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Transform (no spons)1

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Transform (no spons)1

  1. 1. ©  D.Turrell  2011  
  2. 2. So what’s it all about then?! It  is  about  creatively  &  cohesively  combining   digital  with  physical  as  part  of  the  store   design  process     It  is  about  remotely  morphing  these   environments  so  that  they  become  culturally   relevant  to  those  within  it         Hello! It  is  about  creating  a  canvas  for  story  telling   environments     It  is  about  creating  a  uni9ied  experience  for   brand  activations,  promotions,  interactions   &  more  ©  D.Turrell  2011  
  3. 3. It’s not about!! It  is  not  about  spamming  customers  with   intrusive  messages   It  is  not  about  using  the  latest  technological   gimmicks     It  is  not  about  overpowering  with  technology   No ! It  is  not  about  hanging  screens,    speakers,    or   Siree! ! the  latest  shizzle-­boom  around  the  place  and   hoping  for  the  best   It  is  not  all  about  content    ©  D.Turrell  2011  
  4. 4. So how does it work then?! Step  1.  Tastefully  design  the  digital  canvas  into   your  store  design    (technology)   ight ! r ins Step  2.  Tastefully  design  &  pro9ile  sound,   u s fo Call music,  visuals,  lighting,  scents  and  interactivity   for  the  immersive  environment  (content)                                     Call u How! s for insigh Step  3.  Combine  the  content  and  technology  in   t ! a  creative  and  cohesive  way  (design)   Step  4.  Use  remote  scheduling  to  trigger  and   ! control  these  environments  (control)     us for insight Call        ©  D.Turrell  2011  
  5. 5. Want a quick example?! OK  ,  as  they  say  ‘you  have  to  be  there’,  but  here  is  a   small  example  for  a  fashion  store.  Picture  this:     You’re shopping in Tokyo and walk into an English fashion apparel store ! Relevant posters and background music occasionally synchronize to unveil quintessentially English themes, creating a truly immersive brand experience!  short  video  here   Remotely  scheduling  environments  also  has  extremely   practical  uses.    Address  regions  for  proximity  events,    change   environments  based  on  seasons,  weather.    Tie  into   promotional  ABL  activity  &  create  two  way  interaction.       Yaaaay ! int at wil l’   or y ou to pa canvas f ‘it’s a creative©  D.Turrell  2011  
  6. 6. Who are we?! We  are  a  network  of  experience  designers,  technologists,   system  integrators  &  manufacturers  addressing  the  link   between  digital  and  physical  environments.   We  nurture  ‘considering  environments  as  a  whole’  thinking   to  help  create  perfect  experiences.  Driving  change  to  meet   the  goals  of  brands,  store  designers,  architects  and   marketeers.     who! We  work  directly  on  projects,  hold  workshops  and   educational  programs  that  integrate  design,  science  &  tech   disciplines  within  store  &  architectural  development.        ©  D.Turrell  2011  
  7. 7. We’ve   had   over   ten   years   experience   in   designing   9lag   ship   store     environments.   This   has   provided   us   with   the   insight   to   gracefully   guide   customers   through   surroundings   where  information  is  relevant  to  them,  within  an  ambience   that  they  connect  to.       +44 (0) 207 0606 808 ! Call! us!! info@embryo-­‐  for  more  informa=on    ©  D.Turrell  2011