Puzzle Shorts
About UsStart dreaming of Israel, as youve never imagined itbefore. We welcome you to a country bursting at theseams with ...
Tomer ShohamAbout The Crew                                                             Tomer Shoham, was born and raised i...
Puzzle ShortsPuzzle Shorts provides those already on long-term programs, currently traveling, or currentlyliving in Israel...
Daily Program                                                                             Day OneRamat HaGolan            ...
Daily ProgramOrek Chaim Shel Yisrael                                         Day One                                      ...
Daily ProgramYam El Yam                                                      Day One                                      ...
Daily Program                                                                 Day One                                     ...
Daily ProgramAliyah LYerushalayim                                           Day One                                       ...
Daily ProgramBein Ha Machteshim                                             Day One                                       ...
Daily ProgramFrom Timna to Eilat                                            Day One                                       ...
CONTACT US:USA No.         (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith   972 (52) 226-1323                               1236Nikki Aversh ...
Contact Us:USA No.          (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323Nikki Avershal 972 (54) 453-1236www.puzzleisrael....
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Puzzle Shorts

  1. 1. Puzzle Shorts
  2. 2. About UsStart dreaming of Israel, as youve never imagined itbefore. We welcome you to a country bursting at theseams with many languages, distinctive cultures, andbreathtaking sights. Five young adults recognized thedrastic need for deeper engagement in Israel and Israeladvocacy from young adults around the globe. Theycombined their unique talents to build Puzzle Israel, atravel company specifically for young adults who wish toexplore Israel from the ground up. 1
  3. 3. Tomer ShohamAbout The Crew Tomer Shoham, was born and raised in the Galilee community, Yuvalim. From 2002 to 2008 Tomer served in various elite units of the IDF and after his release from the army he traveled throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He loves to explore Israel in his 4x4 and takes every opportunity he can to travel. He lives in Jerusalem where he works for Magen David Adom after 10 years of voluntary service and is a licensed tour guide of Israel.Nir Margalith Eyal LevyNir Margalith, grew up in Yuvalim, a village in Misgav, Israel, Eyal Levy, grew up in Kamun, a village in the Lower Galilee. He servedsurrounded by the magical nature of the Lower Galilee. From six years as a combatant officer and captain in an elite IDF unit.  After,2003-2006 he served in the IDF as a driver and assistant to a he spent ten months traveling the Silk Road through Central Asia,senior officer. Since he can remember, hikes, trips, and nature Nepal, China, and India, also spending time in Mongolia and Newhave always been important to him. He has traveled extensively Zealand. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Hebrewindependently as well as with his family and friends. Every day University and loves hiking, playing soccer, horseback riding, readingmeeting new people, discovering new places, and trying new foods and spending time with his friends.helps him to continue his journey of exploration.Guy Marom Nikki AvershalGuy Marom, was born and raised in Koranit, Misgav. His appreciation Nikki Avershal is from Philadelphia. She grew up speaking Hebrewfor nature and his love of Israel stems from his grandparents, who with her Israeli father and visiting Israel often to see family. In 2009helped build the land of Israel after escaping the Holocaust. Guy served she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Political3 years in the IDF and after, he spent eight months traveling around Science. Throughout her studies and after she worked variousNew Zealand and the Far East. His travels gave him a fresh perspective positions in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. She to moved to Israelon Israel and what makes his homeland so unique. He holds a B.A. in to participate in OTZMA, a yearlong volunteer program. Following this,Behavioral Sciences from Bar Ilan University and loves riding horses, she received her International MBA from Tel Aviv University. She lovescooking, traveling, and music. yoga, singing and playing guitar, hiking, and reading. 2 3
  4. 4. Puzzle ShortsPuzzle Shorts provides those already on long-term programs, currently traveling, or currentlyliving in Israel with seven programs to choosefrom. Each program, 3-5 days in length isexplorative and innovative, highlighting variousregions and trails of Israel. 4 5
