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Tw ratana


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Te Kaha's first attempt to research, gather, and present his findings.

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Tw ratana

  1. 1. t.w ratana faith
  2. 2. What is my study all about My study is all about T.W Ratana faith and his roles and it is about his powers and how he helped Maori people manly the carpal and blind and it is about Ratana kids arepa and omeka and the history it carries' like for years ago I know more now from my study and I enjoy it to.
  3. 3. information T.W Ratana helped people like people how cant walk people with crèches and people how are cropped one time a man came in to his home in a well Cher and came out on his legs people throat it was a metrical and people loved him. One day he went on to his deck and he seen a angel and it gave him the powers to heel people he was a normal man he was a farm but when he got his powers it changed his life.
  4. 4. (1) How has Ratana people followed the faith in Te Hapua. ? (2) Find out all you can about the different roles different ones have done or are still doing. ? Questions & Answer <ul><li>Collect photos memorabilia. </li></ul><ul><li>What celebrations do they have. </li></ul>(1) How did he know to do this.? (2) Who were the people he wanted to help. (1) We all know our an sister have past it down to our little ones for year . (2)We all believe in him and the Ratana faith he cares for others and our commentary his role is to protected use from the bad spirits. <ul><li>I know god came down and said I am going to give you powers. </li></ul><ul><li>Maori people and the carpal and blind and more. </li></ul>They celebrate the day he got his powers and the day he died
  5. 5. By Te Kaha