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Derech Eretz

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Derech Eretz

  1. 1. Derech Eretz
  2. 2. Derech EretzDont just walk a mile in someone elses shoes.Walk many miles, hike many miles, bike manymiles and climb to great heights to experiencethe adventures that Israel has to offer.Puzzles Derech Eretz trips give you three, ten-day programs, to choose from, each ten-day triphighlighting the Northern, the Central and theSouthern regions of Israel.Intended for those abroad to engage inrepeat visits to Israel to ensure deeper Israelengagement, year-by-year, program-after-program, participants will explore the nuancesof these regions, building their own Israelexperience piece by piece in their personalPuzzle. 1
  3. 3. About Us Tomer Shoham Tomer Shoham, was born and raised in the Galilee community,Start dreaming of Israel, as youve never imagined it before. We welcome you to Yuvalim. From 2002 to 2008 Tomer served in various elite units ofa country bursting at the seams with many languages, distinctive cultures, and the IDF and after his release from the army he traveled throughoutbreathtaking sights. Five young adults recognized the drastic need for deeper Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He loves to exploreengagement in Israel and Israel advocacy from young adults around the globe. Israel in his 4x4 and takes every opportunity he can to travel. He lives in Jerusalem where he works for Magen David Adom after 10 years ofThey combined their unique talents to build Puzzle Israel, a travel company voluntary service and is a licensed tour guide of Israel.specifically for young adults who wish to explore Israel from the ground up. Nir Margalith Eyal Levy Nir Margalith, grew up in Yuvalim, a village in Misgav, Israel, Eyal Levy, grew up in Kamun, a village in the Lower Galilee. He served surrounded by the magical nature of the Lower Galilee. From six years as a combatant officer and captain in an elite IDF unit.  After, 2003 - 2006 he served in the IDF as a driver and assistant to a he spent ten months traveling the Silk Road through Central Asia, senior officer. Since he can remember, hikes, trips, and nature Nepal, China, and India, also spending time in Mongolia and New have always been important to him. He has traveled extensively Zealand. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Hebrew independently as well as with his family and friends. Every day University and loves hiking, playing soccer, horseback riding, reading meeting new people, discovering new places, and trying new foods and spending time with his friends. helps him to continue his journey of exploration. Guy Marom Nikki Avershal Guy Marom, was born and raised in Koranit, Misgav. His appreciation Nikki Avershal, is from Philadelphia. She grew up speaking Hebrew for nature and his love of Israel stems from his grandparents, who with her Israeli father and visiting Israel often to see family. In 2009 helped build the land of Israel after escaping the Holocaust. Guy served she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Political 3 years in the IDF and after, he spent eight months traveling around Science. Throughout her studies and after, she worked various New Zealand and the Far East. His travels gave him a fresh perspective positions in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. She moved to Israel on Israel and what makes his homeland so unique. He holds a B.A. in to participate in OTZMA, a yearlong volunteer program. Following this, Behavioral Sciences from Bar Ilan University and loves riding horses, she received her International MBA from Tel Aviv University. She loves cooking, traveling, and music. yoga, singing and playing guitar, hiking, and reading. 2 3
  4. 4. Derech Eretz HaTzafon source and historically to various activities, military workshops, and religions. yoga classes from some of theNorthern Israel, Haifa, the Galilee and the most beautiful scenes imaginable. In the Southern Galilee we will Lastly, we visit the city of Haifa inGolan Heights visit a range of very different its astonishing location between cultures living as neighbors. mountain and sea as we finishHome to the Galilee and the swamp, now a nature reserve and Through encounters and musical our trip together on the shores ofGolan Heights some call the North migration grounds for millions of evenings with local residents the Mediterranean.the "Tuscany of Israel". This birds. we will experience authenticinstallment, one of Puzzle Israels hospitality, hear cultured folk-three, 10-day trips will take you Covering challenging terrain on tales and learn about theon an adventure through the foot, horseback, bike and jeep traditions and religions of threebreathtaking sights of Northern we will discover the magic of separate faiths.Israel. the Golan Heights while hearing stories of ancient settlements We will follow Biblical storiesJourney to the magnificent peaks and the settlement movement that through the Jezreel valley thatof the northern Mountains, as we followed the Yom Kippur War. stretches between Mt. Gilboaunderstand the complexities of Visit famous battles sites from and the Carmel Mountains.Israels borders. Get to know the wars ancient and modern alike Woven through this uniquefascinating history of the Galilee and lean about the importance of and unforgettable experienceand the Golan Heights and visit the Kinneret both economically are cooking workshops, musicthe Hula valley, once a vast to Israel as its prime water evenings and drum circles, ODT 4 5