  5. 5. Daily Program Day OneRamat HaGolan • Travel from Tel Aviv to Vered H’Galil • Breakfast and opening session at Vered H’Galil horse ranchThe Golan Heights • Introduction to horseback riding activities • Horseback riding with views and explanations of the Kinneret • Travel to Avneh EitanTour through the ancient city of Gamla and learn about the rich history of • LunchJewish settlement in the Golan Heights, as we walk to one of the tallest • ODT activitieswaterfalls in the country. • Break before evening activities • Dinner • Evening of music and discussionsExperience a place full of lush foliage, flowers and waterfalls. See the Day Tworevolutionary robotic cowsheds that have changed the dairy farm industry • Breakfast and preparing packed lunchesand understand the importance of the Golan Heights to Israel as we • Trip to robotic cowshed for tour and explanation of facilitiesweave through its green trails on horseback, on foot and by jeep. • Cheese making lesson • Travel to Gamla • Visit one of the largest waterfalls in Israel • Viewpoint overlooking vulture colony with an explanation of the vulture population at Gamla • Tour of the Gamla ruins • Interactive activity portraying the story of Gamla • Travel to Yehudia campground • Set up camp • Outdoor cooking lesson • Dinner around the campfire • Q and A session with Army veterans of the Second Lebanon War and discussion about the strategic importance of the Golan Heights Day Three • Breakfast and pack lunches for the day • Pack up camp • Jeep trip around northern boarders of the Golan Heights • Closing session at Yehudia campground 6 7
  6. 6. Daily ProgramOrek Chaim Shel Yisrael Day One • Opening Session at the foot of Fort Hunin.Israels life • Observation of the region, and dip in the natural cisterns • Visit to Ha’Shomer - Hebrew Defense Organization Museum in Kfar GiladiTake a look at the foundations of a nation. Find out how land • Overlook of the Banias Waterfalls from suspension bridge • Outdoor cooking classthat was rendered a useless swamp, became the central • Camping at Sde Nechemia next to Snir Riverbedgrounds for extraordinary wildlife. On our tour of the Upper Day TwoGalilee experience a fascinating and historical mosaic • Lecture, “Creating the Hula Nature Reserve” • Bike ride through the Hula Valleyof dreamers and fighters who began building the country • Travel to Rosh Pina, explanation of the colony in the old city and viewpoints ofaround the lifeline of the Jordan River. surrounding areas • Lunch in a local restaurant • Free time to rest or shop in Rosh Pina art galleries   Travel through protected nature reserves, fascinating • Travel to Ayelet H’shahar for paintball activities • Music evening and dinner togethercolonies in the Galilee while walking amid lush orchards and • Overnight accommodations at the Innthe waterfalls that refill refreshing springs. Day Three • ODT activities with quiz on the Six Day War at Kibbutz Gadot • Transportation from Kibbutz Gadot to the Kinneret • Kayaking to the Kinneret • Final session • ***supplementary option: Trip along the shores of the Kinneret, crossing the lake on rafts and various water sports. Ending the final evening by the Jordan River with a visit to various holy sites in the area 8 9
  7. 7. Daily ProgramYam El Yam Day One • Travel from Tel Aviv to Achziv BeachShore to shore • Breakfast and opening remarks • Walk through banana groves to Kziv Riverbed • Break for coffee and teaFollow the trails of people who once lived in caves feeding • Climb up to Montfort Fortress and walking tour of the siteoff carob trees tucked away in the highest mountain in Israel • Hike to Tamir Spring • Break for Lunch and ODT activityand understand why the Crusaders built their fortress on • Walk to Moshav Abirim“Strong Mountain” that still stands today. • Set up campsite • Music around the campfirew Day TwoTravel through caves, lookout points and nature reserves. • Morning visit to the horse and goat farms with breakfast made from products of theWake up watching the sunrise from the tops of mountains. Moshav • Travel to Kziv Riverbed (near Hurfeish)Traverse the entirety of a country bringing with you a few • Walk to Chotam Springsdrops of water from the vast Mediterranean to shores of the • Stop for lunchKinneret. • Begin Neria Riverbed trail • End the day of hiking by climbing to the top of Mt. Meron • Set up camp, outdoor cooking workshop, making dinner together Day Three • Wake early before sunrise with Yoga on Mt. Meron • Breakfast and travel to Bar Yochai lot • Hike Upper Amud Riverbed with a stop at the Sichvi pools • Lunch • Hike Lower Amud Riverbed to the Kinneret • Closing ceremony and final dinner together 10 11
  8. 8. Daily Program Day One • Breakfast and opening remarks • Visit to Druze village of Hurfeish • Meeting with community leaders with explanation of the community and its allianceTarbuyot H’Galil with Israel • Hike through Nachal Kziv • Lunch at Ein ChotamColtures of the galile • Visit to a Druze fabric factory • Visit to a Bedouin village • Bedouin hospitality with explanation about Bedouin culture and customsHow did the son of a carpenter come to be the Savior of • Druze/Bedouin cooking classmillions? Why did the followers of Jethro the Prophet choose • Evening around the campfire • Sleep in Bedouin tentsto live amid the mountaintops? Day Two • Wake up with a morning yoga class or hikeTour through the Galilees picturesque villages and beautiful, • Stop at scenic lookout with explanation of the settlements in the Galilee and Arab