The Future Of Magazines


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The Future Of Magazines

  1. 1. The Future Of Magazines By Luke Harris
  2. 2. Future as Print & Online The transition from print to online is still very much feared by some magazine companies, which are worried if they don’t get it right, they will lose buyers and more importantly income. Things to take into account:  Print can offer more depth into a story and present the most relevant information.  Online offers something new, allows the audience to interact with the media. Watch videos, view photos, go to external links – keeping in line with new technology.
  3. 3. Looking To The Future- Print Magazines >Print Magazines rely heavily on advertising and the revenue they bring. >However as more readers move from print to online, so are many advertisers. Meaning print magazines really have no choice but to make the move online. It can be argued that the future of print magazines relies purely on whether advertising revenues increase after post-recession. Modern society is busy and often hasn’t got the time or luxury to sift through information online, print magazines can filter the content and present the most relevant information.
  4. 4. Looking To The Future – Online Magazines  The cost of producing and maintaining an efficient online magazine can often prove to be expensive; something which print magazines have to consider for something that promises little revenue compared to print. Moving to online means different treatment of journalists, there won’t be as many jobs – making journalists more “bloggers” than “columnists”. With todays technology, online magazines are often easier and faster to access and can cover real-time topics in detail. Online magazines, allow the audience to interact with the media much more and allows user generated feedback to the latest topics.
  5. 5. Audiences Habits – Consuming Media  In modern society the audience of magazines tend to have much more power, now online magazines have entered the market.  New technology has given audience’s more control and choice of when, where & how they consume media. Coming out of a recession, people are less willing to spend money on magazines, when they can get it free online or on TV. (Some online Magazines have started charging) Society is very busy so they prefer to consume media which contains the most relevant information, having no time to indulge in big articles.
  6. 6. Magazines And Advertising.  Advertisement is one of the main revenues for any successful magazine.  Many advertisers are switching to online with the hope of attracting more “eye-balls” and knowing that’s it more efficient. I believe advertising will have a massive say as to whether magazines choose to move online or not, as without advertising its to much of a financial risk.
  7. 7. Circulation Figures – Increase/Decrease? >There is an obvious trend that circulation figures of magazines are on a decline. >Magazine circulation figures continued declining in the first three months of 2011. > According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations retail weakness weighed heavily on the performance of mass weeklies which fell by 5.5% compared to 2010.
  8. 8. Conclusion Overall I believe that the future of magazines lies purely in the hands of the public/society. Audiences are having much more power on the media in which they consume and a magazine is designed around its audience in order to bring in revenue.I believe magazines will make the transition online, because todaystechnology and the way in which people have so much access to it, makeit almost a forced move.The next generation will grow up in a world of new technology and onlinemagazines will be the easiest and most efficient way to target them andmay well be the only way for the industry to continue. Although I believethere will always be printed magazines but online will dominate.