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Tally from results


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Tally from results

  1. 1. Tally from resultsI asked 20 people to do my questionnaire and I have collected my results in a tally table. I will then show evidence of my results ingraphs.How old are you? 10-15 16-24 25+ // /////////////// ///What is your gender? Male Female ///// ///////////////What genre Rock Pop Indie/Soul Country RnB Dance Otherdo youprefer tolisten to? // ///// /////////// //How often do you watch Often In my spare time Nevermusic videos? /// /////////////// //Do you prefer a music video Yes Sometimes, yes Nowhich has a narrative? //////// ////////// //Would you prefer to see more than one Yes Nolocation? ////////////////////What form of media to Internet TV Phone Otheryou prefer to listento/consume music? /////////////// /////What appeals to you Range of shots and Costume change Location change Narrativemost in a music video? angles ////// ///////////// /What is appealing in a Original imagery Designed CD Photos of band/ artist Clear list of song titlesdigipak? inside //// /// /////// //////When viewing a Typography Colour scheme Band/artist name Name of new Date of releasemusic advert what and design albumdo you think needsto stand out? ////// //////// // // //