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Earth`s ocean


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Published in: Education
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Earth`s ocean

  1. 1. EARTH´S OCEANS<br />
  2. 2. QUESTIONS<br />TRUE OR FALSE:<br />1.Salt in the ocean comes from rocks. ( F )<br />2.Most of the salt is sodium chloride- table salt. ( T )<br />3. Water Pressure is the amount of salt water. ( F ) <br />4. Oceans have the saltiest water on Earth. ( F )<br />5. The salinity of the oceans change a lot from place to place. ( F ) <br />6. Something else that depends on the oceans pressure is depth. ( F )<br />7. At the surface the water is warmed by sea animals. ( F )<br />75% of the oceans has a temperature between 0 C and 3 C.( F )<br />9. To study the oceans scientists use planes and helicopters. ( F ) <br />10. Some of the conditions of the oceans depends on the water surface. ( F )<br />
  3. 3. ANSWERS<br />1. The salt in oceans come from the minerals that are washed out from the land.<br />3. The amount of the salt in oceans water is called salinity.<br />4. The ocean that have the saltiest water is the Dead Sea, in Israel.<br />5. Doesn´t change much from place to place. <br />6. Is water depth.<br />7. At the surface, the water is warmed by the sun and warm air above the surface.<br />8. Is the 90% of the oceans have the temperature between 0 C and 3 C.<br />9. Scientist use submarines to study oceans.<br />10. One of the conditions of the ocean is depth is pressure.<br />