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Recount thinking process


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Adjusted RECOUNT thinking the class worked on.

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Recount thinking process

  1. 1. RECOUNTWharekura
  2. 2. IntroductionFirst thoughts…Audience - because they are the ones that aregoing to read the story. If your story hasinteresting parts to it, they will enjoy readingyour story.Type of writing - RECOUNT AlliterationHow am I going to start my story? Fahren was frightened from the flaming fireworks Language ResourcesWhich LR would be effective for my recount writing?What do I need to know? 2 things: 1. I need to decide what I am writing about. Fireworks Show 2. What is the MAIN event/point that you want to talk about? OnomatopoeiaBOOM! The noise deafened my ears! Simile I ran as fast as a cheetah to get a Hyperbole good seat for the fireworks show!The noise from the exploding fireworks were so loud, I thought my ears weregoing to burst!
  3. 3. Rising Action Fireworks Show• What next? • What DID happen before the• We need to BUILD UP to the main fireworks show? event. • Shadow’s thinking: Before the• That means we are making it fireworks show, I wanted to know exciting, and make the reader what my other friends were doing, want to find out what happens so I rang them, and we met at the next. wharf.• We have to think about what • “We were all excited to light our happened BEFORE our main event. big fireworks”• How do we make that interesting? • Now make it exciting! • “I wonder what this one will do?” • “I hope it’s not too loud!”
  4. 4. Rising Action Fireworks Show • Does my story make sense to begin my MAIN EVENT now?Shadow’s thinking: Before the fireworks As I lit my firecracker, I began to get tooshow, I wanted to know what my other excited and I couldn’t run away.friends were doing, so I rang them, and Second Editwe met at the wharf. As I lit the huge firecracker, the excitement“We were all excited to light our big rushed through my body, and I didn’t evenfireworks” notice I had ran back to the safety of my uncle’s work truck.Now make it exciting! The sentence RIGHT BEFORE the main event.“I hope it’s not too loud!” I looked up and saw a big ball of fire.I pulled out the biggest firecracker in thebox. Second Edit“I wonder what this one will do?” I gazed upwards, watching the firecracker trail up towards the night sky.
  5. 5. Main Event Fireworks ShowMy MAIN EVENT that I decided on myplanning sheet was “watching the fireworksexplode in the night sky”. Irony And the loud noise I expected was quite the opposite.Which LR would be effective for my main event?What do I need to know? The different Language Resources I could use. Which one suits my story? OnomatopoeiaKABOOM! What an amazing burst of colours… Simile The light lit the loud sky like livid Hyperbole lightning bolts.I felt like I was at the Sydney Olympics fireworks show!
  6. 6. Falling Action Fireworks ShowRounding up my main event.What could we use to help us think about what we could write about?See Taste Feel We could use our SENSES! Hear Smellsee tasteThe size of the explosion made the sky seem I could taste the gunpowderso close. in the air.feelThe explosion was so hefty, it almost pushed me over.hearThe noise filled my eardrums.smellThe scent of the exploding fireworks pierced mynostrils.
  7. 7. Future Statement Fireworks ShowThinking of my main event, and how it could beBETTER/IMPROVED in the future?What could we use to help us think about what we could write about? Could I share it with someone next time? How could it be better next time? Why would I do it again? What might make it better? How did I feel about it? Sentence StartersI hope next time…I felt… Are there any other ways of starting our If it happens again… future sentence?Hopefully… Maybe …