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9010 group the co-creation consultancy


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9010 group the co-creation consultancy

  1. 1. Need Some Help? Let the crowd shape you. Make you a better fit. The Co-Creation Consultancy
  2. 2. • We are • What’s changed • Our Usual Approach
  3. 3. We are.. • We are a global network of leading social media specialists. We are a crowd of researchers, planners, brand strategists, • Our backgrounds are Marketing, PR, Research, Brand web developers, mobile and social media specialists. Planning, Business Consultancy & insight,Development We use methods of co-creation to deliver Web innovation and • We help departments for organisations. action or whole-businesses locally or We make your products, services and communications a better fit for internationally adapt and win in social media the intended consumer - helping to build a better business.
  4. 4. • We are. • What’s changed • Our Usual Approach
  5. 5. People have always been activists
  6. 6. With opinions With
  7. 7. BUT!
  8. 8. Then: Locally
  9. 9. Now: Globally Connected
  10. 10. They are in control. Friend or Foe.
  11. 11. TV Ads may entertain but do they convince
  12. 12. The User is the Destination Pull not Push
  13. 13. Feed Me! Getting what I want When I want Where I want How I want Result: Media Fragmentation.
  14. 14. Culture of Niche Personalisation Diversification Fragmentation The only reach is Long-tail
  15. 15. And now free from the desktop
  16. 16. The Collective Mind. Hive Mentality. Always On. Always Working. Crafting and Shaping.
  17. 17. So Everything is Beta and Beta is inviting
  18. 18. So invite your greatest asset PEOPLE both Insid e to Co-Create
  19. 19. Impact to Business • Cheaper, quicker routes to market • Greater operational efficiencies • Direct and unmediated relations with consumers • Resulting decreased dependencies on 3rd party mediators (agencies & media owners) NB: Applied to typical Product & Service Supply Chain © 90:10 Group Page 19
  20. 20. Answers Impact to Market Research • Answers without questions • Global real-time data • Contextual social profiling • Massive reduction in cost • Real scale for Qual research More Answers
  21. 21. Impact on Communications • Less broadcast & eyeballs • More conversational • No spin rather open transparency • Requires engagement • Requires P2P transmission • Greater ROI and conversions
  22. 22. This does not mean you give everything over to the mob. You do still have a role. Create something inviting. Curate their ideas. © 90:10 Group Page 22
  23. 23. • We are. • What’s changed. • Our Usual Approach
  24. 24. Make things for your customers with your customers • Looking for a new product? • Looking for a competitive edge? • Need to improve your current offering? • Need to create a brand from scratch? • Time for a brand refresh?
  25. 25. 90:10 Co-Creation Process OPEN Attracts more users more ideas, potential new customers Listen to Invite them Community Select key Outcome: discover into an Surface and influentials to those who open/closed validates best collaborate More share your bespoke ideas and key with internal efficient purpose community influentials teams marketing Private, Safer, faster; greater control CLOSED
  26. 26. Make a new product •We will engage 1000 People to Co-Create a new product •We find 75 existing and 75 prospective ‘influential’ customers and surface their needs. •We work with internal and external groups to devise products to meet those needs •They test it across their networks. Delivered in 8 weeks
  27. 27. Gather and filter live feedback on your products •Passive ongoing listening surfaces key insights from online conversations to help shape your evolving offering. •We filter through the irrelevant so you don’t have to worry about technology or processes. •This can be ongoing or at set one off periods. I wish it did this Monthly retainer BIN A little like GO this More like that That’s rubbish
  28. 28. Refine current products to fit real emerging need •We find 1000 relevant online conversations and identify the 25 most influential people in them. •We surface common issues •We sense check those issues by playing them back to the 25 most influential people •We invite them to propose solutions •We work with you to select Ithe best solutions wish it did this •We play those back to our 25 influentials to test BIN across their networks. A little like Delivered in 8 weeks GO this More like that That’s rubbish
  29. 29. Co-Launch a Product • With 71% of all purchases coming from friend recommendation. • The only way to successfully and affordably launch a new product, business or service is through word-of-mouth. • People must believe in you and the solution order to pass on. We get the right people (community status, knowledge and brand affinity) to try whatever it is that you are launching. • We ask them to join the launch team as paid professionals. We don’t ask them to blog or tweet other than from official environments. Delivered in 5 Weeks
  30. 30. Brand Co-Creation • We invite 100 intended consumers and important Peer-2-Peer transmitters to help shape and define the magnetic purpose of the mission behind the brand in a series of online and face-to-face workshops • By co-creating the idea the brand looks to share you get confirmation the platform for all future activity is stable and buy-in from those who must believe in it to succeed • If you allow them to talk openly about this process they provide you an immediate seeding platform Delivered in 8 weeks
  31. 31. Community Insight Groups • We will develop (500 users on setup) and grow a group of consumers (min 50 per month) with the specific purpose of giving you feedback on your business, products and services. • This can be open or closed with full privacy and terms of involvement if required. • We moderate and manage everything on your behalf as well as train your staff about community etiquette. • We will allow them to surface issues that they care about freely and for you to task them with specific queries, problems or actions. Delivered in 6 Weeks then monthly retainer
  32. 32. Live Insight Dashboard •We get you the live low-down on what is important to your brand or specific role right now •This is presented to you simply and visually on a device of your choosing (desktop, web browser or mobile) •Everything is processed by a human being (having immersed themselves in your business) who is available to talk things though over the phone, messenger or email •Managing, storing and sharing findings with colleagues is by one click technology Monthly retainer
  33. 33. Next steps • We’d like to talk to you about how we can apply our approach to your future community-collaboration projects. • If there’s something specific you can share, let us draft you a proposal.
  34. 34. So what are you waiting for? Contatti: Patrick Attallah Direttore Generale 90:10 France e Italia +33 (0) 6 37 94 79 85 @9010FR & @BZPAT Andrea Colaianni Social Media Consultant 90:10 France e Italia +39 339 3113317 @9010IT & @womarketing http://www.ninety10group @ninety10group