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OC EMS Operation Sober Graduation


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On a snowy April Day, Ouray County emergency services providers staged a mock accident for the sophomore through senior classes of the Ridgway & Ouray schools. The scenario is a car full of teenagers, under the influence has a head on collision with a younger student and his mother. the mother is killed in the accident. The teen driver is given a field sobriety test. Watch the facial expressions of the students when the ME zips up the body bag. This was a very successful presentation. Participants: Ouray County Sheriff's Dept., The Ridgway Marshal's Office, Ouray City PD, the Ridgway Volunteer Fire Dept. Ouray County EMS ambulances and vehicle extrication team, Squad 11 and the Ouray County Coroner.

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OC EMS Operation Sober Graduation

  1. 1. Operation Sober Prom April 12, 2007April 12, 2007
  2. 2. Special thanks to everyone who provided the photos for this presentation.  Dominic Mattivi, Jr. – Ouray CountyDominic Mattivi, Jr. – Ouray County SheriffSheriff  Jeff Hunt – EditorJeff Hunt – Editor The Ouray County WatchThe Ouray County Watch  Andy Horgan – OC EMS volunteerAndy Horgan – OC EMS volunteer  Norm Rooker – Chief, Ouray CountyNorm Rooker – Chief, Ouray County Emergency Medical ServicesEmergency Medical Services