Shooting script


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Shooting script

  1. 1. SHOOTING SCRIPT- SUPER DUPER LOVE (ARE YOU DIGGIN ON ME)CAST:LUCINDA CORRIEDAVID WHEATLEYEXT. GARDEN- DAYIt is a bright sunny day. There is a medium close up as Lucinda tapsthe side of her hip in time with the music. The audience will get asense of her style. There is then a quick cut as the shot zooms in.There is then an extreme close up on her boots as she taps her footon the grass in time with the music and then a worms eye view shotof the boot hitting the grass to the beat.EXT. FRONT GATE AND LANE- DAYShot is taken from Lucinda’s side and is a mid-shot as she looksdown the street outside her house.EXT. CAR- DAYThere is now a series of long, mid and close up shots as Lucindasings. She is sat casually on the bonnet of her green Peugeot 106.She is wearing jeans, a bright top and a bandana which reflect her“style” and how the audience view her. This also reflects the genreof the music video as the clothing style represents the genre of“indie/soul”.EXT. FRONT GATE AND LANE- DAYThere is another mid- shot as she sings to the camera looking out ofher front gate down the lane.INT. BEDROOM- NIGHTThere are then two shots of Lucinda as she sits on her bed. Thereare fairy lights behind her and she is wearing a casual cardigan andjeans. The screen effects include a split screen into four. Shesings to the camera in a long shot and then it zooms into a closeup.INT. CORRIDOR- DAYThis is a long shot. Lucinda is talking down the phone to Dave. Sheis sat with her back against the right hand side wall so that we cansee her side profile. She is wearing a bright blue cardigan, jeansand peacock earrings.
  2. 2. EXT. GARDEN WALL- DAYI am using one long take to create this shot. Lucinda will be sat ona garden wall pulling apart petals from a flower as she sings. Sheis wearing a maxi dress and flower garland in her hair.There is then another shot of Lucinda stood on the wall with theblue sky behind her. This will create an effective shot.EXT. FIELD- DAYI will now create a close up shot of Lucinda laughing. This willexpress personality and fit the mood of the song.EXT. PARK- DAYI will create an extreme long shot of Lucinda and Dave walkingthrough a park. There will be trees and greenery and leaves on theground creating an autumn look. He has his arm around her and theylook happy.EXT. CAR- DAYThis shot is a split screen close up of Lucinda sat on the car. Sheis nodding her head in time with the music.EXT. COUNTRY LANE- DAYThis will be a long shot of Lucinda cycling down a long countrylane. She looks happy. She is wearing a woolly hat and stripyjumper.EXT. PARK- DAYMid shot with Dave as they play fight. This shows their connection.Another mid shot as Dave holds Lucinda to his chest.Close up- he holds her handEXT. CAR- DAYLong shot as Lucinda sings on the car bonnet.EXT. PARK- DAYLucinda and Dave walk through an arch through the park together.Over the shoulder shot- They are speakingEXT. COUNTRY LANE- DAYLucinda cycles away down the lane.Ends on a close up of her smiling.