Agriculturewinding mountain roads as we weave our way through • Breakfastimpressive mosques, churches and synagogues. Uncover • Visit to Nazareth for Muslim and Christian cultural lessons and a look at the unique example of co-existence in the citythe ancient sacred sights, the legends and the mystery set • Church of the Annunciationagainst the beautiful sprawling landscapes of the Galilee. • Mount Precipice • Mosque • Lunch in Nazareth • ODT Activity • Music evening • Sleep at a local hostel Day Three • Breakfast • Explanation of Jewish settlements in the Galilee • Horseback riding trip • Visit to Tel Yodfat • Interactive activity learning about the Great Revolt battles between Jews and Romans • Short hike to visit at a local goat farm • Spiritual meditation workshop • Final discussion and closing remarks 12 13
  9. 9. Daily ProgramAliyah LYerushalayim Day One • Visit to the Palmach Museum, Tel AvivThe way to Jerusalem • Depart Tel Aviv on bike ride through HaYarkon Park • Continue ride through Kol Forest to Fort AfekFind your way to Jerusalem, the city besieged by Romans, • Military activity at campground • Set up camp, make dinner around campfire and sleepCrusaders and Arabs alike, following the historic and Day Twostrategic pathways of battles from biblical times to the Six • BreakfastDay War. • Begin jeep trip • Stop at Latrun Armored Corps Memorial for explanation of one of the toughest battles during the War of IndependenceVisit one of the most popular spots for motorcyclists and • Travel to Post 21 for explanation of the siege of Jerusalem and Burma Road • Drive from the outpost to Esta’ol, from Aviezar to Mt. Sansanthe best observation points in the center of the country. See • Theatrical recreation of fight scenes on Battle Hillthese and other fascinating sites on the road to Jerusalem, • Camping in the Canada Forest or Ein Kobi • Outdoor cooking workshopa kaleidoscope of stories of heroism and action through Day Threeforested mountains and scenic villages all while passing • Breakfastthrough modern agriculture, fertile orchards and natural • Begin at Amindav and walk to Hindek lookout point • Walk towards Mt. Hertzl and stop for lunchstreams. • Climb Mt. Hertzl and visit to the National Cemetery of Israel • Final session at the Knesset (House of Parliament) 14 15
  10. 10. Daily ProgramBein Ha Machteshim Day One • Breakfast and Opening Session at the entrance to the Small MakhteshBetween the craters • Geological explanation of the makhteshim and their origins • Hike to the middle of the Small Makhtesh breaking in the middle for ODT activitiesExperience the heart of the desert and uncover the secrets • Climb out of the Small Makhtesh followed by more extensive explanations of desert topography  of the largest craters-like formations in the world. On this • Set up camptour of the Negev desert we will take a glance at layers • Bedouin style outdoor cooking class Day Twoof ancient rocks, fossils, vibrant colors, strange volcanic • Early, before sunrise, wake up with morning yogaphenomena, and stunning views while understanding how overlooking the Makhteshimthese geological marvels came to be. • Cook breakfast together and prepare lunches for the hike • Topography and navigation lessons • Hike Hatirah Riverbed from Palmach Ascent to Ein YorqeamWe will learn the fundamentals of survival, how to cook • Stop for coffee and swim in the Yorqeam waterholes • Educational session: How to set up a fire in the desert  like a desert nomad, and navigation by way of stars and • Exploratory lesson: Finding food and water in the desertmoonlight. • Making dinner in the desert competition • Build campfire for musical evening Day Three • Breakfast • Various desert survival competitions • Teams are awarded prizes after their completion of the activities • Finishing activities and discussion with festive dinner together 16 17
  11. 11. Daily ProgramFrom Timna to Eilat Day One • Tour of desert dairy farms in YotvataBetween the craters • Biking in Timna Park • Hike to the top of Mt. TimnaWelcome to Eilat, the southernmost city of Israel, paradise • Authentic lunch in King Solomon Tents • Extreme activities in Timna Parkfor the senses and a breathtaking experience for those • Lodging in the arealooking to hike, climb, surf and sleep in the heart of the • Evening of music around the desert campfire Day Twodesert. Explore the copper mines of the ancient world, the • Jeep tour of the Eilat Mountainsisolated springs, removed dairy farms, and watch the sunrise • Observation of Timna Valley (where we were hiking yesterday)over the Red Mountains • Camping at Mt. Jehoram campground • Outdoor cooking class Day Three • Early wake up, watch the sunrise from the top of Mt. Jehoram with sunrise Yoga • Hike through Netafim Riverbed • Walk through the city of Eilat to the beach • Evening in Eilat to end the trip Day Four (optional) • Outdoor activities in Eilat • Water sports • Snorkeling 18 19
  12. 12. CONTACT US:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323 1236Nikki Aversh al 972 (54) 453- omwww.Pu zzleIsrael.c PuzzleIsra el@gmail.com 20
  13. 13. Contact Us:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323Nikki Avershal 972 (54) 453-1236www.puzzleisrael.compuzzleisrael@gmail.com