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  1. 1. History and Genres of Metal
  2. 2. Most people have a negative view towards music known as “Metal” but metal has an important place in the development and influence on modern popular music
  3. 3. Roots of Metal (1969 – 1971) Metal actually developed out of blues, jazz and early rock and roll. (which all have roots as American Music) But it was British bands who first played Metal, such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Led Zeppelin also took many influences from folk and acoustic music, but the blues was the main influence on this new genre of music. Led Zeppelin (Left) Black Sabbath (Right)
  4. 4. New wave of British Heavy Metal & other genres (1971 – 1980) Early Metal bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath had a big influence, helping to urge a new genre known as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. A well known band of this genre is Iron Maiden. Another important band to emerge from the early 1970’s was Canadian Trio “Rush” whose early works are very influenced and modelled upon the works of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Rush’s music is more progressive in it’s approach, where sometimes complex rhythms are exhibited and long guitar solos are performed. Rush (Above) Iron Maiden (Below)
  5. 5. METALLICA!!!! By no doubt the most well known metal band of all time, Metallica was formed in the Early 1980’s by Guitarist and singer James Hetfield and Drummer Lars Ulrich who later recruited bassist Cliff Burton (D. 1988) and guitarist David Mustaine (later replaced by Kirk Hammett) Metallica’s main influence was Iron maiden, whose style of fast galloping rhythms and blistering solo passages inspired them to give birth to a new genre of metal known as Thrash or Speed Metal. Metallica has influenced many new styles of metal through the 1980’s and up until now
  6. 6. GRUNGE (1987 - now) Grunge was a style influenced by metal that came from the Seattle area in the USA. It took elements of rock and metal such as heavy guitar sounds and powerful vocals. It became popular with many young people of the time though its use on MTV and other forms of media. The main grunge bands were Alice in Chain, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Stone Temple Pilots (Above)
  7. 7. Modern Progressive Metal (1989 – now) Progressive Metal is a very popular genre, mainly because of it’s diversity. Different bands take different approaches towards performing and playing, such as Dream Theater (pictured left) who incorporated operatic vocals, complex guitar and keyboard solos and polyphonic rhythms. Some other bands that are considered progressive metal are Tool (who take a heavy, darker approach) and Opeth (who write dark lyrics, yet interlude their music often with acoustic sections reminiscent of folk music of their native Sweden) Opeths music is known as progressive death metal, not to be confused with BLACK metal, which tends to have anti-Christian and gothic literature influenced lyrics.
  8. 8. Neo OR Nu Metal (1990 – now) Often criticised as being produced only for a commercial purpose and not so much “artistic expression”, Neo or Nu metal incorporates elements of funk, hip hop and rap. It is not uncommon for Nu Metal bands to use turntables to create “scratching” sounds with records and also to use computer produced sounds. Some examples of Nu metal are System of a down, Sevendust, Mudvayne, Korn, Incubus (Pictured Right) and Rage Against The Machine
  9. 9. There are many other genres and styles under the collective group of “metal” Some more obscure styles and genres include “Funk Metal” by such artists as Faith No More, Primus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Living Colour. Black Metal is a style which came from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. As mentioned in a previous slide, the lyrics are often anti-Christian in nature. There has been actual cases of people in the black metal industry in Norway who have been jailed for burning down churches in Norway as a protest against Christianity being introduced to their country over 1000 years ago. Some bands have such a specific genre because their music is quite unique such as Canadian band “Strapping Young Lad” whose music can be classed as ‘Neo-Industrial, ambient thrash metal’ I hope now you have learnt and understand a bit more about “Metal” A cover band I was in called “the Rusty Tools” We played a lot of metal, including Black Sabbath, Metallica and Stone Temple Pilots.