Process of listening ppt


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Process of listening ppt

  1. 1. Process of Listening “Seek first to understand, then be understood.” Stephen.R.Covey
  2. 2. Process of Listening • • • • • Receiving Understanding Remembering Evaluating Responding
  3. 3. Receiving • When you have ears, you can receive anything within the hearing range. So, here receiving means hearing. • It refers to the response caused by sound waves, stimulating the sensory receptors of the ear.
  4. 4. Understanding • It is a stage at which you learn what the speaker means. • You will understand what you have heard, the thoughts, the emotional tone, the feelings behind the words as well.
  5. 5. Interpreting • It is important in the process of listening because it means that the individual has not only understood the message but also added it to the minds storage bank. • As our attention is selective, so it is our memory what it remembers. May be things are different from what was originally heard or listened.
  6. 6. Evaluating • Consists of judging the message in some way. At times, you may try to evaluate the speakers underlying emotions or motives. Often this process goes on without much conscious awareness.
  7. 7. Responding • This stage requires that the receiver completes the process through verbal and non-verbal feedback.The speaker has no other way to determine if a message has been received.