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A listing of the books the 94th Engineer Battalion Family Readiness Office has. These are available for checkout by any Wolverine Soldier or Family member. POC is Stephanie Leary at 596-0131 ext 63968

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Family Readiness Library

  1. 1. 94th Engineer Battalion Family Readiness LibraryCoping with Anxiety: 10 Simple Ways to Relieve Anxiety, Fear and WorryBy Edmind Bourne (152.4 BOU)Want quick, effective and easy-to-learn solutions to problem anxiety? Coping with Anxiety offers the mosteffective strategies for overcoming the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of anxiety, distilled intoten clear and simple solutions. Each of the ten solutions includes step-by-step exercises for combating aparticular feature of anxiety, written in a concise, reader-friendly style. Each of the strategies providessomething you can do in the moment, without having to work through the finer points of the most oftenused therapies for treating anxiety: cognitive therapy and desensitization.Are You Really Listening?: Keys to Successful CommunicationBy Paul Donoghue, Mary E. Siegal (153.6 DON)Listening is an essential skill worth every effort to learn and to master. It opens us to the world around usand to the persons who matter most to us. When we listen, we learn and grow. Donoghue and Siegel lookat the reasons why people dont listen. Filled with vivid examples that clearly demonstrate easy-to-learnlistening techniques, Are You Really Listening? is a guide to the secrets and joys of listening and beinglistened to.Transforming Stress: The Heartmath Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue, And TensionBy Doc Lew Childre, Deborah Rozman (155.9 CHI)At the core of the HeartMath method of emotional regulation is the idea that, by focusing on positivefeelings such as appreciation, care, or compassion, anyone can create dramatic changes in his or herheart rhythms. These changes precipitate a series of neural, hormonal, and biochemical events thatdissipate stress and anger and lead to greater well-being.Slowing Down to the Speed of Life: How To Create A More Peaceful, Simpler Life From The InsideOutBy Richard Carlson (158 CAR)Feel like youre always rushing but never catching up? Are you doing more, but enjoying it less? Thefrantic pace and pressure of modern life can take a serious toll on your happiness and your health, butthere is a way to step off the treadmill without giving up your career or activities. The answer lies not insacrificing your work productivity or your lifestyle but rather in changing your attitude. By using the simpleexercises in this book to slow down your thoughts and focus on the present moment, you can actuallyachieve greater productivity and creativity—all while maintaining a calmer, healthier state of mind.CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap! Strategies for Coping in a WorldGone ADDBy Edward M. Hallowell (158 HAL)Dr. Hallowell has helped more than a million readers free themselves of the distractions and compulsionsof ADD. Now in CrazyBusy, he offers the same sound, sane, and accessible guidance for anyonesuffering from the harried pace of modern life. If you find yourself pulled into a million different directions,here at last is the opportunity to stop being busy, start being happy, and still get things done. 1 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  2. 2. Dont Sweat the Small Stuff for Men: Simple Ways to Minimize Stress in a Competitive WorldBy Richard Carlson (158.1 CAR)Carlson invites men of all ages to enjoy the benefits of simplification and discover what so many of usalready know: that it’s a stressful world out there, but it doesn’t have to be.Dont Sweat the Small Stuff with Your FamilyBy Richard Carlson (158.1 CAR)Richard Carlson, the bestselling author of DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF, is back with 100 simpleyet inventive strategies for reducing the stresses of everyday life without leaving home.I Had It All the Time: When Self-Improvement Gives Way to EcstasyBy Alan Cohen (158.1 COH)Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran on the path of self-improvement, I Had it All the Time willawaken you to a life so magnificent that you will laugh at the notion of improving what love made whole.Quit fixing yourself and get on with the life you came to live.The Story of You (And How to Create a New OneBy Steve Chandler (158.1 CHA)The author breaks down the barriers that impede personal growth through his exploration of the storiespeople tell themselves about their pasts. Chandler leads the listener on a path toward creativeaccomplishment.Whats Right with Me: Positive Ways to Celebrate Your Strengths, Build Self-Esteem, and ReachYour PotentialBy Carlene Deroo , Carolyn Deroo (158.1 DER)A mother and daughter team