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The Pixar Theory


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All of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe! See the interactive graphic on

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The Pixar Theory

  1. 1. T H E ∙ P I X A R ∙ T H E O R Y 1995 1998 1999 2001 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 All of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe! Currently you’re viewing the Pixar movies in chronological order as they were released. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  2. 2. You are now in the Pixar Universe 14th-15th Century 1950s -1960s 1978-1998 1999 2003 2007 2010 2011-2016 2100-2200 2100-2200 2800-2900 2989-3000 4500-5000 4500-5000 This is the order of the movies as they exist together in the Pixar Universe. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  3. 3. It all starts with Merida discovering the “will' o' the wisps” (magic). The magic turns her mother into a bear. This magic is why animals and inanimate objects (brooms & tools) behave like humans. Magic was utilized by a witch, who mysteriously vanishes through wooden doors. Eventually magic from the will' o' the wisps would lead to the birth of super heroes. brave Evidence 14th-15th Century Humans and animals alike discovering magic. Here we see animals beginning to behave like humans. Inanimate objects beginning to move on their own from the power of magic. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  4. 4. Superheroes were the ones that maintained order in the world. But Buddy, a wannabe superhero created 2 things for the demise of superpower humans. Which was self serving A.I. bots like the “Omnidroid” and the high tech Zero Point Energy. This is the pivotal moment where we see machines eradicating their only threat, supers. Later on the use of high tech Zero Point Energy (electromagnetic energy that exists in a vacuum.) is unseen energy that travels in wavelengths which toy’s begin to absorb and draw their powers. THE INCREDIBLES Evidence 1950s-1960s Syndrome utilizing Zero Point Energy, which is later used by toys. The Omnidroid shows first signs of Artificial Intelligence turning against humans. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  5. 5. The first signs of life from toys due to Syndrome’s technological prowess is now present. Toys (sentient objects) come up with a code of rules and learn that they thrive on human love (another energy source). The toys discover what happens to them when they are isolated from humans. toy story Evidence 1978-1998 The toys work together to avoid being discovered by humans. Toys learn to utilize human love as another energy source. The toys discover the barbaric nature of humans and begin to dislike them. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  6. 6. The toys discover that it is lethal for them to be isolated from humans. Start to see inanimate objects question their purpose in life, like Jesse resents being discarded by her owner, Emily for abandoning her. Resentment towards humans was not only carried by inanimate objects but by animals as well. toy story 2 Evidence 1999 Inanimate objects beginning to question their purpose in life. Feelings of resentment build when the toys are abandoned. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  7. 7. In the ocean we find that fish have very high I.Q’s (ex. have schools, network, and a freeway system) We discover that humans are polluting the earth and experimenting on them. Dory was one of the animals that was experimented on (this is why she forgets all the time). Signs of resentment grow towards humans for polluting the environment, stealing fish and caging them. Animals begin to carry more humanistic characteristics and are curious. FINDING NEMO Evidence 2003 We see that fish have high I.Q. levels, resulting in organized schools, networks, and freeway systems. Dory is one of the many fish who have suffered from being experimented on. Fish become aggravated and begin to rebel against the humans. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  8. 8. In Ratatouille, Remy discovers his love of cooking and begins to display humanistic characteristics. Some of them are: walking on his hind paws, cleaning his hands, reading, and cooking. This is the first time we see personal interaction between human and animal, but it is intentionally for the purpose of controlling humans. Remy controls Linguini since Linguini does not know how to do anything. We see that Remy’s rat clan does not approve of the humans and have a general fear and hate towards them. This is just the beginning of futile war with machine, animals and humans. As you will be able to see in Toy Story 3. RATATOUILLE Evidence 2007 Here we see animals wanting to behave more like humans. The animals begin to learn how to control the humans. We see the rats beginning to overtake the humans. