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Wolverzine News Letter September

  1. 1. The Wolverzine 9 4 T H E N G I N E E R B A T T A L I O N S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1FRG From the CommandMEETINGS: HHC FRG - 5:30, 2nd Tues, Piney Hills Comm. Cen- ter Wolverines, the awesome capability of a hori- As you read this, the Outlaws We are now officially busy! zontal Engineer company. Addi- should be more than half way FSC FRG - 5:30, 1st tionally, the 232nd done with their con- Tues, Stonegate Thanks to the planning efforts of the battalion staff, and the prepa- has a better feel struction missions at Ft. Comm. Center ration efforts of the companies, for the mission Riley. The local leader- 77th FRG - 5:30, 1st we are executing multiple pro- they may get called ship is already more than Tues, Specker jects at Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. to do in the next pleased with the quality Chapel Riley, and in Columbus, NM. We year. While the construction we are have accumulated enough con- Warriors trained providing. We are mak- 103rd FRG - 5:30, on cleaning up ing Ft. Riley a better struction requests to keep us 1st Thurs, USO after a disaster, the place to train and work. busy through next fall. This is good news; the Soldiers I talk to Vipers almost got My hat’s off to the Out- 232nd FRG - 5:30, 2nd Tues, Company are excited to be doing their to do exactly that. laws. jobs. By holiday time, we will be US Forces Command alerted Currently we are preparing for ready to take a little break and units all across America to come our field training exercise at Ft.INSIDE spend some quality family time. to the aid of those in need on Riley. This FTX, sandwichedTHIS ISSUE: the East Coast in the wake of between Columbus weekend and Congratulations to the Warriors Hurricane Irene. The 103rd of the 232nd Engineer Company Halloween, will ensure we main- jumped through hoops to be tain our war fighting skills. IHHC 3 for a first class performance at ready to drive to the East Coast, know we are good at construc- Camp Atterbury in August. I but alas the damage was not as think the Army’s leaders of do- tion; it’s operating in a hostileFSC 4 bad as expected. A disciplined environment that we must con- mestic response missions now response; my appreciation for have a better understanding of being ready in such short notice. Continued on page 277th 5103rd232nd 6 7 Spouse Greetings This month, as the Nation re- amazing group of Families, Sol- friendship to the girls and me asAFTB 8 members such a huge and tragic diers and friends here with the we settle in to Fort Leonard loss of lives during the 9-11 at- Wolverines. I cannot properly Wood after our move from Vir- tacks, as well as the too- put in words my THANKS to the ginia. Since this Army thing is aMilestones 9 numerous-to-count deployments many people (CSM Keel & whole Family affair, I must also that have followed, I am starkly Sheree, Stephanie Leary, Corlee thank my Mom for once again reminded of how blessed and Winkler, Jenny Petty, the FRG stepping in to help us while we lucky I am to have my own Fam- leaders, and many, many more) got our dual military assignments ily back together AND to join an who have opened their hearts of Continued on page 2
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Command cont’d tinue to train on. These are now it will not be mandatory. Stephanie Leary who does so the Soldier skills that will en- Having said that; we are mak- much for our families, but sure we all come home from ing it a special time that most refuses to take credit for any- whenever we get “the call”. of us will “want” to go to. thing. Predictability in our schedule is More details will be available in We’ve got about a month and one of my focus areas. We the coming weeks. a half of sprinting left to do, have a very good idea where All of the company changes of then we can settle down into a everyone will be from now command are complete for garrison routine, and the holi- until Christmas. If you don’t this Summer, so our teams day season. Please stay safe. know what’s going on in your should be stable from now Wolverine 6 team; ask your chain of com- until then. The next big mand. They know. Speaking changes will be the loss of MAJ LTC Gary Calese of Christmas, we are already (P) Winkler to Brigade staff deep into planning for the this Winter, and the change Wolverine Ball on the 2nd of out of Command Sergeant December (thanks to MAJ Major Keel with CSM J. John- Petty). This is going to be a son sometime this Spring. As first class event. I will tell you always, a “shout out” to FRG Leader Contact Info HHC Greetings cont’d aligned. In my few weeks of Through the month of Octo- ests. I look forward to seeingShelly Hughes being here, I am over- ber especially, I am hoping we you at these events andHeadhunters_FRG@yahoo.com whelmed by the great team can get our Families together around the community. spirit you all have. I am also while the Battalion is away for Laura Calese FSC awestruck by how many training. The Family Readiness Battalion Senior AdvisorMelissa Simulcik opportunities there are to be Groups and our BattalionRobin Edwards involved in the community FRSA are working on someFSCFRG94@yahoo.com and just have fun together. I great ideas that involve the look forward to helping the whole range of Wolverine 77th Families in any way that I can. Family age groups and inter-Angie BryantOutlaws77@yahoo.com 103rdAmanda AlmeidaOyu McGlothlinViper_FRG@hotmail.com 232ndMara TateFRG232nd2011@live.com See pages 8 and 10 for more info on the AFTB program. THE WOLVERZINE
  3. 3. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 3HHC Headhunter Headlines ence for me to get to know the ing of the other companies while Soldiers. we also conduct individual training, On 30 June, we welcomed back a range density where we will fire SGT Fleming and the six other all of our weapons system, a con- Soldiers of the 562nd Fire Fighter voy live fire exercise. We antici- detachment returned from a year pate this being a very rewarding long deployment to FOB Wolver- and productive time. ine, Afghanistan. You can keep in touch and stayTo the Soldiers, Families, and informed by checking out our Face- rdFriends of the HHC Head Hunters: This month the 83 Concrete De- tachment is transferring to the book page: http://Summer is drawing to a close, and 103rd EN Co, where they will have www.facebook.com/pages/94th-we are enjoying the cooler weather more opportunity to assist in con- Engineer-HHC-over the last few weeks. struction projects and make con- FRG/178770138816962We have stayed busy this summer crete. Lindsay and I look forward to get-with a Range density at FT Chaffee, The next big event for the Battalion ting to know all of you more duringAR. This was my first training ex- is our FTX from 12 -29 October at our time together.ercise as the new HHC com- FT Riley, KS. HHC will be playing a CPT Aaron Fergusonmander, and it was a great experi- critical role in supporting the train-FRG Leader NookHello, my name is Rachelle Hughes, braced me to be the FRG Leader. I HHC Family Game Night once aand I am the new FRG leader for have a lot of exciting ideas for ac- month or every other month.HHC. I am married to PFC Hughes. tivities that we can do as a group. I Anyone with any ideas of activitiesWe have been married for 8 years. am looking forward to having a they would like to have are wel-We have six children; Anthony, 20, Spouse’s Ice Cream Social, where come to call me or email me theirSamantha, 19, Endya, 16, Chantelle, all the wives can get together and ideas. I am hoping that I am able to12, Ean, 10, and Xavye, 4. I was meet. We are going to have the 1 st add a little spice to our Company.born and raised in Saint Louis. We Annual Madden 2012 Tournament Here is my contact information;have been here at Fort Leonard Fundraiser, October 1st at the Piney email – rachellehughes@yahoo.comWood for 4 years now. Hills Center. I am going to find out or phone – (573) 452-2196.I am happy that the 94th has em- how many would like to have a 94th Wolverine Olympics Day 9/1/11 FRG volunteers Dominicha Anderson, Shelly Hughes & Tina Balvanz working a fundraiser
  4. 4. PAGE 4 FSC Spartan Word Hello Wolverine, and espe- won’t want to be at the meet- the Army needs your Soldier cially Spartan, families! As the ing. I will try to hold meetings to be away. new FSC Commander, this is in conjunction with fun things, CPT Joshua Simulcik my first Wolverzine. Some of such as mini-golf, go-carts, or you have already had a chance whatever else the families want to meet me and my wife, to do. Melissa; I look forward to The primary purpose is to link meeting the rest of you as time the families together and with goes on. the chain of command, so that We will be having monthly we know each other and can FRG meetings on the first help each other. We will have Tuesday of every month unless guest speakers about programs holidays or other events inter- you request information on, fere. In this, I have taken MG and we will discuss the com- Quantock’s advice to heart; if pany’s upcoming battle rhythm the Commander doesn’t want so that you can plan family to be at