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  1. 1. LO1:Zachary MillwardBrainstormKit KatThe avert shall be set in a busy classroom close to a deadline for coursework as the situation andtension escalates between an individual and the lecturer the proceeds to engage in a heated rant atthe student using slow motion to highlight the jaw movements and cutting away from diegeticsound to simple white noise. The student riled with a look of intense proceeds to take a kit Kat formtheir bag unwarp and in doing so complete stops time after taking the last bite of his kit Kat theranting form the lecturer resumes followed by the slogan popping on the screen have a break have akit Kat.During this advert I shall be making use primarily of close ups, extreme close ups and mid shots.Furthermore I shall be incorporating slow motion into the advert during the sequence in which thelecturer begins their rant to provide emphasis and primarily for dramatic.When observing aspects of mise en scene such as costume and lighting I shall be leaving personalstyle choices up to those involved in on screen role but restricting any items of clothing deemed toostentatious or inappropriately reviling etc. when looking at lighting I shall be making use of thenatural lighting in order to maintain a semi realist aspect within the production. With regards toprops ect chief among these and vitality important obviously be a kit Kat of standard four bar sizeother miscellaneous props shall include items such as pens paper, keyboards, boards pens etc. to putit bluntly any classroom stationary .
  2. 2. LO1:Zachary MillwardLucozadeThe advert itself shall focus on similar theme s to that of lucozades witness my revival advertisementwith Dickson Mbi and heavily focusing on movement and choreography to cover the prime focalpoint of all lucozades marketing campaigns this being exercise and or physical activity. Beginningwith a shot of the dancer appearing on the right hand side view of the screen this is followed by thedancer seemingly preparing mentally after placing their lucozade upon the floor and cutting to awide shot in order to more clearly establish a location before using various shots and angles tocapture the dancers use of motifs. Lastly the camera shot cuts back to a low angle shot of the danceras they raise the lucozade bottle to their lips with a refreshing exhale of breath.During this advert I shall be consistently making use of mid shotsand close upswhilst incorporating asingle wide angle shot in order to give some semblance of a recognisable location. Again I will bemaking use of slow motion to place emphasis on the movement and physical extrusion exhibited bythe dancer.With regards to miseene scene costume will be fairly simple attempting to avoid pulling focus formany of the choreography occurring on screen and to prevent any of the clothing overshadowing thelucozade brand, any branding clothing must either not be worn or disguised to avoid unfair productplacement and subliminal endorsement. I will aiming to make use of natural lighting capturing thevideo footage around sunrise however as the days are growing longer and the sun rising muchearlier if may prove difficult to gather a willing crew to shoot alongside myself at these hours. Propsonce are to be fairly minimal to avoid and clashes of product placement and subliminal advertisingand I will attempt to only feature the lucozade energy drink product itself.Selection and justificationI have chosen the later of my two ideas as i feel this will be a greater use of my productive creativityand whilst challenging and will require more dedicated hours outside of classroom time I believe thiswould be the more captivating choice. Furthermore I feel that the more varied use of shots typeswill most definitely assist in creating a greater depth of visual advertising, I also feel that it conformsmore tightly to similar advertising campaigns run by the lucozade company and its owners. Chief ofthese reasons is that i have a much greater passion for the content this if eel make sit without adoubt the clear choice as passion drives commitment and enthusiasm for the entirety of the project.Mood Boards
  3. 3. LO1:Zachary Millward
  4. 4. LO1:Zachary MillwardMock-up of idea
  5. 5. LO1:Zachary MillwardAudience ResearchSocio Economic GroupingsWhen examining Socio economic groupings an energy drink product will most likely fall ion with allbands from A to E as they are designed to be recreational products consumed during any form ofactivity which the vast majority if not all of the public engage in.