up to help readers identify, focus on, and develop their own strengths. Thisbook offers an approach that leads to greater self-esteem and a richer sense of lifes possibilities-apositive and refreshing alternative to problem-focused self-help books. In this book youll find a warm andengaging set of activities you can use to identify whats right in your life. Through guided reflection andjournaling, youll learn to find strength and self-reliance in your own best qualities. Youll get to knowyourself better, and youll love all the wonderful things youll discover in the process.Power of Self-Coaching: The Five Essential Steps to Creating the Life You WantBy Joseph J. Luciani Ph.D. (158.1 LUC)Nobody is born insecure, angry, bored, or depressed. The fact is, happiness is our natural state and, aspsychologist Dr. Joseph J. Luciani explains in this warm, witty, and empowering guide, chronicunhappiness is just a bad habit–a habit that can be broken.The Courage to be Brilliant: How Five Acts of Improvement a Day will Make You Shineby Marta Monahan with Jeff Andrus (158.1 MON)The timeless concept of The Courage to be Brilliant is how to achieve a life of brilliance versus a life ofexcellence. While excellence is will get us by, lifes true treasures - fulfillment, joy, meaning, and legacy - 2 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  3. 3. come from living in brilliance. Brilliance occurs when our spirit and our actions are aligned on a dailybasis.Medals Above My Heart: The Rewards of Being a Military Wifeby Brenda C. Pace, Carol McGlothlin (242 PAC)Medals Above My Heart is a devotional for military wives. The husbands of these authors wear theirmedals on their uniforms, but these ladies will share experiences of military life and reveal the medalsthey wear over their own hearts. Like the wives of great military leaders of the past, present day militarywives experience challenges that stretch their physical, emotional, and spiritual resources.The Jonah Factor: 13 Spiritual Steps to Finding the Job of a LifetimeBy Ed Klodt (248.8 KLO)The Jonah Factor offers practical solutions to finding "the job of a lifetime". Extensively researched withmore than 500 biblical quotes, references and insights, The Jonah Factor provides an innovativeapproach to discovering fulfilling work. Its proven 13-step process utilizes a combination of spiritualdiscernment, an inventory of talents and abilities, partnership with a church or congregation and a way oftesting out ideas that culminates in a carefully considered and well-prepared leap of faith into new work.The 7 Powers of Questions: Secrets to Successful Communication in Life and at WorkBy Dorothy Leeds (302.2 LEE)This unique book reveals the seven powers of questions-and shows how to use them most effectively.Learn how questions can improve relationships, help determine what people really want, uncoveropportunities, persuade others, and get more out of every business or personal encounter.Second Chances: Men, Women and Children a Decade After DivorceBy Sandra Blakesee, Judith Wallerstien (306.89 WAL)Having worked extensively with families in the midst of divorce, psychoanalyst Wallerstein is uniquelyqualified to deal with the impact of divorce on the contemporary family. Basing her book on anauthoritative and well-documented study of these families that she conducted over a ten-year period, shefocuses on the heavy toll divorce takes on the children of divorcing families.The Military Spouse’s Complete Guide to Careeer Success: Finding Meaningful Employment inToday’s New Global MarketplaceBy Janet Farley (331.5 FAR)Helps military spouses develop an effective job search and successfully manage their careers despite thechallenges associated with the military lifestyle. Packed with useful resources, inspirational stories, andpractical career tools it covers self assessment, networking, resume writing, interviewing for a job, andstarting a business.Dont Sweat the Small Stuff About MoneyBy Richard Carlson (332.024 CAR)Richard Carlsons central philosophy for your finances is the more you give, the more you get back. Hisbrilliant essays help you eliminate the stress, worry and fear of financial issues, allowing you to live morefully and attract more wealth into your life. His practical, simple advice will bring more joy and fulfillmentinto the process of earning money - and with this, more success! 3 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  4. 