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  9. 9. 3 years later the toys have gone through a lot with humans. If you seen the movie you can tell why most of the toys have had it. Being abused physically and emotionally by humans. Lotso the Huggin’ Bear straight up hates humans because, humans use and discard toys like they‘re trash so who can blame him for trying to take care of his own kind. This, like many others, provides a reason for why machines and objects alike are ready to take over. Carl and Ellie write to Andy telling him to get rid of his toys because they know the animosity between toys and humans coming ahead and that’s why they are planning on living in solitude. TOY STORY 3 Evidence 2010 The humans begin to abuse the toys, both emotionally and physically. Human treatment of toys results in hatred from toys such as Lotso. Buy-n-Large’s reach begins to grow, as we can see by the BnL batteries in the back of Buzz Lightyear. In Toy Story 3, we see a postcard from Carl and Ellie, written to Andy. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  10. 10. Carl is forced to give up his house to a corporation/BnL because they are expanding the city. Forecasting that this corporation is the cause for polluting the earth and wiping out life in the distant future due to technological overreach. Carl discovers that animals also can communicate and begins to see the bitterness they have towards humans. Charles Muntz trains an army of dogs more effectively. This is the start of the tipping point between animals and humans. Years later the uprising between animals and humans began and who do you think won that war? UP Evidence 2011-2016 We see the large corporation BnL taking over the world. Carl discovers that animals can talk. Charles Muntz creates an army of talking dogs. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  11. 11. When animals rise up against the humans to stop them from polluting, the machines saved them and they won the war. However since they won it tipped the balance on Earth. And machines/BnL had to send the remaining humans off into space on a ship called the Axiom. And all the other machines were left behind to populate the world and run things. How do we know cars took over the earth and not another planet? cars Evidence 2100-2200 Machines are still heavily influenced by humans, which explains human landmarks and traditions that are prominent in cars (customs like drive-in movie theatre, Route 66, etc). Here, the Axiom is in flight. The humans had to flee earth to avoid extinction during the war. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  12. 12. In Cars 2, cars go to Europe and Japan which shows that its the same planet as all the other Pixar movies. It also shows that there are no humans throughout the world. The world at this time ends up with an energy crisis in Cars 2 with oil being the only energy used for cars. Allinol corporation was using green energy as a catalyst for a fuel war in order to turn cars away from alternative energy sources. That clean fuel could have been used to wipe out (decommissioned) many of the cars real quick. Allinol was operated by BnL which eventually polluted the whole earth due to the use of oil. The whole world becomes unfit to sustain life. cars 2 Evidence 2100-2200 We see cars in Japan, proving that Cars exist on Earth, not an alternate world. Allinol was a cover to help Buy-n-Large eliminate green energy. Here we see an attempt to “decommission” a small group of cars. Decommission was the term BnL came up with to take emphasis away from the genocide that was actually taking place. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  13. 13. Earth has become uninhabitable for hundreds of years due to BnL a corporation that took over the world/governments starting in the 1950’s. Wall-E is the only machine left on earth after the machines ran out of resources. He survived because he is fascinated with human culture and friendship with a cockroach which helped maintain his personality and fulfillment. Robots/machines on the Axiom that left earth centuries earlier; show that machines have humans dependent on them (machines) for everything because it gives them purpose. Wall-E is a robot Jesus. He and his love Eva (Adam and Eve) save the human race and start a new beginning on earth again. During the credits of Wall-E we see the shoe that contains the last of plant life. It grows into a mighty tree. WALL-E Evidence 2100-2900 There is evidence that: One, Wall-E was able to survive from interactions with another lifeform. Two, Bugs also found a way to survive on earth. Some of the wreckage left behind by the Buy-n-Large corporation. The tree that grew from the boot Wall-E found grows into the tree that we see in A Bug’s Life. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  14. 