  6. 6. LO1:Zachary MillwardMy advert will more than likely fall into the firing line of Mainstreamers (those who purchase Brandproducts) and Strivers (seeking the reputation and approval of their peers that generically comeswith the acquisition of branded products.)geodemography allows me to determine that with regardsto property value informs me that the recipients of the products are likely to be renting a onebedroom property within a built up urban area, Financially speaking they are likely to fall within theworking class salary of 25-27 thousand English pounds per calendar year. However I feel as thoughthis is the least effective way to determine target audience as financially viability has little bearing onthis particular type of product due to its low retail price.When constructing a demographic profile the first area to examine I believe should be the broadestcategories with this in mind my advert will encompass both genders and all ethnicities regardless ofdisabilities within an age range of 16-50. However being a sports energy drink product it willprimarily target recreation and exercise enthusiastsQuestion AnswerPlease indicate your age 18What is your first impression of this idea?Do you think this would be a successful advert?yes/no please indicate why.The secondary themes were confusing.Yes because it was pretty similar to the lastLucozade advert you described.What primary alteration would you make to thiscurrent idea?I would put it in a studio with a whitebackground.Do you think this advert could compete in thisdesignated marketYeah I think so.Do you have any additional notes or comments?Please explain.I like the dancing idea but I have no idea whatany of the styles are really.Question AnswerPlease indicate your age 18What is your first impression of this idea?Do you think this would be a successful advert?It`s pretty cool
  7. 7. LO1:Zachary Millwardyes/no please indicate why.What primary alteration would you make to thiscurrent idea?Please wear a shirt and shoes if you are filming infield.Do you think this advert could compete in thisdesignated marketYes I think it would do wellDo you have any additional notes or comments?Please explain.No, nothing of particular value.Question AnswerPlease indicate your age 15What is your first impression of this idea?Do you think this would be a successful advert?yes/no please indicate why.I like the idea it’s become more mainstream toinclude dancing in adverts like in that new penadvert in which everyone’s is dancing in stripymorph suits.What primary alteration would you make to thiscurrent idea?I don’t know.Do you think this advert could compete in thisdesignated marketYeah I think so.Do you have any additional notes or comments?Please explain.No it sounds pretty cool.Question AnswerPlease indicate your age 42What is your first impression of this idea?Do you think this would be a successful advert?yes/no please indicate why.I really like the idea its very creative, though I’mnot sure I understand the metaphors and howthey are going to be communicated and ifeveryone will get them.What primary alteration would you make to thiscurrent idea?Maybe change the location I’m not really sure Isee the point of the green pastures.Do you think this advert could compete in thisdesignated marketYeah probably although it’s not my sort of thingDo you have any additional notes or comments?Please explain.Sounds good but challenging.Question AnswerPlease indicate your age 73What is your first impression of this idea?Do you think this would be a successful advert?yes/no please indicate why.It sounds good but I don’t quite get all thismodern advertising.What primary alteration would you make to thiscurrent idea?I don’t really knowDo you think this advert could compete in thisdesignated marketOf course I don’t see why not.Do you have any additional notes or comments?Please explain.It sounds innovative but I’m not exactly anauthority on this sort of thing.Analysis of idea development after feedback
  8. 8. LO1:Zachary MillwardAfter having reviewed the feedback from my peers a recurring comment was that some of thosequestioned didn’t fully understand the secondary themes communicated however as I believe it isnot essential to the overall point of the advertisement I have elected to still continue to attempt tocommunicate these themes as if they are passed over when viewing the viewer last lost nothing butif noticed it will contribute to the consistent theme of energy and the overall message. I also greatlyappreciate the positive comments many of my peers have provided giving me the confidence to fullycommit and pursue this project.Question AnswerHow many hours of TV do you watch a night? nonePlease indicate your age. 18What was the last television advertised productyou purchased?Coca-ColaPlease indicate your gender (male/female) MaleWhat do look for in on screen advertisements?please explain.I enjoy abstract advertisement with psychedelicvisuals and enjoyable, catchy music. Combinedthese make for interesting and appealingproduct-placement.Question AnswerHow many hours of TV do you watch a night? 0Please indicate your age. 18What was the last television advertised productyou purchased?Sim City 2013Please indicate your gender (male/female) MaleWhat do you look for in on screenadvertisements? please explain.I love seeing a demonstration of the product fore.g. if it is a gadget I would like to see it in actionso you know what you can do with the product.If I was to order something and it did not work asintended I would be disappointed and likely tonot order again.Question AnswerHow many hours of TV do you watch a night? 4 hoursPlease indicate your age. 23What was the last television advertised productyou purchased?CokePlease indicate your gender (male/female) FemaleWhat do look for in on screen advertisements?please explain.I look for creativity and celebrities, I feel that if acelebrity is using the product it means that itwould have the same effect on me, making meseem the way that I want to be rather than whatI see myself as, creativity makes me attracted tothe advert and makes me more excited to seeand use the product.Question Answer
  9. 9. LO1:Zachary MillwardHow many hours of TV do you watch a night? Not even an hour.Please indicate your age. 19What was the last television advertised productyou purchased?I placed a bet on the football last night.Please indicate your gender (male/female) maleWhat do look for in on screen advertisements?please explain.I look for quality in the product so if itsadvertised well and the advert is constructedcorrectly and to my need then I would beattracted to it.Question AnswerHow many hours of TV do you watch a night? 3Please indicate your age. 17What was the last television advertised productyou purchased?Make upPlease indicate your gender (male/female) femaleWhat do look for in on screen advertisements?please explain.Picture of product and creative advert that willmake me remember it. BST 24 Apr 2013
