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Front cover planning

  1. 1. Magazine Name Ideas • As my magazine will be targeting a niche audience (fans of alternative and non-chart music) it would be sensible for the magazine’s name to reflect it’s genre and themes (mostly so that the correct audience will be targeted by it and it will be alluring to them – hopefully leading to a more loyal consumerism.)Flipside/Flip Side Mix Tape FlipSideUp Hybrid Alternative Another Side B-Side Unorthodox Sundry Medley/ The Medley • The name I have chosen for my alternative music magazine is “B-side.” The name works well as (as mentioned above) it gives connotations of something different/ a different side to music. This is the precise affect I was aiming for. • The name works better than some of the other ones shortlisted as it is also relevant to the music industry (B-side of a single etc.) and is a well known thing.
  2. 2. 1a Techno fonts • The techno fonts work well as they are modern and also look unique and are easily recognisable. 1b • They also fit well with my target audience as they look modernised and alternative (therefore fitting with the theme, name and audience of the magazine.) • However the techno themes fonts are a little more mainstream and as they 1c are “techno” may give the wrong connotations to the reader and therefore attract the wrong attention from passers by. 2a Old-school fonts • The old school font is very relevant to alternative style fashion and music of today. Especially American influenced styles; therefore a masthead 2b with a font fitting these themes should naturally attract the right target audience. (As seen in my research.) These hats are very fashionable at the moment • The fonts are also quite wide in their physical sizing and were found on a popular website among so would suit my planned layout format without my target audience (as seen in my research) needing to be stretched or having their initial design distorted. 2c 2d 3a 3b Overall I think the design I will use will 2A as it works well with the3c Retro fonts • The retro fonts work well as they are themes and genre of my easily recognisable as they are all unique. magazine, as well as appealing to This therefore will work well to attract3d the niche audience I will be targeting as the correct bracket of reader. they will find it easily when browsing.
  3. 3. Colour Scheme • To decide on a colour scheme, I shortlisted six designs I thought could work well and created a questionnaire for a representative group of my target1 audience to vote on. • Out of the thirty young music fans (mostly students) I asked over half of the votes were applied to two schemes.2 • The two schemes we 1 and 2 (as seen on the left.) Out of these designs the first colour scheme was very similar to those seen frequently within my research, especially when referring to rock and metal magazines. • However, although it was obviously a well favoured magazine colour3 scheme, because it is common amongst specific genres it would automatically give connotations to a consumer browsing a selection of magazines before they even got a chance to read the title. Therefore it differ customers who4 have no interest in rock music. • This then left me with the 2nd colour scheme as the most popular by far. This was fortunate as this colour scheme was also based on a more “vintage” style5 (as seen in my research) hence fitting in well with the theme of my masthead and genre.6 1 (Graph showing 2 audience’s 3 response to 4 questionnaire) 5
  4. 4. Mode of address• The mode of address for my magazine will be reasonably formal, but including relevant slang. The explanation for this is that my target audience are going to be mainly 16+ and therefore mostly students in higher education. To a well educated audience an address that is too formal may seem immature. However, to relate more to their age group and interests, the inclusion of slang/ semantic fields of music will ensure that it isn’t so formal that it puts them off, or seems a tricky read. (The aim of my magazine is entertainment, and therefore should be an enjoyable experience for the reader.)
  5. 5. Prop/location ideasAs addressed in my research, props are greatly important and necessary within a magazine photo-shoot; therefore itis vital that I choose the right mise en scene for mine. For the front cover and double page spread I will bephotographing the same artist and the themes for the shoot will be sexual identity and music/rock. A guitar is an obvious symbol The usage of black for music. It is also one of make-up and leather the instruments my featured jackets/clothing will artist plays so is relevant to reiterate the rock side the article. A guitar can be of the article and help easily fitted into any/all of to draw in the music my shots and fit well with fans from the photo on the theme of the magazine. the front cover. The inclusion of the black clothing and guitar willOne of the simplest methods in lessen the portrayal ofexpressing femininity is the “girlyness” on the covercolour pink. The easiest way to and therefore make itmerge this into my shoot would clear that it is not abe through clothing. This then magazine aimed atmakes it easy to mix the two teenage girls.themes of the shoot (rock musicand gender) into one photo.As the set for this shoot I am planning to use a studio and plain/coloured backdrop. This decision was influenced by myresearch, as in most of the covers aimed at approximately my target audience the background was bare, giving thecover a more mature look. This also allows me to test out a few different colours for the back drop, including pink,black and white (as mentioned above) and other colours I plan to use in my scheme.
  6. 6. Props/location ideas• For the shoots included in the contents page I am going to be including artists and groups that differ to the main feature on the cover. This is as my magazine is not only a rock magazine, it will be aimed at a range of non-mainstream, or underground, genres. One of the bands I am going to shoot are a “retro” girl band, who are “Bring back the eighties and nineties.” And other include a rap artist and another rock band (who will be photographed at a live performance.) For the eighties styled girl-group, I am planning to dress them in brightly coloured clothes – such as leggins and tank tops (see research for reference.) The girls said they are available to provide their own clothes for the photos. In terms of props I discussed the idea of photographing them smoking for the picture. This is a common feature in some alternative magazines who want to “make a statement” or show another, more honest/brutal side to the featured acts. One of the bands I would like to include in the contents page are called “Watching The Rain.” They are going to wear their own clothing to the shoot (casual) and the only prop I have arranged to supply them with is an umbrella (leaving room for a quote playing on their name.) In regards to the rock band, I will photographing them live at a gig. They have informed me that their props will include a drum kit, three guitars and one or two mics, and they will be providing them all themselves. When discussing costumes they informed me that they usually wear casual clothing – including a variety of hats! I agreed that this was suitable for an alternative magazine.
  7. 7. Photo shoot Storyboards (Front Cover & double page spread) This long shot will be This mid shot would also be good for taken with the guitar the front cover – depending on how around her the photos turn out. The guitar here neck/front. It can be would be either round her neck or to used for the front the side of her. The sexual pose cover as it is similar emphasises her sexuality. to ones I favoured in my research. It will I want one shot of her also fit my designs laying down with the well. guitar as I think it would be a brilliant shot and would go well on a double page spread.This shot will probablybe without the guitarand could be used on anentire page in the This shot could be includeddouble page spread. in the contents page.I have made a storyboard of shots I want to take so I know that I will definitely haveenough shots for the front cover, contents page and double page spread. I will probablytake more than this, but this is a plan of the minimum I wish to take – as I can be certain Ihave included everything I want to.
  8. 8. Photo shoot story board (contents page) •For the contents page I am planning to have a range of pictures to give an insight into the rest of the magazine. (This is partly due to the fact I am planning to only have one photo on the front cover and two on the double page spread.) •As I have a lot to get done this week, planning the pictures I would like to take is going to make it much quicker on location to get the artists arranged and achieve my desired photos.Band 1 Band 2 Band 3
  9. 9. Call sheet Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2012 Location: Amersham and Wycombe College Stanley Hill, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 9HN Models: Rachael KinDirector: Bonnie Craven Katrina ComiskeyPhotographer: Lauren Beckley Lucy AndersonSets: Photography studio and courtyard Chanika Stewart Laura Lunt 3.00pm Lauren and I arrive – set up photo studio. 3.45pm Rachael arrives (with props and costume) 4.00pm Take FC and contents page shots with Rachael. 5.00pm Pack up studio 5.20pm Band arrive (Katrina, Lucy, Chanika and Laura) – make way to courtyard. 5.30pm Begin contents page photo shoot with band. 6.00pm Pack up and leave.