4. Married to the Military: A Survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends, and Women in UniformBy Meredith Leyva (355.008655 LEY)Whether youre dating, engaged, or married to an active military servicemember or reservist -- or youvejust signed up yourself -- you may feel as if youve somehow married the United States military! MeredithLeyva, a military wife and founder of details everything you need to know to manageday-to-day issues and get on with the adventure of military life. From relocation to deployment, protocol tofinances, and career to kids, Leyva offers time-tested advice.Chicken Soup for the Military Wifes Soul: Stories to Touch the Heart and Rekindle the SpiritBy Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Charles Preston, Cindy Pedersen (355.0092 CAN)The stories in Chicken Soup for the Military Wifes Soul are written by military family members and thecourageous women who themselves serve in the military. They celebrate the women who unite withkindred spirits to raise families, maintain homes and uphold the most positive attitudes when facing thefears of losing a loved one.Todays Military WifeBy Lydia Cline (355.1 CLI)This book covers all the information a service wife needs to survive and prosper in a service environment,including a complete description of family-friendly programs, advice for coping with periodic separations,tips for managing a separate career, discussion of living overseas, information on raising a family, anddetails on being a full participant in the rich and rewarding social aspects of military life.From a Pebble to a RockBy Patti Correa (355.1 COR)Life stories from the Homefront to encourage the hearts of every woman.Help! I’m a Military Spouse - I Get a Life Too!: How to Craft a Life for You As You Move With theMilitaryBy Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer (355.1 HIG)This is not a book about being the perfect military spouse. And its not about rebelling against military life.Its about creatively taking advantage of the military lifes opportunities to fulfill ones own dreams. Militarylifestyle columnists, workshop presenters and longtime military spouses themselves, Kathie Hightowerand Holly Scherer show how to tap into the richness and possibilities of a life with the military. Practicaltips include: Five keys to happiness for a life with the military; fifty tips to maintain energy and lowerstress; and seventy creative and practical ways to follow ones dreams.Heroes at Home: Help and Hope for Americas Military FamiliesBy Ellie Kay (355.1 KAY)Military families, whether active duty, reserve, or National Guard, have a champion in Ellie Kay. Sheinspires and encourages the families left behind during dangerous missions, long hours, and even longerdeployments. Always practical, Ellie helps those serving their country stretch a dollar, keep in touch overlong distances, prepare for separations, and so much more. 4 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  5. 5. Pass it On, II: Living and Leaving the Military LifestyleBy Kathleen O’Beirne (355.1 OBE)An Army Daughter and Navy Wife provide tips on mobilization, deployment and relocation, militaryspouses lifestyle, military children, and retirement.Life After Deployment: Military families share reunion stories and adviceBy Karen Pavlicin (355.1 PAV)Life After Deployment captures the tender and moving stories of military families during their reunion.Service members and their spouses, parents, fiancés, and children share the joy and anxiety ofhomecoming, the adjustments of living together again, and how they coped with anger, depression,PTSD, injuries, grief, and other challenges. Some families had fairytale endings. Most worked hard torebuild their relationships after much time and change. A few suffered great losses. These militaryfamilies talk candidly about what their experience was really like, offering hope and advice to others whowalk this journey.Surviving Deployment: A Guide for Military FamiliesBy Karen Pavlicin (355.1 PAV)As part of todays active duty or reserve forces, your loved one may be called to war, peacekeepingmissions, anti-terrorism campaigns, field exercises, disaster relief, and many other duties far from home--and you. Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and how to personally grow as individuals and families.Your survival gear will range from a sturdy toilet plunger to the fine art of letter writing. Youll managefinancial changes, help children express their feelings, and discover a renewed appreciation for everydaylife.Separated by Duty United in LoveBy Shellie Vandevoorde (355.12 VAN)Addressing head-on the challenges of long-distance relationships with frank, practical advice andanecdotes, Separated by Duty, United in Love is perfect for military couples. It includes the answers andresources they need to meet the greatest challenge any relationship can face. With understanding bornfrom over 20 years experience as a military wife, author Shellie Vandevoorde tackles the tough issuesfrom dealing with the struggle of being a single parent to infidelity, real or imagined. As divorce rates risein the armed forces (the divorce rate among officers in the US Army tripled from 2001 to 2004) Separatedby Duty, United in Love provides a practical hands-on guide that can help couples in every branch of theservice.I’m Already Home Again: Keeping your family close while on assignment or deploymentBy Elaine Gray Dumler (355.120973 CUM)This book tackles the challenges of keeping our military families connected and strong while away fromeach other. An easy-to-follow, practical guide to fun and inexpensive ways for keeping our service menand women connected to their families while away in service to their country.Operation Military Family: How to Strengthen Your Military Marriage and Save Your FamilyBy Michael Schindler (355.132) 5 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  6. 