that time. The late morning forecast wasupdated at about 1:30 P.M. with a precautionary statement (code yellow)mentioning the “potential for localized flooding.” A precautionarystatement will be issued when the potential for a certain significant Seru Mahuma z/n CURAÇAO.Tel:+599 9 8393366.Fax:+599 9 8683999.E-mail:
  2. 2. weather phenomenon is 30% or less. During the late afternoon (5:30P.M.), a Heavy Rainfall Watch (code orange) was issued for the SSSIslands and it would be valid until late Friday afternoon. A heavy rainfallwatch is issued when the MDC expects rainfall amounts in excess of 25mm (1 inch) an hour. The French weather service also issued a heavyrainfall watch at about that time for Saint Martin and Saint Barth. Afterweather conditions improved early Friday morning, the Heavy RainfallWatch was canceled later in the morning.As is usually the case, the MDC will continue to monitor weatherconditions over its areas of responsibility closely and, if necessary, it willissue special bulletins for the population and authorities, according to theguidelines of its EWS.Curaçao, May 4, 2012 Seru Mahuma z/n CURAÇAO.Tel:+599 9 8393366.Fax:+599 9 8683999.E-mail: