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  • 10/18/12 SAPCOE is a consumer electronics company with plants, suppliers and customers all over the world. The following scenario demonstrates how SAPCOE’s fully integrated suite of SAP solutions helps them to react faster and more efficiently to real-world business problems. Call Center - Chris Johnson from Midland Industries is interested in purchasing 500 WebPhones, specifically, the SAPCOE WebPhone 2000. Customer Relationship Management - Working from home, a SAPCOE sales representative uses the Mobile Sales application to follow up with the customer, help them configure the phones, confirm cost and shipping date, and uploads the order to SAPCOE’s R/3 System. Advanced Planner & Optimizer - Midland’s order for 500 phones triggers a due date alert in the APO system. Production is shifted to another plant and optimization routines reschedule production. A material shortage alert is forwarded to the SAPCOE Purchasing Manager. Business to Business Procurement - Using the e-commerce solution, 500 camera assemblies are ordered from Munipack. After receiving a quote from Munipack’s R/3 system, a SAPCOE purchase order is created and a Munipack sales order is created in their respective R/3 Systems. Warehouse Management - The completed WebPhones are shipped to Midland Industries on the promised date. SAP Business Information Warehouse - SAPCOE’s president wants to see a report on customer contribution margins and drill down to view Midland Industries’ satisfaction ratings.
  • Integration in the “old” economy meant business process integration. ERP made SAP R/3 a worldwide standard system Since 1996 SAP R/3 has been e-commerce capable SAP products incorporated business technology for the future allowing customers to be ready for the future without system change Integration in the “new” economy requires integration of processes between enterprises. Collaboration More than working together Processes, where many users participate, can be executed simultaneously as one-step-business
  • Sap overview

    1. 1. SAP OverviewSAP Solutions
    2. 2. Agenda for the overviewIntroduction to the SAP R/3 system SAP system’s functionality SAP implemenation methodology 2
    3. 3. What is SAPSAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in dataprocessing. – A ERP dynamo10 million users, 30,000 installations, 1000 partners, 21 Industrysolutions. Customer world-wide, mostly Fortune 500 companies.95% of the top 100 German companies use SAP.SAP is the fourth largest software company in the world.The SAP R/3 system is a business software package designed tointegrate all areas of a business. 3
    4. 4. SAP R/3 Application Integrated Comprehensive solutions functionality SD FI Sales & Financial Distribution Accounting MM CO Open Materials Controlling systems PP Mgmt. AA R/3 Production Planning Asset Designed Accounting for all types of businessClient / server architecture QM Quality Client / Server Project PS Mgmt. PM Plant ABAP WF System Maintenance Workflow HR IS Human Industry Enterprise data Resources Solutions Multinational model Euro Y2K 4
    5. 5. SAP – system landscapeServerClient 5
    6. 6. SAP technology environment Platform SAP Application Modules SAP Application Modules Independent Platform Dependent R/3 Data Repository R/3 Data Repository (Basis) Commun User Commun User ications ications Interface Interface Database Database Operating System Operating System Hardware Platform and Environment Hardware Platform and Environment Enterprise Network Enterprise Network 6
    7. 7. R/3 Technology EnvironmentHardware UNIX Systems Bull/Zenith Digital NCR Bull IBM Compaq HP (Intel) Sequent IBM IBM Digital SNI Data General IBM (Intel) SNI AS/400 S/390 HP SUN ...Operating AIX Reliantsystems Digital UNIX UNIX (SINIX) Windows NT OS/400 OS/390 HP-UX SOLARISDatabases ADABAS D ADABAS D DB2 for AIX MS SQL Server INFORMIX-OnLine INFORMIX-OnLine DB2/400 DB2/390 ORACLE ORACLE Dialog Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows NT, SAPGUI OSF/Motif, OS/2 Presentation Manager (PM), Windows 95, Macintosh, Java PM, JavaLanguages ABAP/4, C, C++, HTML, Java, ActiveX-Controls 7
    8. 8. SAP in the business mode 8
    9. 9. Why - SAP R/3 has been successful •Secure •Integrated •Multi-Lingual Information SAP •Multi-Currency •Enterprise-Wide •Best Business Practices 9
    10. 10. Why - SAP R/3 has been successfulReal time processing with an integrated suite of client/serverapplications. Comprehensive Open Business Process orientation Fully Integrated business process Modular Structure International – yet consistent Providing maximum flexibility & Scalability Strong backbone for future technologies.OSS 24 hr support available. 10
    11. 11. Integration ---- an example MM MM SD Sales order SD Sales order MRP FI / CO Purchase Req Purchase Producti Order on Goods Receipt Stock and consumption accounts updated 11
    12. 12. ASAP - methodology 12
    13. 13. ASAP tools are tailor-made for an effective, fast, and well-organized SAP R/3 implementation.The complete implementation process is well documented. PROJECT Define Goals & objective PREPARATION Clarify Scope Strategy, schedule Resources BUSINESS Requirement workshops BLUEPRINT Document business process Define Baseline scope Refine overall schedule REALISATION System Implementation Testing Release it for production FINAL PREPARATION Testing End user training System management Cut over activities GO LIVE & SUPPORT Pre production to live production Support organisation 13
    14. 14. SAP solutions for the New, neweconomy 14
    15. 15. The Next Wave: solutions for the new, neweconomy 1 The new economy changes everything 2 More products, partners & Transaction Creating a new generation of 3 e-business 4 Expand corporate boundaries 15
    16. 16. Extending the Enterprise is Crucial for Survival Sell Side Buy Side Enterprise Management Integration Integration Enterprise Resources Supplier of Direct Direct Customer of my Supplier Supplier Customer my Customer Manu- Logistics Service facturing Execution Execution Execution Buying Market Selling Market 16
    17. 17. mySap Enterprise Portal mySap Supply Chain products mySap CRM mySap E-procurement mySap Product lifecycle mySap Business intelligence mySap Financials mySap Human Resources mySap Mobile Business mySap Market Place mySap Hosted solutions mySap Technology 17
    18. 18. Co-operative Scenario Demonstration Call Customer Advanced Center Relationship Planner & Management OptimizerBusiness to Warehouse Business Business Management InformationProcurement Warehouse 18
    19. 19. Strategy: From Integration to Collaboration Enterprise Portals Marketplaces Portals Outsourcing Employee Self Business Customer Relationship Services e-Commerce Intelligence Management Business Scenarios Industry Supply Chain Solutions Management Partnering Platform XML-enabling Business Internet Application Framework Components Technology, BAPIs Continuous Knowledge Transfer94 96 99 Enterprise Resource Enterprise Resource Inter-Enterprise Inter-Enterprise Inter-Enterprise Inter-Enterprise Planning Planning 19 Co-operation Co-operation Collaboration Collaboration
    20. 20. SAP in WIPRO SAP R/3 implementation skill upgradation Enterprise Buyer SAP CRM initiative APO BIW 20
    21. 21. Thank You 21