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  1. 1. SEISHIN EPISODE ONE Written by Alperen 8salacious9 Emirzeoglu8salacious9@gmail.com07955547447
  2. 2. EXT. IN FOREST - DAYEDEN Runs furiously through the forest looking back withpanting breath.Eerie sound is rising as he continues to run, the sound ofthe audio fades and concentrates on EDEN’s heartbeat, as EDENcontinues to keep looking back, the heartbeat reaches acrescendo, we can hear his breath getting heavier, with drumscrashing down frantically coming to an abrupt stop when EDENtrips on something sticking out on the floor, crashing to theground hitting his head falling unconscious.EDEN awakens lying on a large tree stump, he slowly gets upfeeling slightly disorientated. EDEN (whispers) What the hell?Furah walks in shot with hands behind back. FURAH (sarcasticly) Well well, the infamous EDEN.EDEN has a slight grin. EDEN (smirkish) Furah..Furah walks around circling EDEN.Furah starts to whistle a song. EDEN (CONT’D) What do you want with me? FURAH Its not you I want EDEN, please dont play games with me.Furah clenches fist, glove makes noise. EDEN I thought you liked games.EDEN starts to laugh with a childish menace tone.Then stops after a while. FURAH (Relieved) Ah there she is.Furah breathes in air and stands still.
  3. 3. 2. FURAH (CONT’D) Release her to me.EDEN looks up at Furah with anger in his eyes. FURAH (CONT’D) Your refusal is dissapointing EDEN.Furah smiles. FADE TO: STRAINEEXT. IN FOREST - DAYThunder drops down EDEN turns to a man walking closer.The man is facing down with his arms folded and hood up soyou can partially see his face.EDEN looks at him with a familiar look. EDEN (agitated) Who are you?The man slowly looks up and reveals more of his face, demonicsounds play, as more of the unknown mans appearance isrevealedEDEN Looks up at the man as finally his full face is revealedin a slowed down timely manner.We are shown EDENS face whos face shows an agitated characterand the sound switches to harmonic voices. EDEN (CONT’D) (Growls) Straine...Straine starts to laugh childishly.A look of anger appears on Furahs face.EDEN stares at Straine then begins to laugh aswell.An eerie sound of high pitched laughter rifts through theair.Furah looks at Straine aggressively. FURAH (Shouts) Enough.EDEN and Straine stop laughing slowly.
  4. 4. 3. FURAH (CONT’D) (calmly) Retrieve the girl and stop wasting time.Straine looks at EDEN.EDEN’s eyes are fixated on Straine.Straine walks slowly over to EDEN dissapearing and re-apearing every couple of steps closer, he stops at an armslength, Straine produces a moment of compassion when his eyesare fixated onto EDEN.He then looks down.EDEN’s eyes begin to glow.Straine strikes EDEN with a powerful force, between the twothey throw punches and kicks with Straine coming out on topof the fight with one last final blow from StraineWe see through EDEN’s eyes as he is struck by Straine.The screen blacks out. FADE TO: SPIRIT WORLDEXT. IN FORESTEDEN is on the floor where he was knocked unconscious byStraine, we can hear footsteps approaching, a young girlaround 10 years old in a old red hooded cape holding a teddybear with one hand walks towards EDEN.She looks over at EDEN GIRL Oh your hurt, don’t worry Ill help you.She raises her hand over EDEN and transfers energy to EDEN’sbody CUT TO: FURAHEXT. IN FOREST - DAYFurah is standing looking at EDEN with a slight smile. FURAH Retrieve her from his body.Straine looks from Furah to EDEN.
  5. 5. 4.Straine goes to EDEN puts his hands together and tries toretrieve soul.EDENs body starts to bow from having its soul sapped and achilds laughter starts to whisper through the air, all of asudden EDEN gains strength and shouts bursting with energydisrupting what Straine was doing, EDEN dissapears andappears behind Straine with his head facing down, the littlegirls arms reach out of EDEN’s body and holds onto Straine.Straine tries to struggle to break free from the girls grip,in a final attempt to break free, a flow of black energyflows from the girls arms reaching onto straines body andspreading to his face, straines mouth opens wide from thepain which camera fades into the black of his mouth. FADE TO: NIGHTMARE WORLDINT. BOX ROOM - EVENINGStraine is breathing heavily in the room with no way to getout, he seems intensed and stressed, he screams to vent hisfury.The little girl appears in the distance, holding her bear shewalks closer to Straine with her head slightly tilted down.Straine notices her and screams at her STRAINE (screams) Gett awayyy!! GIRL (childish like) Whats the matter, dont you wanna play? STRAINE (screams angrily) I’ll Kill you! GIRL (girl gets upset) Thats not nice.Girl talks to bear. GIRL (CONT’D) Hes a nasty man, he doesnt want to play with us.Bear starts to glow.Straines body is frozen and cant move.