  10. 10. LO1:Zachary Millward Barrow Health EditorPublished at 12:01AM, January 23 2013Research into the marketLucozade is the umbrella name for a multinational chain of energy drinks produced by theGlaxoSmithKline Company. First produced in 1927 under the name of Glucozade by chemist WilliamOwen, it was designed to be a synthetic source of glucose and electrolytes to those suffering fromcommon or garden illnesses such as influenza, colds etc. The definitive selling and marketing point ofLucozade was its ability to improve endurance and performance through nutrition augmentation ofcalories and sugars however out of 431 marketing claims only 174 sources were cited for lucozade"By helping people participating in sport to perform better and to recover more quickly, sportsdrinks can encourage people to exercise more”.In November 2012 lucozade announced a withdrawal from premier league football sponsorship inorder to concentrate on more nutritional research value for their products in order to keep ahead ofcompetitors such as PepsiCo Gatorade and the Coca-Cola owned Powerade and Relentless. Thelatest marketing push by lucozade as well as much other energy drink manufactures targets youngmen aged between 18 and 30, the brands themselves are attempting to broaden their market.specifically by aiming their sales towards demographics such as manual labourers consuming at
  11. 11. LO1:Zachary Millwardmore of a soft drink beverage as oppose to an energy replenishment source and as such 2.2 millionout of a 5.5 million budget has been dedicated to outdoor marketing.Identify a range of materials you need to useCameras-Bottom range: Sony HXR-NX3D1E NXCAM 3D Complete Shooting Kit,Day-£60 Week-£225Kit Includes: Tripod, All necessary cables, Batteries.Top range: Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM Complete Shooting Kit, Day-£325 Week-£1295Kit Includes: Tripod, All necessary cables, Batteries.Audio Reccorder-GZoom Q3 HD Video/Audio Recorder Day-£25 Week-£90 range:CL-SFT1 Cool Lights Fluorescent Video Softbox Fixture $69.00Top range:CL-655PMD Cool Lights Portable Dimming 6 x 55 watt Softlight $799.00 £162 return up to three persons plus suitcases or four passengers plus handluggage. talent acquisition cost stands at £5,311 per hire. Cost per hire is a key metric of talentacquisition spending since this measure indicates hiring efficiency and productivity. hire from £120Gaffer/ lighting technician from £275Makeup artist from £250Camera operator from £260*Camera/Jib operator from £260*Sound RecordistEditing/half dayfrom£260*from£150 list:£150 Per Day Dry Hire of Edit Suite£320 Per Day Edit Suite + Editor£200 Per Day Blu-Ray Authoring
  12. 12. LO1:Zachary MillwardIdentify the skills you have to carry out this project (not just yours but your crew as well) andResearch into production techniques needed to complete productionWhen observing the necessary skills required for production of this advertisement they can becovered by and broken down into three select skill bases these are as follows filming andcamerawork, editing and management. My actor involved will have to demonstrate competent useof the movement techniques and styles mentioned earlier as well as being able to exude andcommunicate an air of confidence and screen dominance. Whilst I do not intend to add andadditional effects other than a touch of slow motion the editor must demonstrate a high level of skillwhen setting clips to music and cutting clips together to ensure they flow together precisely andwithout and cuts that may be on any level uncomfortable for the viewer. The sound engineer mustbe able to create a minimalist soundtrack to augment the video without pulling focus from the visualcontent of the advertisement they may also be required to record additional dialogue for avoiceover using hardware and software deemed most appropriate to produce the highest quality.The individual operating the camera will be responsible not just for capturing the desired angles andshots(predominately mid shots and close ups) but for determine the most desirable angle in whichto capture the early morning sunrise and consequential sunlight without producing any adverseeffects such as camera angle etc. Where the management is concerned they must be responsiblefor marinating efficient contact and schedules both with and for the members of crew concernedfurthermore this encompasses the roles of producer and director both requiring the skills to leadand direct others involved in the production.Research into competitorsWhen observing competitors within the uk market for lucozade there are two primary antagonistsfor the GlaxoSmithKline corporation Red Bull and Coca-Cola`s Relentless in 2012 it gained 17% invalue share and is now worth £791.8 million making it the UKs third biggest soft-drinks categoryaccording to the Britvic Soft Drinks Report 2012. Red Bull was also particularly successful with itssponsorship of Formula 1 motor racing in 2011, with the Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel winning theworld title once again. In May 2012 Red Bull unveiled plans to launch Editions three fruit-flavouredvariants in lime, cranberry and blueberry in the UK. The range is aimed at consumers who like theeffects of Red Bull, but not the flavour this brought red bull directly into contention with the moreheavily flavoured lucozade products up and until which point had held their quality flavours as adistinctly unique selling point within the uk.GlaxoSmithKline continued as the leading player in theUK energy drinks market in 2011, by accounting for an off-trade value sales share of 40%. This sharewas entirely accounted for by the companys iconic Lucozade brand. The companys off-trade valuesales reached £498 million in 2011. The company invested £32 million in marketing and advertisingfor its Lucozade brand in 2011. An amount far above the already significant investments made byCoca-Cola in relentless and red bull after both suffered marketing flops with the sale of theirbranded energy shots leaving GlaxoSmithKline sitting comfortably at the top of uk energy drinksales.Undertake research into appropriate content base for your TAThis map shows the 13 different ITV advertising regions. As a network ITV1 reaches 26.1millionhomes, 48,640,000 adults and 8,599,000 children aged 4-15. Each region can be bought individuallyallowing advertisers to target specific regions.