6. Operation Military Family: How to Strengthen Your Military Marriage and Save Your Family followsseveral families through their emotions, struggles and victories prior to deployment, throughoutdeployment and then life together back home. These couples share how they overcame many of thechallenges they faced transitioning from civilian life to military life and then back to civilian life. OperationMilitary Family is a "must-have" for service members and their families who are looking for a true to liferoad map on how other couples strengthened their marriages, despite the odds.Brain Heal ThyselfBy Madonna Siles (362.196 SIL)Part memoir, part recovery manual, Brain, Heal Thyself is a guidebook for thousands of shell-shockedindividuals who suddenly find themselves having to make life and death decisions for those they love.With humor, warmth, and arresting honesty, Siles’s lively narrative closely examines not only the patient’srecovery, but also the crucial role of caregivers—and the emotional, financial, and practical pressuresthey face.Going Overboard: The Misadventures of a Military WifeBy Sarah Smiley (359.0092 SMI)In 1999, Sarah was a typical bride-to-be, flustered with wedding details. Then the groom called. "I dontwant you to panic, but I might not be able to come to our wedding..." So began Sarah Smileys life as amilitary wife. As a former Navy brat herself, Sarah knew better than anyone that weddings and funerals-even childbirth!-take a backseat to Uncle Sam. But just as the young syndicated columnist getscomfortable with the military wifes routine, her husband is sent away for unexpected deployment. Whatfollows is a true test of strength and wit. From getting locked out of the house in cowgirl pajamas towrestling with the temptation of infidelity, Sarah exposes it all with candor, heart-and knowing humor.Inside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job: The Most Effective Search Methods for Both New andExperienced EducatorsBy Jack Warner, Clyde Bryan, Diane Warner (370 WAR)This book provides real-world job search tips from other teachers as well as administrators. Also containsresume-writing advice, how to create a teacher portfolio and demonstration video, and Internet resourcesfor finding the perfect situation.We Carry Each Other: Getting Through Life’s Toughest TimesBy Eric Langshur, Sharon Langshur, Mary Beth Sammons (610 LAN)We Carry Each Other is a guide to finding the courage inside ourselves to open our hearts and spirits,and reach out with caring and compassion when a spouse, child, parent, friend, neighbor, or colleagueneeds us most.Why Zebras Don’t Get UlcersBy Robert Sapolsky (616.0019 SAP)Why dont zebras get ulcers--or heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases--when people do? Ina fascinating look at the science of stress, biologist Robert Sapolsky presents an intriguing case, thatpeople develop such diseases partly because our bodies arent designed for the constant stresses of amodern-day life--like sitting in daily traffic jams or growing up in poverty. Rather, they seem more built forthe kind of short-term stress faced by a zebra--like outrunning a lion. 6 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  7. 7. Downrange to Iraq and BackBy Bridget Cantrell, Chuck Dean (616.85 CAN)Required reading for anyone seriously interested about how to make healthy transitions from war topeace. You will find answers, explanations, and insights as to why so many combat veterans suffer fromflashbacks, depression, fits of rage, nightmares, anxiety, emotional numbing, and other troubling aspectsof Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).The Veterans PTSD Book: How to File and Collect on Claims for Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderBy John Roche (616.85 ROC)Describes PTSD, how it occurs, who is most likely to develop it, and how it is treated; offers step-by-stepinstructions on how to prepare a well-grounded claim for veterans benefits relating to PTSD; provides aninsiders look at one veterans four-year struggle to obtain VA benefits for PTSD.Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of CharacterBy Jonathon Shay (616.85 SHA)Shay is a psychiatrist specializing in treating Vietnam veterans with chronic post-traumatic stresssyndrome. In this provocative monograph, he relates their experiences to Homers portrait of Achilles inThe Illiad. War, he argues, generates rage because of its intrinsic unfairness. Only ones specialcomrades can be trusted. He convincingly recommends policies of unit rotation and unit "griefwork"--official recognition of combat losses--as keys to sustaining what he calls a moral existence during warshuman encounters.War and the Soul: Healing Our Nations Veterans from Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderBy Edward Tick (616.85 TIC)Edward Tick redefines PTSD as a true identity disorder, with radical implications for therapy. First, Tickestablishes the traditional context of war in mythology and religion. Then he describes in depth PTSD interms of identity issues. Finally, drawing on world spiritual traditions, he presents ways to nurture apositive identity based in compassion and forgiveness.Once a Warrior: Wired for LifeBy Bridget Cantrell, Chuck Dean (616.8521 CAN)Illustrates how to turn negatives into positives and assists our highly trained military personnel in utilizingtheir tremendous potential in achieving success and happiness after their released from military service.This book highlights the path along the way to transitioning from warrior to civilian. It is not a book to readjust once, but one to study over and over again.Vietnam Wives: Facing the Challenges of Life With Veterans Suffering Post-Traumatic StressBy Aphrodite Matsakis (616.85212 MAT)Aphrodite Matsakis revisits the plight of the secondary victims of the war: the wives and children ofveterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The book explores the many changes encountered bytraumatized veterans and their families as they face the difficult developmental stage of mid-life:retirement, the "empty nest syndrome," becoming grandparents, and, in many cases, separation anddivorce. Matsakis deftly leads readers through the process of finding better ways to cope with new 7 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  8. 8. challenges and old. She explains post-traumatic stress disorder, its causes, symptoms, and thedevastating long-term effects, including domestic violence, substance abuse, and suicidal feelings.Courage After Fire: Coping Strategies for Troops Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and TheirFamiliesBy Keith Armstrong (616.89 ARM)This book offers soldiers and their families a comprehensive guide to dealing with the all-too-commonrepercussions of combat duty, including posttraumatic stress symptoms, anxiety, depression, andsubstance abuse. It details state-of-the-art treatments for these difficulties and outlines specific ways toimprove couple and family relationships. It also offers tips on areas such as rejoining the workforce andreconnecting with children.Homefront Club: The Hardheaded Womans Guide to Raising a Military FamilyBy Jacey Eckhart (646.7 ECK)Eckhart covers issues from the first day in the "fortress" to the last day the husband is piped ashore withhumor and encouragement. She presents the realities and then offers some solutions for the married-but-single parent, starting out on the bottom rung of the career ladder with each move, and worrying ifmilitary life is hurting the kids. Her guide offers helpful ideas about managing the demands of a teenagerduring a move, finding playmates for toddlers in new neighborhoods, and even telling mothers-in-law whythey shouldn’t be at the homecoming. She also lists methods of finding full and part-time work.Dare to Repair: A Do-it-Herself Guide to Fixing (Almost) Anything in the HomeBy Julie Sussman, Stephanie Glakas-Tenet (646.7 SUS)Whether you identify with riot grrrls or Rosie the Riveter, youll love the tackle-it-yourself empowermentstyle of Dare to Repair. Covering simple tasks like unclogging bathroom sinks and switching directions ona ceiling fan along with more intimidating projects such as patching holes in drywall or creating a circuitmap, this no-nonsense guide will walk you through those simple steps of maintaining, and perhaps evenimproving, your home.She’s Gonna Blow!: Real Help for Moms Dealing with AngerBy Julie Barnhill (649 BAR)Straightforward and easy–to–read, She’s Gonna Blow! is for every mom seeking here–and–now hopeand help to: find healthier ways of expressing anger; let go of ―control‖ issues and be more positive; drawcloser to the God who created moms and mothering.Parents Guide to Business Travel: Practical Advice and Wisdom for When You Have to Be AwayBy Charlie Hudson (649 HUD)The essential book for any parent who travels and feels the pangs of guilt and loneliness of leaving thefamily behind. Offers down-to-earth suggestions by the age of children, topics range from how to explainan absence to a toddler to the unsettling decision of when, and if, it’s okay to leave a teenager alone forone or more nights. An insightful collection of anecdotes and practical ideas, the book also includeschecklists and charts for parents and children to complete. 