  6. 6. 5. STRAINE (gasps) What are you doing to me?Girl starts to move towards Straine holding the bear outtowards him, the bear glows in an even more intense colourand then BLASTS out a beam at Straine striking him he screamsout while it causes nauseousnessStraine lies on the floor unable to move.Girl jumps around Straines body for a whilehumming to a childs song, she then stops and looks atStraine. GIRL (intrigued) Ohh you brought me someone to play with.Girl smiles, Straine begins to laugh and his eyes glowintensively, the laughter begins to break out in hystericswith one long laugh the camera pans up Straines body up tohis face then into his right eye where we can see a distantspirit of a little boy. FADE TO: IN FORESTEXT. IN FOREST - DAYWe are brought back to the arms holding onto Straines Body,Straines body is glowing intensively he starts to growl whichgets louder and louder and louder, then he disperses energyblowing back EDEN, Furah stands watching with excitement onhis face.There is now a powerful aura surrounding StraineEDEN lies on the floor, his eyes glowing and the arms of thechild slowly retrieving back into his body, he pants heavilyand looks around to see where Straine is.EDEN stands up feeling the effects of the blast, an eeiriesound plays in the air and rises with tension reaching an earsplitting noise level then stops, at that point Straineappears behind EDEN with his head down and breathing heavily.In his hand we can see he is creating an energy sphere, EDENlooks straight ahead anticipating what is going to happenthen opens his eyes really big, at that point Straine strikeshim with the sphere however EDEN disappears into thedistance.
  7. 7. 6.Straine then stomps the ground with his right leg and thenforms a triangle shape with his hands, then separates hishands while still retaining shape causing a strong force toform inbetween which tears the colour from around him into asphere shape almost like its ripping out reality.Furahs teeth show as he gets really excited and says FURAH (excitedly) Yes.... Rip out her soul!!Straine is about to unleash this mysterious force at EDEN,before he can unleash all the energy EDEN then dissapears andre-appears next to Straines side, Straines face shows panic,at that point the little girls hand reaches out of EDENs bodyand emits energy paralyzing Straine.Straine tries with all his might to break free and manages toclose one hand to break the triangle , while in the otherhand he is still creating the sphere.Furah walks over to Straine not concerned with EDEN FURAH (CONT’D) She has adapted to his body well, she is too strong for you Straine, we should leave before things get bad.Straine is still creating energy ignoring Furah while makinga roaring sound as he builds energy and getting more angry. FURAH (CONT’D) (angry) Straine!! Enough we must leave!!Straine has a evil smile and slowly turns his head to Furahthen starts to laugh satanically, and turns back to EDEN. FURAH (CONT’D) (incensed) STRAINE! OBEY ME!!Straine holds his hand back and builds up one final movementof energy in his hand. STRAINE (laughing) I serve no one!!Straine Grabs Eden with his left hand and throws him to theground, then with the sphere in his right hand, he pulls hishand back and releases the sphere at EDEN.We see from EDENs eyes the moment that Straine throws thesphere towards him, time slows down, with the sphere slowlytravelling, however EDEN cannot move in time.
  8. 8. 7.As the sphere is almost near his face, time and space freezesand dims to a darkish blue colour, the little girl walks outfrom EDENS Body, she has an angry look on her face. GIRL Dont worry i wont let the nasty man hurt you.As the sphere is stuck in mid-air the girl holds her bear upand it starts to glow and absorbs the sphere but doing thiscauses the girl pain.Sphere absorbed she turns to EDEN feeling really hurt, andhugs him and they both disappear.Once they disappear time returns to normal. FURAH You idiot i told you not to push it!Furah hits Strain across the faceStraine faces Furah with an apologetic look.Furah approaches Straine and puts his arm around him FURAH (CONT’D) You must control that temper of yours my young fledgling. not to worry, we will have our chance again.End of episode one..