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Radio drama presentation

  1. 1. Charlie MacArthurRadio DramaPresentation
  2. 2. The StorylineThe story follows two young music producers and the banter they have on their quest to become rich and famous.
  3. 3. The Budget
  4. 4. The Recording Studio One week In a Studio I narrowed down my choice to these two and have chosen the Abbey Road Penthouse Abbey Road - £5,000 for the penthouse Silver street Studios - £3,000
  5. 5. Voice ActorsI’mgoing to pay one actor to cover the voices of both of the main characters.Probably about £2,000 for a weeks work.
  6. 6. Folly Sounds Its important to have lots of folly sounds in my radio drama so I would spend some of the budget on random materials and objects to record different sounds. Up to £1000
  7. 7. Sound editing I’m going to be editing the sound myself but if I wanted somebody else to do it I would have to pay them at an hourly rate. Sound Editor ; £300 - £1000
  8. 8. The Characters
  9. 9. BillBillis a dopey , easily amused and chilled out character. He doesn’t understand what’s going on and makes that clear to the audience.
  10. 10. BenBilland Ben are very similar , but Bens a bit livelier. Ben has a more hands on approach to music whilst Bill will sit their and just mong out.
  11. 11. Target AudienceMy drama is aimed at college students between 16 – 20 and fans of comedy
  12. 12. Codes Whilst writing my script I am baring in mind various different codes that I can use to make my drama more interesting and engaging . Their are various different ways that I am going to do this , for example the use of music throughout to and to the words and voices and SFX are going to be used throughout.
  13. 13. Conventions The story is mainly based on spoken word as I dont want any narration in my drama , I might include a flashback and a fades in and out. I dont want the listeners to get distracted by narration or constantly changing plot lines with constant flashbacks and things to think about , I want a simple straight forward well though out drama that I can produce to a high standard.
  14. 14. Styles The content in my drama is perfect for my demographic , its made by a teenager , the only actors in it are teenagers and its going to be presented to a teenage audience. Its a very modern style radio drama and I feel that its a new idea that hasnt been done before , so I have alot of room to adapt change and find a good strong style that fits the wants and needs of a young audience.
  15. 15. Structures Im aiming for the drama to be about five minutes long because I don’t want to drag it on for to long and young audiences have a tendency to get bored and distracted very easily to I would like to keep things moving quickly. The plot is slow moving and develops throughout the story , its easy to follow alot of people are going to be able to relate to it and hopefully people might even find it funny.