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An Olympic Dilemma


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Our Olympic Task for 2012

Published in: Education
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An Olympic Dilemma

  1. 1. An Olympic Dilemma W Wihapi
  2. 2. Decide what your task is by reading this conversation between the two NewZealand Olympic Committee CEO’s. Hello, is Omar there please? Omar Gosh? Are you there? Yes Mr Tee. I am here. What’s up now? Not another withdrawn athlete again? No, something even worse! I’ve lost my car keys again! Did you try in the fridge, next to the orange juice?[A few seconds later…] Oh, how did they get in here?!?! Oh yeah, we don’t have a venue for twoevents. What?? Oh no. So we are short of two venues for the Olympics. Does it matter which two events?No, if we could find one more venue for one of the sports, then we could shuffle all the other sportsaround the rest of the country. OK, so we need a venue that could cater for one Olympic sport. And they would worry about all the other finer details of hosting an event? Yes, they would need to take care of all the fine details. Shall I send an email with what they need to do. Yes, they will need to make sure they cover what is needed. Ok then. Turei out!
  3. 3. From: <Olympic Committee CEO Turei Tee>To: <Te Hapua School Students>Cc: <Principal>Subject: Heeeelp!Attachments: URL: Links to assist you here.Hello students,Thank you again for your assistance in this matter. I hear your venue is the perfectplace for one of our Olympic events. I trust you are knowledgeable in yoursurrounding area, so you’ll know exactly what type of sport would be suited to playthere. Remember, it is a big responsibility to host teams. There are may factors toconsider when you host a sporting event. There is a link to our checklist so thatwhen you plan your event, you remember to consider our important points. They arevital to the success of your event.Good luck students.Turei.p.s. I can’t wait to test some of your local cuisine you will be preparing.