  13. 13. LO1:Zachary MillwardWhen examining the appropriate platform channel for the broadcast of my advert it seems key tofocus on the larger mainstream broadcast channels that are readily available through systems suchas Freeview not just specially purchased packages form providers such as Virgin or Sky with a largeyouth demographic. With this in mind I have chosen to select the channels E4, E4+1, Viva and 4Music all of which are readily available through generic Freeview. This is due to the fact that viewingstatistics suggest that they have some the largest ratios of young to senior viewers withcomplimentary programming, themes and vernacular consistent with the marketing of an energydrink product. The advertising video shall also be uploaded to YouTube under multiple appropriatetags to provide the highest possible chance of the online populace viewing and absorbing itsadvertising message as online and viral advertising form a large and critically essential percentage ofmodern marketing.Production management requirementsProject management calendarMay-JuneMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday13th14th15th16th17th LO1Deadline18th19th20thPhotography Exam21stPhotography Exam22ndPhotography Exam23rd24thBook outequipment andmaterials25th Earlymorning filming26th EarlyMorning Filming27th28th Earlymorning filming(TBC)29th Initial rushes30th Earlymorning filming(TBC)31st1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
  14. 14. LO1:Zachary MillwardWhen discussing project management and allocation of time to work and resources as well as theprioritising of my effort I will initially be losing three weekdays worth of lessons due a fifteen hourpractical photography exam and as such shall leave me to be playing catch-up with such a shortspace of time. However the subsequent days I believe I have allocated highly efficiently given thetime remaining for this project to be completed furthermore I have made myself further flexibleboth outside and inside college with time available in order to account for anypossibledisruptionsallowing me to reallocate the shooting period to a different time slot withoutfalling behind.Potential codes and constraintsAdvertising CodesThe Advertising Codes lay down rules for advertisers, agencies and media owners to follow.Who writes the rules?The ASA is not responsible for writing the rules. The Advertising Codes are written by the advertisingindustry through the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee ofAdvertising Practice (BCAP). The members of these committees comprise the main industry bodiesrepresenting advertisers, agencies and media owners (including individual broadcasters).BCAP is responsible for writing and maintaining The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising.CAP is responsible for the rulebook The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotionsand Direct Marketing. Non-broadcast means ads in media such as cinema, press, posters and online.What do the rules say?The Advertising Codes contain wide-ranging rules designed to ensure that advertising does notmislead, harm or offend. Ads must also be socially responsible and prepared in line with theprinciples of fair competition. These broad principles apply regardless of the product beingadvertised.In addition, the Advertising Codes contain specific rules for certain products and marketingtechniques. These include rules for alcoholic drinks, health and beauty claims, children, medicines,financial products, environmental claims, gambling, direct marketing and prize promotions. Theserules add an extra layer of consumer protection on top of consumer protection law and aim toensure that UK advertising is responsible.The ASA administers the rules in the spirit as well as the letter, making it almost impossible foradvertisers to find loopholes or ‘get off on a technicality’. This common sense approach takes intoaccount the nature of the product being advertised, the media used, and the audience beingtargeted.
  15. 15. LO1:Zachary MillwardTo ensure that my advert does not violate the broadcast terms set by CAP and the BCAP I haveacknowledged that whilst my advert potentially misleading though it may be poses no direct orindirect harm to the consumer society as a whole. I have also acknowledged the placement for otherbrand products such as clothing I intend to incorporate the product placement logo into my advert.