the meeting, families time around those times when FRG Leader Nook Summer was a busy time with come out for mini-golf at our season approaches, remember lots of change for the FSC! I September meeting. We hope that we are all “family” and have enjoyed getting to meet to keep combining “sharing here to help each other. Please many of the FSC families and information” with “family fun” feel free to contact me if there look forward to spending time at future meetings. I hope you is anything I can do to help you with you in the coming will feel free to share your or your family. months. suggestions for FRG activities Melissa Simulcik The FSC Organizational Day and meeting programs. (410)790-8115 was fun for everyone, and our The coming months will be Robin Edwards FRG meetings are shaping up busy and exciting for Soldiers (870)688-3833 to be enjoyable as well. It was and Family members. As the great to have so many families sometimes-stressful holiday THE WOLVERZINE
  5. 5. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 577th Rock Steady Report Thanks to all Outlaws especially ule. CPT Brent Hamilton and 1SG 2nd Platoon is finishing up their pro- Barkefelt for the coordination of an ject at Thayer Elementary School, OUTSTANDING Change of Com- which is looking good and has been mand. There were many compli- a great opportunity to get back into ments and praise for the Soldiers of construction mode. the 77th. Great Job Outlaws!! I’d, also, like to take the time to As you know, the majority of the introduce myself, CPT Ben Ashton, Company (1st and 3rd PLTs with my wife Emily and 3 kids Kate (4),OUTLAW FAMILIES HQ) has been up at Ft Riley, KS Anna (2), and James (5 months).The last 30 days have been quite constructing various projects for We are happy to be here and lookbusy for the Outlaws. It started most of September. 1st Platoon has forward to meeting all of you.with conducting a detailed inven- the job of building 3 wood buildings Those of you we have met havetory of ALL the Company’s equip- and a guard tower. 3rd Platoon’s done a tremendous job of welcom-ment and tools. The Soldiers were projects at Ft Riley consist of con- ing us and we thank you for yourmotivated and cheerful during this structing sidewalks and a concrete efforts, they are greatly appreci-long, hot, monotonous time. Thank staircase. Both Platoons have done ated.You! a great job and are ahead of sched- CPT Ben AshtonFRG Leader Nook77th FRG Hosted a Pool Party for Gilmore, Sgt. Linden and SSG pating in a Construction Project atthe Company. We had a great turn Bannister. Ft. Riley and the BN FTX will fol-out and it was nice to see everyone Gifts we provided by FRG Mem- low. We will hold our normaland bring the summer to an end! bers and we had a lot of fun with meetings to keep everyone uptoThe 77th said farewell to Cpt. the Baby Shower Games. date, and to begin planning fundrais-Brent Hamilton and his wife Dani at ers and specifics concerning our At BN Sports Day the FRG pro- Holiday Get Together. Volunteerthe Change of Command Cere- vided Soldiers and Families withmony and welcomed Cpt. Ashton positions are available, we are in hamburgers and hotdogs and a BIG need of fresh new faces and ideas!!and his wife Emily. thank you to 1SG Barkafelt forWe hosted Our first FRG Baby providing Chips and Drinks! Angie BryantShower for four of our expecting (573)647-6268 Our Soldiers are currently partici-Spouses / Soldiers; Sgt. Collins, Spc. Angie setting up food for the FRG Family Day Change of Command
  6. 6. PAGE 6 103rd Viper Bytes Hello Vipers and families, the training. 2nd Platoon sent a events going on around post last few months have been large number of Soldiers up to or within the company. To very busy for the 103rd. We Fort Riley to build a parking lot help with this we have created had to say a very sad goodbye out at the MPRC. They are a Facebook page for our com- to CPT Todd and Nyree Brad- working in conjunction with pany, which you can find it ford. We want to thank them the 77th EN CO and they have from the 94th EN BN page. for all of their hard work over done an outstanding job. 3rd Please take a look when you the last year and wish them Platoon just kicked off a road have a chance. the best in their upcoming improvement mission out at CPT Dennis Hines assignment with the 509th. As Range 21/22 and they will be we begin to close out the end working on that through the of this fiscal year we have been winter months, which will very busy. 1st Platoon has challenge them as they battle been working diligently out at the winter weather. With all Range 18 emplacing two berms