  5. 5. Derech Eretz HaTzafon Day 5: Community Involvement • Learning about and practicing ecological building methodsDaily Program • ODT activities • Introduction to settlements in the GalileeDay 1: Tel Aviv • Evening with host families• Pick up from Ben Gurion International Airport• Introductory meeting at HaTachanah near Old Yafo Day 6: Volunteering• Tour through the narrow streets of Neve Tzedek • Day of volunteer work in the Galilee implementing activities and lessons from the previous• Free time in Tel Aviv day• Travel North with welcome dinner on the way • Evening of Bedouin hospitality• Sleep in the Hermon Holiday Village Resort in Neve Ativ • Accommodation in authentic Bedouin tentsDay 2: Upper Galilee Day 7: Cultures of the Galil• Watch the sunrise from Mt. Hermon observation point • Breakfast and coffee in Bedouin tents• Breakfast and tour of the Nimrod Fortress • Visit to Nazareth with overview of Christian and Muslim coexistence there• Tour of suspension bridge over Nahalal Banias and team building activities • Sunset yoga on Mt. Tavor• Trip to Manara • Druze hospitality and accommodation at Khan Tavor• Cable car up Manara Cliffs• Bicycle trip down the mountain Day 8: Cultures of the Galilee (continued)• Tour of Hula Lake • Breakfast on Mt. Tavor• Set up camp, campfire dinner and relax around the fire • Group activities and missions surrounding biblical stories at Mt. Tavor, Mt. Gilboa, Jez’reel Valley and the Carmel MountainsDay 3: Agriculture in the Golan • Evening out in Haifa• Repelling in the Black Gorge • Accommodations at a hotel in Haifa• Visit to Robotic Dairy Farm• Visit to Golan Wineries Day 9: IDF• Music Evening with wine and cheese tasting • Morning tour of Haifa with visit to the Bahai gardens• Sleep at Khan El Al • Day hike from Ha Carmel to Nachsholim Beach • Set up camp on the beachDay 4: Golan Heights and History in the Galil • Military activities with veterans of elite IDF units• Tour of Ancient city of Gamla • Outdoor cooking lesson and camping on the beach• Lunch at Kanaf Sping • Music evening and drum circle• Sunset horseback riding at Ramot Ranch• Trip to the Kinneret Day 10: Jerusalem• Dinner and activities with Misgav host families • Drive to Jerusalem• Sleep at host families • Visit to the Kotel • Tour of the old city • Free time to explore markets and Machane Yehuda Shuk • Wrap up and final ceremony   • Return to Ben Gurion International Airport 6 7
  6. 6. Derech Eretz HaMercaz step. Water hikes, jeep rides and bike tours will take you into theCentral Israel, Jerusalem and the Judean beginnings of the desert and to the Dead Sea, the lowest place onDesert earth.Experience the diversity of the In Tel Aviv we will visit the first After cooking classes, yogacenter of Israel from the shores of Jewish settlements that existed workshops, evenings of musicthe Mediterranean to the foothills before the declaration of the State and drum circles, hearing uniqueof Jerusalem. while continuing our journey as army encounters from real we follow the path of the battles soldiers, and sleeping underIn small intimate groups we will to liberate Jerusalem with unique the stars this unforgettable andembark on a journey to the heart experiences at Yad Vashem and unique experience will come toof Israel, one of three programs Mount Herzl revealing the Jewish its end. We say, "Until we meetthat cover the vastness of sites Peoples plight from Holocaust to again" by confronting ancientIsrael has to offer from flourishing Revival. questions and dilemmas of theagricultural settlements, to the Jewish people as we finish ourmagical coasts of an urban With challenging routes and journey atop Masada.metropolis, to the sacred breathtaking views we moveepicenter of three different world onwards to the Judean desert,religions unearthing history and the magic of past and present with every 8 9
  7. 7. Derech Eretz HaMercaz Day 6: Hike to Aminadav Springs and Chadak Springs • Descend into Sorek Riverbed with visit to Sataf SpringsDaily Program • Walk towards Mt. of Olives • Climb Mt. HerzlDay 1: Introductory Day • Tour of Yad Vashem and Mt. Herzl• Pick up from Ben Gurion Airport and drive to Binyamina • Relaxed tour of the German Colony• Opening Session • Hotel accommodations in Jerusalem• Visit wineries and tour Binyamina• Free evening in Zikhron Ya’akov Artist’s Colony Day 7: Community Involvement in Jerusalem • Tour of JerusalemDay 2: Beach Day • Meet with participants from Israeli Civil Service programs• Breakfast • Accommodations with Jerusalem Host families• Cycling or 4x4 tour from Binyamina to ancient Caesarea• Tour of ancient Caesarea Day 8: Volunteer