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Explanation thinking process


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2nd upload Wharekura THS for writing

Published in: Education, Technology
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Explanation thinking process

  1. 1. EXPLANATION Wharekura
  2. 2. This type of writing is used to explain how somethingEXPLANATION works, to explain events and issues or to give reasons why something happens the way it does.) How much do I really know about what I am trying to explain? If you’re struggling to get some thoughts together, perhaps it might be useful to research more about what you are trying to explain. It makes it easier if you know a lot about what you are trying to explain. Is copying and pasting from a Google search good research? Now that I have found some information, I need to read and understand what it is saying. Stop after your read each sentence and ask questions to make sure you understand what it is you are reading. When you come to a part you don’t understand, use your reading strategies to help you. Once you understand it, think about how it relates to your topic study or explanation topic, and go to your plan.
  3. 3. This type of writing is used to explain how somethingEXPLANATION works, to explain events and issues or to give reasons why something happens the way it does.) How do I do this well? Keyword Search – words that I am looking for. You need to think about what it is you want to know. Refine your searches until you find the appropriate information. When you find what you need, write your own understanding of the information. Re-check with others. What was I explaining? Have I got enough information to answer the question? What information is useful? What isn’t? How do I re-write this so that everyone understands what I found?
  4. 4. This type of writing is used to explain how something EXPLANATION works, to explain events and issues or to give reasons why something happens the way it does.) How do I do this well? Planning is your personal preference. Find a way that is suitable for you to organise your ideas. VolleyballYou might prefer to number your plan,and write down everything you need to You might like to see all your ideascover in your writing. around your main topic. 1 Topic 1 2 Descr 2 What 3 Cause 3 How You might prefer using pictures and keywords.
  5. 5. This type of writing is used to explain how somethingEXPLANATION works, to explain events and issues or to give reasons why something happens the way it does.) What needs to go in your plan? What goes into your plan is important. What information do you put into each paragraph? Is it in a sequenced order. Use the present tense. Paragraph 1 will talk about… Move, (past tense is moved) Paragraph 2 will have… Use the present tense. What joining words do you use? Move, (past tense is moved) During, As a result, Therefore,Use the correct terms for your In other words,topic. so that,e.g. computers, I may have hard Now,drive, RAM, software, This is because,motherboard
  6. 6. 1. TOPIC• Tell us the reasons • How do bluetooth for your explanation. devices work?• Usually a question helps the reader to understand what your writing is about.
  7. 7. 2. WHAT IS IT?• You need to briefly • First of all, tell us what the bluetooth is a concept is. This system inside means what are the different computers ideas behind your that link them topic. together so that data can be transferred between the two devices. Sort of like an invisible cord.
  8. 8. 3. DESCRIPTION• “How” questions will • You will know your come in handy here. electronic device has• E.g. How do you know if bluetooth by the you have bluetooth? universal symbol below. Depending on your• How do we know if it’s device, you may have a on? switch to turn it on, and a light appears. Or you• Notice I haven’t said may need to look inside how it works yet. your mobile device settings, usually indicated with an image of a cog.
  9. 9. 4. CAUSE & EFFECTS • In order for bluetooth to work, you• Ask yourself need to have two devices with this ability. Remember, bluetooth is the questions again, joining of two devices. What happens depends on why the devices are joining. You may have two computers• “How do these that want to send documents to each other. You might have a mobile phone work?” connecting to bluetooth headphones so you can hear your phone call.• What is happening • When bluetooth is working, two devices are joined wirelessly, and with… data is sent between the two devices. • Usually, one devices recieves the• What happens information, and the other device sends the information. If the when… receving device is a set of headphones, then the information sent will come out on the other device as sound.
  10. 10. 5. WHEN/WHY IT WORKS. • Bluetooth is very handy• When do you need because you don’t need wires this? to join your devices together. It is very handy• When is this useful? for travelling in vehicles, because you can talk and• When does this listen at the click of a happen? button. There are many examples of when you might• Why do we use this? want to join two devices together. My friends and I like to play games against each other from our own comfy seats!
  11. 11. 6. INTERESTING COMMENTS• Now the rest • Bluetooth devices becomes easy. You can be made so that may have found they can only receive something very information, not interesting about send it. That usually your topic. happens on mobile phones so people can’t send their ringtones to each other.
  12. 12. 7. SPECIAL FEATURES• There may be • Bluetooth devices something that have revolutionised stands out from your the way we transfer topic. information quickly• Your topic may be between computers. useful, or helpful, You no longer need and that needs to be cords to join devices mentioned. together.
  13. 13. 8. EVALUATION • Bluetooth devices are very• Now you need to sum useful at home, at school, and up all your at work. People now have an easy way of getting information from information to one another. People’s lives are also made your writing. easier, without having to worry about tangled cords,• I think that… and different connection ports.• From what I have • From what I have learnt, I think there will be faster and learnt… better ways of transferring data to one another in the near future. This has been a very helpful piece of technology.