of this going on we realize that that will assist with future it is easy to forget some of the FRG Leader Nook Hello Families! This month has sold hotdogs, hamburgers, information. been a pretty exciting month. pasta salad and beans. We Amanda Almeida We held a Self Care Class at have another fundraiser com- (239)826-4419 our last FRG meeting. Atten- ing up on the 14th of October dees can now receive free at Bldg 470. It will be a Bake Oyu McGlothlin over the counter medications Sale and your assistance and/or (312)719-0743 at the Pharmacy. Don’t forget goodies will be needed. to pick up your cards at the I would like to thank all of our Health Promotion office at the volunteers for their help. We new clinic. We had a wonder- couldn’t do it without you. ful time on the 19th at the Please don’t hesitate to stop BBQ in the motor pool. We by our new Facebook page for http://www.facebook.com/pages/103rd-Engineer-Company-FRG/166344670115487 THE WOLVERZINE
  7. 7. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 7232nd Warrior Review become stronger and smarter also did a great job balancing our through our experiences...without construction projects on Fort Leo- forgetting to have a little fun. The nard Wood by completing Range Warriors and their families success- 11 and TA 244 construction pro- fully completed two training de- jects, and starting the TA 74A con- ployments: movement to and from struction project for the NCO Fort Chaffee, AR to qualify on Academy. The Warriors continue weapon systems and movement to to provide high quality products and from Camp Atterbury, IN for that the company and battalion areTo the Soldiers, Families, and an FTX to prepare us for our consistently known for. Thank youFriends of the 232nd Warriors: CBRN mission starting in October. all for your continued support and IMy, how the time flies when we are We ensured that we took time to invite everyone to attend our FRGhaving fun! First, I want to thank thank our families and Soldiers and meetings every 2nd Tuesday of thethe families, friends, and Soldiers of had some fun at the Company Or- month and our Spouse’s Night Outthe 232nd Warriors for their contin- ganizational Day held at LORA. once a quarter.ued support over the last quarter. The event was great as we enjoyed CPT David McKelvinWe have been exceptionally busy in the sun with great food, waterbut everyone remained safe and has sports, and a lot of volleyball! WeFRG Leader NookHello Friends and Family of 232nd, for our holiday Party in December. and everyone is welcome! OurWhat a great summer we have had! I would like to say a Big THANK FRG meetings are held the 2ndIt was a little hot, but Im glad to YOU and Welcome to our newest Tuesday of every month, pleasesee fall around the corner! FRG members: Mrs. Renee Moorid- come check it out – we are looking ian our new 232nd Treasurer and forward to seeing all our 232ndOver the summer we had several Mrs. Kristin Camacho our 232nd friends and family!fundraising events. We had a Pie in Secretary. These Ladies are amazingthe face, BBQ at the motor-pool, and we are so lucky to have themDunk tank, and snow cones at the as part of our FRG. Mara TateBattalion Olympics Day. We are (314)496-7719looking forward to our upcoming If you are interested in becoming abake sale and car wash in Septem- volunteer within our FRG please dober. We are currently fundraising not hesitate to contact me, anyone 1SG Lopez in the Dunk Tank
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Chaplain’s Blessings Chaplain Chad Davis (573)433-1672 4th MEB Bible Study Wednesdays 1130-1230 Specker Chapel Lunch provided Army Family Team Building Army Family Team Building is a responsibility for yourself and nication skills, personal rela- series of training modules your Family. The training is tionships, and stress manage- taught through the Army available to Soldiers, Family ment skills. Discover how Community Service office that members of all Soldiers, De- teams form and grow, how to cover topics such as basic partment of Defense civilians solve problems and how to information about the Army, and volunteers. resolve personal conflict. Ac- personal growth skills and AFTB Level I Modules train quire knowledge on Army leadership skills. AFTB im- basic information about the traditions, customs, courtesies proves personal and Family Army. Learn about the Army and protocol. preparedness which enhances life and how to maneuver AFTB Level III Modules train overall Army readiness and through daily challenges by leadership skills. Thrive in the helps America’s Army adapt to discovering how to decipher Army