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Going Viral on Pinterest


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Learn how to go viral on Pinterest from 97th Floor

Published in: Technology
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Going Viral on Pinterest

  1. 1. Going Viral on Pinterest: Huge Traffic and Big Opportunities.Colby Almond97th Floor@colbyalmond, April 2nd 2012
  2. 2. What is Pinterest? ?
  3. 3. If correctly planned, Pinterest can drive over 100,000+ visitors to your site.
  4. 4. Old Digg (R.I.P.) :
  5. 5. Reddit:
  6. 6. Pinterest: WOW!
  7. 7. So How Do I Get this Kind of Traffic?
  8. 8. Pinterest DemographicsMisconception : Pinterest is only for women.
  9. 9. Pinterest DemographicsWhen in doubt, think like Reddit.
  10. 10. Developing Content for Pinterest
  11. 11. Pinteresting ContentSometimes graphic designs need to change to fit new social networks.
  12. 12. Pinteresting Content Infographics work on other networks, however,there are reasons they typically don’t on Pinterest.
  13. 13. Pinteresting ContentWhat Infographics Display:•Specific, industry related information•A lot of information in one graphic•Not necessarily the most interesting of contentWhat Pinterest Wants:•Great ideas that apply to life•Steps and instructions•Graphics that will guide them through life
  14. 14. Pinteresting ContentInfographics are awesome, but with Pinterest a new type of content was born.
  15. 15. Instructographics
  16. 16. InstructographicsExactly what are instructographics?
  17. 17. Instructographics Instructographics : a vertical representationof creative ideas or steps that guides the user to make it themselves.
  18. 18. InstructographicsSteps to creating an instructographic:• Find a creative idea that has viral potential.• Create the steps in a vertical fashion thatare visually easy to follow.• Finish with the end product.
  19. 19. Instructographic Examples
  20. 20. Instructographic ExamplesLarge TitleEasy toread steps
  21. 21. Instructographic ExamplesPinterest also acts as a catalyst for Facebook shares . . . but not Twitter.
  22. 22. Instructographic ExamplesInstructographics:Size Matters
  23. 23. Instructographic ExamplesDesign every instructographic to be at least 500pixels x 2,500 pixels . . . but no longer than 5,000.The repin, like, and commentbuttons are ONLY at the top. If theusers have to scroll forever to thebottom, chances are they will notscroll back up.
  24. 24. Instructographic ExamplesWhy 2,500 pixels long?
  25. 25. Instructographic ExamplesAn Incorrect Graphic on Pinterest: 36,000 repins! But how many visitors….
  26. 26. Instructographic ExamplesAn incorrect graphic on Pinterest:Only 3,651 viewson my site.
  27. 27. Instructographic ExamplesA correctly sized graphic on Pinterest:51,000 repins!This had towork……
  28. 28. Instructographic ExamplesA correctly sized graphic on Pinterest:Only 151,733 views onmy site.
  29. 29. Instructographic ExamplesWhat if you can’t size your graphics to thecorrect proportions? BUTTON ALL THE THINGS!
  30. 30. Submitting to PinterestSo when should I submit my content to Pinterest?
  31. 31. Submitting to Pinterest5 AM and 5PM Eastern Time
  32. 32. Important RemindersOther important things to remember.
  33. 33. Important RemindersDon’t spam your followers.
  34. 34. Important RemindersPlace cool images in your content.
  35. 35. Important Reminders Content is King.Don’t let your clients interfere with your creativity. You’re the professional.
  36. 36. Important RemindersCreate the content for the users, not your client.
  37. 37. Important RemindersDon’t forget the embed code!
  38. 38. Important Reminders LOVE YOUR CONTENTLIKE IT’S YOUR BABY!
  39. 39. Important RemindersProtect it.Watch it grow.Don’t let anyone steal it.
  40. 40. Thank You.Colby Almond97 Floor