Day• Travel to Michmoret • Volunteer work in and around Jerusalem• Cruise from Michmoret to Herzliya • ODT and teambuilding activities• Campfire and drum circle on Hertzliya shore • Accommodations at Alon villageDay 3: Tel - Aviv Day 9: Judean Desert• Hike from Hertzliya to Tel Aviv • Day trip to the Northern Judean Desert through Wadi Kelt• Interactive activities in the streets of Tel Aviv • 4x4 desert trip• Arrival at the hotel • ODT activities in the desert• Dinner and night out in the city • Spiritual Workshop • Accommodations at Masada Youth HostelDay 4: Tel Aviv• Visit to the Palmach Museum Day 10: Masada• Bicycle Tour from Tel Aviv to Mikorot HaYarkon • Hike to Masada at sunrise• Set up camp at Mikorot HaYarkon • Morning yoga atop Masada• Outdoor cooking workshop • Final remarks and closing ceremony • Travel back to Ben Gurion International AirportDay 5: Aliyah L’Yerushalayim• Jeep trip beginning at Mikorot HaYarkon• Stop at Latrun Tanks Memorial for an explanation of the battle to secure Latrun during the War of Independence.• Travel to Outpost 21 with explanation of the siege of Jerusalem and the Burma Road• Navigating by night workshop with IDF soldiers• Set up camp and sleep near Kobi Springs• Music evening and drum circle 10 11
  8. 8. Derech Eretz HaDarom jeeping we will find ourselves in Israels southernmost citySouthern Israel, Eilat, the Makhteshim, asking ourselves: Has the desert bloomed as Israels first Primethe Arava Desert Minister David Ben-Gurion had hoped it would?If you thought the desert was Uncover geological wonders indesolate, think again! Experience the Negevs Makhteshim, crater-the exceptional adventures like formations found only inthe desert has to offer on the Israel, while learning navigationsouthernmost of three long-term and wilderness survival skills.Puzzle Israel programs. We will visit flourishing farms and bustling factories as we learnIn small, intimate groups, prepare about agricultural innovation into see a desert full of history, the desert.archeology, tribal culture andnatural phenomena. Follow the Evenings are full of drum circles,path of Abraham and the tracks of cooking workshops, yoga amidNabatean desert nomads through spectacular desert landscapes,wild flowers and brush as you IDF lectures and teambuildingwatch the history of battles during activities and at the end of thethe War of Independence unfold. journey, after biking, hiking and 12 13
  9. 9. Derech Eretz HaDarom Day 5: Old to New • Camel trip from Khan Hashayarot to the old Nabatean city of AvdatDaily Program • Introduction to the new challenges of living in the desert • Travel to visit David Ben-Gurion’s graveDay 1: Jerusalem • Mitzpe Ramon observation point overlooking the Tzin riverbed• Pick up from Ben Gurion International Airport • Bicycle tour to Be’erot campgrounds  • Drive to Jerusalem • Accommodations at Be’erot campgrounds• Opening session with tour guide and Puzzle staff• Evening tour of the old city Day 6: Community Involvement• Accommodations in Jerusalem • Jeep trip down to the Arava desert through Nekarot Riverbed to an agricultural settlement • Active community involvement and meetings with community leaders of one of theDay 2: Battles and dilemmas around Gaza settlements of the Negev• Morning drive to Negba • Music evening with local residents• Bicycle tour of Northwestern Negev stopping to highlight important sights from the War of • Accommodations with host families or at a local guesthouse Independence• Yad Mordechai Museum and lunch Day 7: Community Involvement (day 2)• View of the Gaza Strip from "Nabi Marai" lookout point • Volunteering in one of the settlements in the periphery  • Visit to city of Sderot • Evening visit to Yotvata dairy farm and factory• Travel to Be’er Sheva - evening meeting and spending time with students from University of • Accommodations at Kibbutz Yotvata Beer Sheva• Accommodations in Be’er Sheva Day 8: Timna to Eilat • Morning bicycle ride through Timna ParkDay 3: Wilderness - Two days on the Israel National Trail • Scavenger hunt through Timna Park• Airforce Museum • Jeep trip southwards towards Eilat• Trip to Tel Beer Sheva • Set up camp and sleep around the campfire• Trip through the Small Makhtesh• Set up camp, wilderness survival activities Day 9: Eilat • Hike through the Red Mountains to EilatDay 4: Day two on the Israel National Trail • Overnight at a hotel in Eilat• Continue through riverbed to Yorke’am Springs• Rest at Yorke’am Springs Day 10: Eilat• Continue crossing the Small Makhtesh, stop at the Colored Sand Compound for art • Beachfront activities in Eilat workshop • Wrap up and closing ceremony• Hike to Mt. Dagcherev observation point to see the Small Makhtesh from the other side • Trip back to Ben Gurion International Airport• Drive to Khan Hashayarot• Outdoor cooking workshop• Accommodations at Khan Hashayarot 14 15
  10. 10. CONTACT US:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323 1236Nikki Aversh al 972 (54) 453- omwww.Pu zzleIsrael.c PuzzleIsra 16
  11. 11. Contact Us:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323Nikki Avershal 972 (54)