8 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  9. 9. Perfect Phrases for Negotiating Salary and Job Offers: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases to HelpYou Get the Best Possible Salary, Perks or PromotionBy Matthew Deluca, Nanette Deluca (650.14 DEL)The latest guide in the top-selling, easy-to-use Perfect Phrases series gives you the correct vocabulary touse to get the best salary or job offer possible. Using words and phrases that take away the taboosurrounding the subject of money, you can ask for what you want-and deserve-with confidence.24 Hours to the Perfect Interview: Quick Steps for Planning, Organizing, and Preparing for theInterview that Gets the JobBy Matthew Deluca, Nanette Deluca (650.14 DEL)The one resource job seekers need to quickly prepare for even the toughest interview situation.Bestselling authors and career coaches Matt and Nan DeLuca offer a quick and easy system that walksjob hunters through the essential steps of preinterview preparation.Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases That SuccinctlyDemonstrate Your Skills, Your Experience and Your Value in Any Interview SituationBy Carol Martin (650.14 MAR)In a job interview, every word counts. Thats why you need to make sure youll be prepared with exactlythe right answers to any question an interviewer might throw at you. With Perfect Phrases for the PerfectInterview, you will be equipped to handle even the toughest questions.How to Say It: Job InterviewsBy Linda Matias (650.14 MAT)This guide offers the hands-on information, tools, and reallife scripts interviewees need to comfortablyand effectively "pitch" themselves. It provides concrete examples of job-winning words and phrases, plusinvaluable ideas on how to advertise skills.The 2 Second Commute: Join the Exploding Ranks of Freelance Virtual AssistantsBy Christine Durst, Michael Haaren (650.1408 DUR)Based on the highly-successful Virtual Assistant training programs Chris Durst and Michael Haarendeveloped for the US Armed Forces and the US Department of State, The 2-Second Commute bringsyou the knowledge without the classroom! Now YOU can learn from Chris & Mike, too, and start your ownsuccessful VA business!Winning Job InterviewsBy Paul Powers (650.1408 POW)Here is one book every job hunter needs. Fast paced, with no fluff, Winning Job Interviews is packed withstrategies and techniques that are practical, market-proven, and easy to use. 9 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968
  10. 10. Finding a Job After 50: Reinvent Yourself for the 21st CenturyBy Jeannette Woodward (650.1408 WOO)When youre 50 or 60 years old, the job market is a combat zone, no matter what your skills orexperience. Finding a Job After 50 is a "guerilla guide" that gives you the powerful tools you need tosubstitute real satisfaction for the rat race. Getting the job you want may be a battle, so you have toapproach it as such, equipping yourself with the right weapons to succeed in today’s job market. Yourarsenal better be well stocked before you enter the fray.While Theyre At War: The True Story of American Families on the HomefrontBy Kristin Henderson (956.7044 HEN)Kristin Henderson writes about the private sacrifices made by military families. It paints a vivid picture ofthe families behind Americas armed forces, many now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.Heroes Among Us: Firsthand Accounts of Combat From Americas Most Decorated Warriors inIraq and Afghanistan(956.7044 HER)More than one million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but fewer than 500 from this grouphave earned a Silver Star, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, or the Medal ofHonor. These Americans have demonstrated extraordinary courage under fire—in the worst ofcircumstances. Heroes Among Us tells these extraordinary true stories of valor, honor and sacrifice.A Year of Absence: Six womens stories of courage, hope and loveBy Jessica Redmond (956.7044 RED)A Year of Absence follows the lives of six women whose husbands, all members of the U.S. Army’s FirstArmored Division based in Germany, deploy to Iraq in April 2003. A Year of Absence captures what life islike for many families of deployed soldiers: the ever-present fear of death, the pressures of single-parenthood, and the strength and comfort that come with the support of close friends.Voices from the Front: Letters Home from Americas Military FamilyBy Frank Schaeffer (956.7004 SCH)Bridges the divide between those who are in, or who have family members in the military, and the rest ofus who can take that service for granted. It is a book about the intimately emotional and human side ofmilitary service. 10 POC: FRSA 596-0132 ext 63968