The ‘V’ is subtly placed in the                                            background of the contents, so as              ...
The use of red in the magazine helps make certain                                  features of the contents stand out on t...
The main image takes up most of the contents page, showing that is part                             of the main feature of...
The magazine features                                                                       images from the               ...
→                                                 ‘NME THIS WEEK’ shows that the NME is                                   ...
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Main magazine research contents 1


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Main magazine research contents 1

  1. 1. The ‘V’ is subtly placed in the background of the contents, so as to serve as a reminder of the Vibe brand to the reader, and to who has provided the articles. The Red heart is the only colour on the page, which ‘CONTENTS’ is featured in automatically grabs the three separate sections reader’s attention by which fills more space on focusing onto the heart the contents, and creates a because of how it stands unique look which attracts out. the reader’s attention.The hand on the heart createsambiguity as to what the mainarticle is about, which creates anintrigue in the reader to find outwhat the article is about The black/white colour scheme and photo The main image shows Kanye West make the magazine look more stylish and staring directly at the reader, creating a simpler, and it doesn’t draw any attention direct mode of address, which makes away from the main image because of the reader feel as if they are interacting this, so as the reader will focus on Kanye with Kanye, which makes the article West and the article he is featured in. seem more personal to the reader.
  2. 2. The use of red in the magazine helps make certain features of the contents stand out on the primarily black/white colour scheme, and draws the reader to them. It also seems to reflect the appearance of blood which helps cater to the magazine’s niche audience by featuring things that they associate themselves with, i.e. gory/violent music.Instead of article titles,the subheadings forarticles are the bandnames featured. Thishelps the reader see The image features facewhich bands they will paint associated with manybe interested in, but metal bands, helping toalso makes it easier to signify the type of musicfind the specific featured in the magazine.content they are Also the editor is flashinglooking for in the the devil horns, a keymagazine. signifier to metal/rock music, and he looking directly to the reader creates the impression he is raising the horns to them, which creates an exclusive relationship between metal fans, and the reader/editor. The contents page, features images of a couple of articles in the magazine, which helps the reader see what will interest them most, but also what other content the magazine features, so it helps to potentially interest the reader in something they may not have thought would interest them.
  3. 3. The main image takes up most of the contents page, showing that is part of the main feature of the magazine and suggests that the men featured on it are important to the article. The men are shown to be young and wearing clothing associated with indie/rock musicians, so as to appeal to the magazines target audience, and showing the band in clothing similar to what the audience may wear helps connect them to each other, and this can prove to interest the readers more by seeing people who look similar to them making music, and may interest them to find out how they did itThe ‘Oasis Special’ isfeatured in a gold colourdifferent from the usualred colour of text on themagazine, making it seemeven more of an exclusivefeature than anything elsein the magazine. The goldcolour also adds theconnotation that thecontents is worth thereader’s time and is ofhigh importance. The Q Review section has the subheading ‘The world’s biggest and best music guide’. The use of buzzwords like ‘Biggest’ and ‘best’ makes it feel better than anything any other magazine can offer the reader, which creates a unique selling point for the magazine.
  4. 4. The magazine features images from the different pages in the magazine, showing the different articles inside. These pages being featured on the contents page show that these are the articles the magazine wants to feature. ItThe use of the subheading also helps make it‘this week’ helps emphasise much easier to findthe fact everything in the what article the readermagazine is new, and make may be looking forit seem like the information specifically.featured in it is moreexclusive, creating a needfor the reader to want it. The magazine features an advert for their subscription featured in a brightA note from the editor is featured in the red box, so as to make it moremagazine, which is directly addressing the noticeable to the reader. Also by usingaudience, showing that those working on the word ‘just’ in describing the price ofthe magazine care and connect with their their magazine, it creates theaudience, which creates a need for the impression that the price of thereader to be loyal to the magazine, due to subscription is a bargain, and furtherthe loyalty the editor has shown them. influences the reader in subscribing.
  5. 5. → ‘NME THIS WEEK’ shows that the NME is similar to what is featured on the cover page, and again stands out on the primarily black and white page, especially due to the bright tone ofThe use of a band index helps the colour.the reader find what intereststhem and look for it straightaway, and allows them to skiparticles about bands that may The use of an imagenot interest them at all. It also from the gig helps tomakes the magazine seem establish a bettermore personal to the reader, visual effect of whatas it feels like the magazine the gig was like andhas done them a favour by helps to further thecategorizing the contents of connection that thethe magazine. reader feels to the article and making it seem as if they were part of the gig. The main article feature, mentions ‘Everyone’ creating a more personal connection to the reader and making it seem like they are part of the article featured. The use of this buzzword also helps establish a relationship between the loyal readers and the The contents feature a subscription magazine itself. advertisement on it, so as to lure the audience in and sign up. The text stands out on the black background, due to its yellow colour, which makes it appear very bright. Also the fact that it is the only text on the page to use yellow colour makes it stand out further on the contents page.