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User Experience in Chinese Hospitals


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Shanghai Mingong explored a local hospital and observe circulation in it, and designed a prototype to reduce time spent waiting.

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User Experience in Chinese Hospitals

  1. 6 shang hai min gong
  2. The team + Gabriel
  3. Tom / Vivid / Tan / Paul / Gilbert / Gabriel
  4. HUX
  5. HUser Experience in Chinese Hospitals
  6. Observation field:Guoda, 185 Puan Road, Luwan, Shanghai
  7. the problem(s) faced by patients
  8. We followed a patient from entrance to exit...
  9. a complex and repetitive process:wait.... wait... move... wait.... talk.... pay.... talk... wait... pay.... ...then exit.
  10. Entrance Exit 35mn
  11. red : waiting time Doctor time 31m40s 2mn32s
  12. 31mn of waitto (only) 2 minutes to talk to a doctor
  13. 9 minutesto find what they needed to do
  14. information confusion• too much information [ex: a huge variety of boards in different consistencies]• not enough information [ex: general sense of direction at the entrance, no english]• information at the wrong place [ex: they have lines for each purpose, but signs are hidden]
  15. ideation5 easy steps to a better user experience
  16. 1:Shorter waiting timeby better information display
  17. 2:Change the way people wait
  18. prototype
  19. 1. better located signage
  20. as for today...
  21. miss the sign
  22. Yes ! Here !
  23. your sign goes here.
  24. a. better visibility andreadability of directions
  25. following this arrow
  26. dead end
  27. Informationon the door
  28. ! avoideveryone !! entering in it (more privacy)
  29. This is a static specialists directory
  30. walkthrough
  31. Ground floor : generalizeddepartments
  32. generalized departments
  33. Each floor :floor map
  34. floor map
  35. patient flowchart
  36. patient flowchart
  37. floor information board inside the waiting area
  38. floor information board inside the waiting area
  39. floor information board inside the waiting area
  40. in front of specialist door buffer area
  41. in front of specialist door buffer area
  42. Any questions ?
  43. Thank you !6 shang hai min gong
  44. Presented duringDesignINg Shanghai
  45. DesignINg Shanghai is a unique celebrationof all things UX, taking place on 5thNovember 2011.Find yourself immersed in User CenteredDesign through lightning talks, miniworkshops and a city-wide research & rapidprototyping exercise.In the morning, speakers from Frog, IDEOwill be sharing their insight, approach andmethodology, helping you to make themost out of the afternoon workshop.From lunchtime onwards, you will have theopportunity to form teams, choose a designchallenge and head out to public areas inShanghai to research your chosen problem(these could be anything... From tacklingroad safety to improving the Peoples Parkmarriage market). On return to the UX Dayvenue, teams will synthesize their research,brainstorm solutions and create rapidprototypes to share with the rest of thegroup.