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A Fantast..[1]


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A Fantast..[1]

  1. 1. !The Journey Dream¡
  2. 2. Once upon a once family integrated of four persons, Father, Mother and 2 brothers, they were the Lopez family.
  3. 3. They dreamed of someday traveling abroad because they lacked sufficient resources to leave.
  4. 4. One day the younger brother was playing with his friends in the Chat and decided enters a website, which offered a prize.
  5. 5. Are encouraged to enter the contest because the prize was a trip to Egypt.
  6. 6. To everyone's surprise the contest was won by he , then began the great adventure for the family.
  7. 7. Upon arrival at the airport began surprises, tickets were first class.
  8. 8. Upon their arrival, were taken to a super luxury hotel in a limousine
  9. 9. They visited the pyramids, they noted how great was the desert, but on the other side are the city of Egypt, visiting Cairo, the capital.
  10. 10. They traveled on camels and visited the nearest oasis.
  11. 11. Pictures were taken in a Mezquita with traditional clothes.
  12. 12. One week was the time that they enjoyed in this great journey, although not a beach but it is a beautiful place full of history and mysticism.
  13. 13. Upon arriving home with his family gathered to talk about his great adventure in this trip, of course, could not miss the souvenir, and all very happy with this trip.
  14. 14. ¡THAT'S ALL FOLKS!