14. That same plant we see in Wall-E grew to be the tree in A Bug’s Life. Insects have a longer lifespan in A Bug’s Life. Prior to Wall-E an ant can last just 3 months. However, in A Bug’s Life, these ants all survive an entire summer and allude to being around for quite some time. Even one ant states that he “feels 90 again.” Which explains that ants are sturdier due to evolution and mutated genes. Another ant tells Flik not to leave the island because there are “snakes, birds, and bigger bugs out there.” But does not mention humans, because there are very few humans that makes it dangerous enough for insects to worry about. Although one kid allegedly picked the wings off of the homeless bug. Later in the distant future animals start evolving into the dominant species. A bug’s life Evidence 2898-3000 Insects in the future are living and behaving more like humans. There are cities, bars, a traveling circus, and they wear clothes/contraptions. We see that ants in the future can live to be 90+ years old. Ants in the future invent tools/gadgets. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  15. 15. Hundreds of years after Wall-E animals started changing due to radiation from pollution caused by BnL. These Animals evolved into monsters and accidentally wipe humans off the face of the planet. Which is why they incorporate Monsters University: founded in 1313; which is dated back to their calendar not the human calendar showing that it took place almost 1400 years after A Bugs Life. At Monsters University, they are falsely taught that humans are toxic and from another dimension. This was because monsters were worried about being erased from existence and altering history. monsters university Evidence 4500-5000 Animals evolved into monsters which founded Monsters University in 1313 (Monsters A.D.) Monsters were falsely taught to believe humans are toxic. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  16. 16. Monsters and machines didn’t realize their mistake of getting rid of humans until it was too late. Not knowing that humans were their source of energy to sustain life. Machines helps solve that by letting Monsters use doors to time travel to the human generations. Which leads us to Boo. MONSTER’S, INC. Evidence 4500-5000 Sully and Mike using doors to travel back in time to gather energy from human screams, and later, green energy through laughter. In Monster’s Inc we see Randall sent through a door into the past where he ends up in a trailer that looks newer (frame, tall grass, tree hanging overhead). In A Bug’s Life, we see the same trailer but it’s old and run down, and the vegetation is less and noticeably dryer, indicating that it is in the future. Mike put Boo’s door back together for Sully so he could see Boo one last time. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  17. 17. Sweet little Boo never got over Sulley and became obsessed with finding out what happened to him. She remembered that doors are the key to finding sully. Later on in life she figured out how to time travel and goes back to the source of all magic, the “will' o' the wisps” and creates magic to find Sulley by using wood. Boo leaves evidence behind in Brave showing 2 carvings whittled out of wood. They were Sulley and a Pizza truck, the two things she loves most in life. Although she knows how to travel through time, she does not know how to determine what time period she will go to. Therefore speculation has it that Boo is the one planting the easter eggs throughout all the Pixar movies because she has been accidently going through different time periods. Boo Evidence ∞ Boo’s reminiscing of Pizza Planet by carving the Pizza Planet truck. Boo’s obsession of searching for Sulley is found in her wood carvings in Brave. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  18. 18. Boo discovered that wood was the source of energy all along. In Monster’s Inc. they used doors made of wood because it has the energy to travel in time. The Wood from A Bugs Life is the source of Flik’s ingenuity. That tree (a bugs life) bares a resemblance to the one in Up that Carl and Ellie often visited. This tree was the source of Carl’s wild idea of balloons transporting his house. Why did the Witch turn Queen Elinor into a bear in Brave? This was Boo’s failed attempt at bringing Sulley back. The bear somewhat resembles Sulley. How did Flik and Heimlich from A Bug’s Life show up in Toy Story 2? “Time travel!” Boo tried to go to the future and could have fallen into the Wall-E time period (2100-2900) and kept travelling, stumbling upon the tree in a bugs life and could have brought back a few bugs with her. View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR
  19. 19. —Boo Don’t Miss Out. View Interactive Now! View Interactive Version97TH FLOOR Interactive version created by 97th Floor Interactive inspired by Jon Negroni Please share this with your friends.