and civilian life by ex- a changing world. Army acronyms, utilize Com- panding leadership skills, effec- AFTB helps you to not just munity Resources, attain bet- tive communication techniques cope with, but enjoy the mili- ter financial readiness and and learning to mentor others tary lifestyle. Many of the understand the goal and impact into leadership positions. courses can be applied toward of the Army mission on daily Learn about the different lead- resume’ and career building, life. ership styles, how to run an self-development and leader- AFTB Level II Modules train effective meeting, how to man- ship skills. Active duty Soldiers personal growth skills. Grow age group conflict and how to can earn promotion points for personally through self- coach and mentor others. participating in the training. development modules. Learn Contact ACS at 596-0212 for AFTB provides the knowledge how to improve your commu- more info on classes available and self-confidence to take here at Ft. Leonard Wood. THE WOLVERZINE
  9. 9. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 9Farewell My FriendSo Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, FSC - 1LT BrownGood-bye. To all of you who are leav- 77th - noneing to move on to bigger and betterthings we wish you good luck in your 103rd - SGT Rodgers, SGTlife and career. Haynes, SPC ReedHHC - SGT McLemore, SPC 232nd - noneWynn, PFC Leonard, SPC McKin-ney, PFC HaynesSpecial Deliveries HHC - SPC Hessler & Mrs. LaRiviere, baby boy, Jace Edward Hessler on 27 August. FSC - SPC & Mrs. Harkness, baby boy Jared Zachary on 6 August; SPC & Mrs. Underwood, baby girl Liliane Amelia on 11 August. 77th - SPC & Mrs. Linden, baby girl Cheyenne Faith on 14 August; SSG & Mrs. Bannister, baby girl on 2 July; SSG & Mrs. Collins, baby boy on 26 August; Mr & Mrs. Williams on 11 August; Mr. & Mrs. Bannister, baby boy Dayvid. 103rd - SGT & Mrs. Eskridge, baby boy Kollin Jace on 6 June; Mr. & Mrs. Green, baby Girl Ha- ley on 25 June; Mr. & Mrs. Gray, baby boy Gene on 29 June; PFC & Mrs. Evans, baby boy Joseph James on 3 August; SPC & Mrs. Whitaker, baby boy Colton on 3 August; SPC & Mrs. Cruze, baby Boy Charles David III on 6 August; PV2 Mouhamed & Mrs. Fall, baby Diery Fall on 28 Au- gust. 232nd - PFC & Mrs. Ou, baby girl Cassidy on 23 July; 1LT & Mrs. Tollison, baby girl Danielle Marie on 24 August; SGT & Mrs. Rice, baby boy Brian Allen born 16 September.Welcome Wolverines!We welcome into the ranks of the 77th 232ndWolverines the following Soldiers and SFC Franklin, PVT MacDonald, SPC SPC Singer, SGTFamilies: McLaughlin Harky, SFC Matte- son and family, SPC 103rd Cobb, SPC HearnHHC PFC Carlson, PFC Crabtree, SGTSGT Campbell, PVT Holman, SSG Drake, PFC Dunn, PV2 Glass, SGTMcIntosh, MSG Pacheco, PVT Gar- Grrenidge, SGT Hatfield, PFC Her-cia. nandez-Garcia, CPT Hines, PFCFSC Lorenz, PFC Moskvicheva, SFCWO Choate, 2LT Mathews, SGT Peters, PV2 Ricks, SSG Robinson,Swegger, SSG Ruegger 2LT Surprenant, PFC Taylor.
  10. 10. 94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee Mission Statement: We will listen to and handle Family member concerns and issues with respect, understanding, and kindness.94th Engineer Battalion We will provide the necessary, appropriate communicationsStephanie D. Leary and resources to help Family members stay informed, knowl-Family Readiness Support Assistant edgeable, and educated.Bldg 1022 East 20th Street We will reach out personally to all Family members withFort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 genuine concern and appreciations in order to sustain, sup-Phone: (573)596-0131 ext 6-3968 port and motivate them throughout their Wolverine tours.Cell: (573)837-8086 We will act responsibly with the financial assets and re-E-mail: stephanie.leary@us.army.mil sources of the 94th Engineer Battalion and promise to use Join us on Facebook! these monies to benefit the Wolverine Family members as awww.facebook.com/94thEngineer Battalion whole. “Building Firm Foundations” FRSA Note Do you ever feel like your Soldier is will help you with any of the above speaking a foreign language to you? goals. Ask your Soldier to attend Do you want to become a more em- with you too, they can earn promo- powered military spouse? Want to tion points and may be eligible for a help other military spouses? Then get 4th MEB one day pass for attending involved in Army Family Team Build- AFTB Level I. ing! AFTB offers many classes that The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG Newsletter has not increased the costs to the Government, in accordance with DoD 4525.8-M, Official Mail Management Manual.