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ASYMCA Summer Camp


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Armed Services YMCA Summer Camping: Ages 8-12
Camp Lakewood, Potosi, MO
July 24-30, 2011

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ASYMCA Summer Camp

  1. 1. Linda Bright, Exec. Director Armed Services YMCA 29 Young St., FLW, MO 65473 573-329-4513 Camping Opportunity Armed Services YMCA Summer Camping: Ages 8-12 Camp Lakewood, Potosi, MO July 24-30, 2011 Regular cost: $499/ child ASYMCA cost: E7 and above: $100/child E5 & E6: $ 75/child E4 & below: $ 50/child Active Duty only! All branches eligible! Space limited, payment required to hold space 573-329-4513, ymca@cablemo.netThe Armed Services YMCA will again subsidize camp for active duty, military childrenbetween ages 8-12 on July 24-30, 2011. Where: Camp Lakewood, YMCA of the Ozarks, Potosi, MO. Located 75 miles south of St. Louis between Potosi and Steelville, MO. When: 1 week session- Sunday- Saturday July 24-30, 2011 Who: 50-60 students with the following criteria: • Active Duty, military dependent children, all ranks, all branches • Between ages 8-12 on July 24 All may apply, but if we have an overflow, we will narrow our selection by: • Deployed parent • First time attendees • E4 or below family members • Families not chosen will have their deposit refunded by May 31. Transportation: Provided by parents to and from camp
  2. 2. Please complete the following if you are interested in this camping opportunity: Payment is required by May 31, 2011 to hold space. No refunds after May 31, 2011. Checks payable to: ASYMCA, PO Box 350, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473Camper’s Name: _________________________________Age on June 23: _________________Date of birth: _________________________________ Shirt Size: _______Youth 14-16Address: __________________________________________ _______ Adult Small ___________________________________________ _______ Adult MediumPhone: ___________________________________________ ________ Adult LargeMale/Female: ____________________________Ever attended ASYMCA camp before?: ________yes ________noAttending a Camp Purple this year? _______yes _________noParent’s Name/ unit/ pay grade: ___________________________________Parent deployed? _______________________ Date of deployment? _______________Parent’s Email address: _______________________________