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8KMiles Cloud Consulting Services


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This document explains the Cloud Services offered by 8KMiles Cloud consulting group on the Amazon AWS. we provide Cloud Computing Consulting services in following AWS technologies like Amazon EC2 , Simple Storage Service , S3 , Simple queue service , SQS, Simple DB, AutoScaling , Elastic Load Balancing , ELB, CloudWatch, CloudFront, MapReduce and SNS.

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8KMiles Cloud Consulting Services

  1. 1. Cloud computing is the term for massively scaled offsite IT resources assembled virtually, accessed over the internet, contracted on demand in real-time or near real-time on a pay-per- use or subscription basis. 8KMiles has partnered with Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS) to bring cloud computing to enterprises. 8KMiles Cloud Services group is focused on Amazon cloud computing and other popular Cloud infrastructure providers, to help enterprise and SMB’s integrate cloud computing into their IT and business strategies. A team of Cloud technology seasoned consultants - located in North America, Canada, Singapore and India will provide Cloud Consulting development, Migration, Remote infrastructure management, Disaster Recovery and Backup services over the cloud infrastructure. What is the offer for customers?  Cloud Computing Center with Dedicated  Cloud Infrastructure Amazon Web Services and other cloud technology consultants  Experience in Cloud and Data center  2.5 years of experience in providing cloud Operations solutions to customers ranging from enterprises and SMB’s. Over 300+ servers  Elastic computing managed.  Reliable – always available  Cloud infrastructure management + Cloud Solution Design expertise  Accessible – simple API  IT Services around the Cloud  Cloud Development Services  Cost effective – hardware as a variable  Consulting Services cost  Assessment & feasibility study  Migration Services  Data centers at multiple regions ( USA,  Backup Services  End to End Remote infrastructure Europe and Asia) management  Hybrid cloud services  ecosystem is a reference implementation on Amazon cloud Cloud Consulting Services Copyright 8KMiles 2009 All rights reserved
  2. 2. “Explore Miles in Cloud” Workshop 8KMiles also offers “Explore Miles in Cloud” a 5 day workshop to help the clients understand the advantages of cloud computing, explore the Amazon AWS Cloud environment and understand how to use the cloud to address specific business challenges .The workshop addresses the following topics:  Getting started with cloud computing  Developing a cloud strategy for your Enterprise  Which applications can we move to the cloud and in what time frame?  What services does 8KMiles offer for the cloud?  Exploration of the AWS sandbox cloud infrastructure What is the Value Creation for the customer? Infrastructure Cost Reduction: Achieve economies of scale through the shared use of cloud computing infrastructure Low or No Cap Ex: Avoid capital expenditure and lower your IT spending to operational investments Greener IT: Reduce your business carbon foot print by using efficient Cloud Data centers Speed: Get unlimited computing capacity and servers in minutes Flexibility: Scale from 1 to 1000 servers in minutes, pay per use model, No contracts with Cloud infrastructure providers Cloud Consulting Services Copyright 8KMiles 2009 All rights reserved