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  2. 2. I have chosen this image for my front cover as I really like the shot andposition of my model. I edited her lips bright red as I am going to link themwith my masthead (name of my magazine) and other text. I asked mymodel to wear the blue dress and headband as it is quite fashionable at themoment.
  3. 3. I have chosen to call my magazine MFT (Music For Today) as it is like NME. It isalso easy to remember and clear. I have matched the models lips with themasthead (MFT) to link the model with the text. I added a thin black outlinearound the masthead (MFT) to help it stand out from the white backgrounda bit more that it already does.
  4. 4. I added the word „NEW‟ at the very top on the „M‟ of MFT. I made the textwhite so it stands out from the red background it is on and matches themodels headband and clothing. I then added the text „Music For Today‟under the masthead (MFT). I made the text black and bold to help it standout as the text is quite small.
  5. 5. In the bottom right corner, I have added the barcode, issue number, date,and the price. From my research into other magazine front covers, I foundout that they are all usually together (conventional). I have priced mymagazine at £2.50, as most people on my questionnaire said they would payabout three pounds.
  6. 6. Then I added my main cover line title „Amelia‟ (which is the name of mysinger/artist). I have carefully placed the text (Amelia) under the modelsarms; the two A‟s line up with her arms. I have added a shadow to the textto give it a 3d effect, so it stands out. I have made it red to match themodels lips and the other text on the front cover. I used the font Springtime.
  7. 7. I added the rest of the main cover line, over my model. I have added aquote from the article inside “I live for the music” with a black backgroundand in white text; this is to help it stand out and link to the „Exclusive‟ text Iam going to do next. The writing at the bottom is white with a black outline,and it is a brief look at the singer/artist Amelia.
  8. 8. I added the word „exclusive‟ above the word Amelia as it relates to thatcover line. Words such as „Exclusive‟ suggest that this magazine is the onlymagazine to cover this story. I have given it a black background and ashadow to help make it stand out. I have also purposely made it look like asquare speech bubble; makes it look personal to the reader.
  9. 9. I added three other cover lines. I love the font I have used as it is bold, andstands out. I decided to create two artists/bands/singers, and award results.For the „O‟ in The Monsters, I decided to use a little monster to make it looklike a real band name, and to make it more my own. The MFT Awards ideacame from The NME Awards idea in their magazine, thought i would makemy own rewards for my magazine.
  10. 10. These additional cover lines are not supposed to be that important, that iswhy I made them smaller. I made the „FREE‟ and „150‟ stand out as theyhave and importance to the audience and would also encourage them tobuy the magazine (White text black outline). The plus sign „+‟ I have madestand out and i have also linked the colour red with the masthead and lips.
  11. 11. I added a „Flash‟ and made it yellow to stand out. I also added a shadow togive it a 3d effect. As it states „Win an iPhone 4‟ I have added the applelogo to make it seem like a real competition. I have also made the word„WIN‟ stand out by making it bold (white text black outline).
  12. 12. I have place her head over the masthead (MFT). This was to make it lookmore like a real magazine. Many magazines have done this so it is quiteconventional. I also believe it looks better to have the head over themasthead rather than under it.
  13. 13. This is my completed magazine Front Cover. I am very happy with it and Ithink it has turned out great. You can clearly see the link between text andmodel/singer/artist. The red, black and white really work brilliantly together. Itlooks like a real magazine front cover, and I believe it would look great withtodays magazine market.