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Iron Man - Marketing

  1. 1. Bradley Gale (Eggleton)
  2. 2. VIDEO GAME Sega released a video game based on the film. This gave the audience a look at the different characters and interaction that would be shown in the film. The game wasreleased on many platforms, for example PC, Wii and PSP; this gave the game a broader audience appeal.
  3. 3. 7-Eleven Promotion 6,400 7-Eleven stores in theUnited States helped promote the film. ‘7-Eleven ramps up its 2008 Slurpee season with the company’s first major promotion of the year – a month- long “Iron Man” campaign leading up to the movie’s opening. The featured Slurpee flavour of the month is the new AMP Energy Freeze, a frozen version of Pepsi’s AMP Energy, created exclusively for 7-Eleven.’ Radio advertising in selected markets and store signage supported the program. Competitions in selected markets were awarded prize packs that included “Iron Man” movie posters, T-shirts, cups, mugs, straws and merchandise coupons. A true-to-the-movie 6’ 4”, two- dimensional Iron Man character was part of the in-store signs highlighting the motion picture.
  4. 4. LG LG Group also made aPROMOTION deal with Paramount. LG Electronics unveiled the LG Iron Man phone, a limited-edition, 18-karat gold slider based on the LG Shine. The Phone was being given away as part of the promotional campaign with Paramount Pictures to promote the upcoming Marvel Studios film Iron Man. The Iron Man phone was not to be sold in stores. The only way to get one, is to win one on the Iron Man Website or from one of the other promotions being run by magazines and websites.
  5. 5. HASBROFIGURES Hasbro created figures of armoursfrom the film, as well as Titanium Man (who appears in thevideo game) and the armour from the World War Hulk comics.
  6. 6. BURGER KINGBurger King promotedIron Man world wide.Jon Favreau was set todirect a commercialfor the fast-foodchain, as Michael Baydid for Transformers.In the film, Tony Starkhas a cheeseburgerfrom Burger King afterhis rescue fromAfghanistan, as part of Toys/figurines madethe studios product by Burger King toplacement deal with promote the movie,the respective Iron Man.companies.
  7. 7. AUDI the film worldwide. In the film,Audi also promotedTony Stark drives an Audi R8, as part of the studiosproduct placement deal with the respectivecompanies. Three other vehicles, the Audi S6 sedan,Audi S5 sports coupe and the Audi Q7 SUV, also appearin the film. Audi created a tie-in website, as GeneralMotors did for Transformers.
  8. 8. ORACLECORPORATIONOracle Corporation promotedthe film on its site, and madevarious posters like this oneto the left.
  9. 9. Robert Downey promoting the film in Mexico City.ROBERT DOWNEY
  10. 10. POSTERS Posters are a great way to market a product. Iron Man had made several posters to promotetheir upcoming film. The great thing is that they all look similar, colours and images, helps linkthem all together to create one.
  11. 11. SUPER BOWL SPOT With most people in America watching the Super Bowl, the 30 second advertisement break spot was an excellent way to promote the film. The Iron Man trailer had to grab the audiences attention within the 30 seconds, which it had clearly done.
  12. 12. TRAILE R Trailers show some of the best bits of the film,they are made to attract the audience into goingto watch or buy the film. The trailer for Iron Man is very well done as it draws the audience in as they are watching it.
  13. 13. The estimated cost for the marketing of IronMan ranged from $50 million to $75 million. Bradley Gale (Eggleton)