English work camp 2


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Professora este é o que se encontra completo! enviei o outro por engano! desculpe!

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English work camp 2

  1. 1. RoyalPrincess Camp Work done by: Carlota Simões nº 4 Mariana Farinha nº 18
  2. 2. Royal Princess Camp This Camp was founded by Mary Paris in 1989. This lady founded the camp when her second daughter born, she founded it because her first daughter Marisa Paris was always complaining because she felt really alone. This camp was created to provide a good time not only to her daughters but also to other children that felt the same way as Marisa. It also improves many language skills to the participants, because there children from all over the world join together and communicate. Mary chose to give this name to the camp in honor to her great-great grandmother that
  3. 3. Royal Princess Camp Mary Paris Marisa Paris
  4. 4. Courses• In this camp girls can enjoy several courses as :• Dance;• Music;• Culinary;• Arts;• Photography;• Languages;
  5. 5. Dance This course involves several types of dance, such as:• Classic dance• Contemporary dance• Jazz dance• Ballroom dances• Break dance
  6. 6. Dance Here in the camp we have many teachers toevery course and in this course we have toteachers. To classic, contemporary andballroom dances we have Miss Shields; sheis a very well-known dancer because she hasparticipated in one of the most known dancecompany. To the other types of dance we have MissBrooke, she is a very good teacher and shehas already taught on a very prestigiousdance school in Russia.
  7. 7. Music• This course includes many subjects like:• Piano;• Choir;• Violin;• Harp;• Guitar;• Flute.
  8. 8. Dance In this course we have a different teachers,to piano Miss Harris, that is a very famouspianist, that have played in very places inthe world; to choir and flute we have MissThorn, who is a great teacher, who havealready taught in one of the most knownmusic schools in the entire world. To teach Harp we have Miss Lily, that is agreat teacher and promise to be a famousharpist. Finally to teach guitar and violin wehave Miss Helen who is a well-knownmusician.
  9. 9. Culinary This is one of the courses that we offer, totech this we have a great chef, Mrs. Hanna, shehas a very famous restaurant here in Scotland.This course is great to improve the culinaryskills of the girls. It is most appreciated by theolder girls because they have to know this kindof things to deal whit many problems of theirlives.
  10. 10. ArtsThis course is really appreciated by thegirls because they can do whateverthey want, we have many subjects inthis course such as dressmaking,decoupage, painting, drawing, gluingand many more. To teach this kind of subjects we haveMiss Hurt, who has much knowledgeabout arts and an amazing talent.
  11. 11. Photography We also offer this course to the girls, becauseit is a very prestigious kind of art. In this course girls can learn how to use acamera, how to use the light in every photoand many more. To teach this subject we have Miss Nancy,who is a marvellous photographer with lots ofknowledge about this theme.
  12. 12. Languages This is a very important course, because as we can see here in the camp we receive children from every place and that speak different languages:• English• Germany• French• Spanish To teach this subjects we have Miss Lindsay (English and Germany) and Miss Jackson (Spanish and French), which are a very famous linguist.
  13. 13. Eligibility We chose our students according to different criteria:1. The students have to have ages between the eight and the 17 years old.2. The students have to talk English3. The students have to be girls4. The students have to pass in 4 of the 5 exams that we give to them according to the courses that they chose.5. These exams have many questions about the subject that they chose and also have many activities that they have to do without mistakes according to the theme.
  14. 14. Date We open the camp every summer on June 20th, but the inscriptions start March 10th . Theparticipants stay on the camp between two tofour weeks and they are pooled according withtheir ages. The students with ages higher than 14 yearsstay in one group and the students with agesunder the 14 years stay on another group. The camp closes every year in September 20thand we always do a big party with the childrenthat have participated on the camp that year.
  15. 15. Tuition Duration Number of persons Price 2 weeks 1 340 pounds 4 weeks 1 620 pounds 2 weeks 5 300 pounds 4 weeks 5 580 pounds The price can be 20 % lower if the girls come i
  16. 16. AccommodationThe participants stay in the camp sleeping, weonly accept 100 girls at the camp, and we havethree big buildings with 20 suites, each suitehas room for 5 girls.Normally we try to put girls from differentplaces in the same suite because it is a way toimprove their communication skills.In the camp we also have:• A giant living room where the girls can interactand communicate after the activities;• A great dining hall, where all the girls eat;• About 20 classrooms, to each subject.
  17. 17. Accommodation The price of the camp includes the meals. In every meal we have three different menus(one of them vegetarian) that always have anentrance, a main course and a dessert. If some girls are allergic to any food thatshould be written in the inscription. In that casewe will have a special menu to the girl/s.
  18. 18. Camp services The camp offers many things, such as:• A infirmary;• A little store where the girls can buy little candies and souvenirs;• A bus to bring them from the different airports and transportation to the camp;• A bus to take them to many places in the country;• A trip to Edinburgh to shopping;• Tickets to the different museums and public places;
  19. 19. Arrival orientation: All girls have to be in Edinburgh airport at 9 Am on that day and then many buses will bring them to the camp. The girls who live near the camp or the ones that want to come to here in their transportation can come directly with theirHealthto the camp till 11 Am. parents and safety: As you know we offer a great infirmary to thestudents in case of any health problem, if theproblem is serious the participant will beremoved to the nearest hospital and the parentswill be immediately informed.The camp is guarded by security, and the
  20. 20. Students’ testimonialsHi, my name is Maria, I am 12 years old and I amfrom Spain. The first time I was 10 years old, it wasthe best experience I have ever had, it was great Imet many persons and some of them turned to bereally great friends. This camp is one of the bests Ihave ever experienced, it have greats conditions,fabulous activities and great teachers. My favorite activity was the trip to Cambridgebecause was a great opportunity to talk witheverybody and to get some knowledge about theuniversity. Hi, my name is Janine, I am 10 years old and I amfrom India. The first time I went to the camp waswhen I was 9 years old and it was great and one ofmy best experiences. I chose dance, photography,
  21. 21. Excursions and cultural events Beside the courses and the activities in the camp we have many others excursions and activities outside, like: • A trip to Cambridge university; • A visit to the history museum; • A visit to the science museum; • A shopping day; • A visit to the national park; • A visit to the Lockness lake; • A night in the forest;
  22. 22. Frequent questions• What is your favorite course? I can say that my favorite course is photography, because it was always my passion, but here in the camp all the courses are good and appreciated by the girls.• What is the most chosen course? The most chosen course is absolutely arts, I don’t know why, but I think that in these ages is very important and enjoyed by children.• Who is the most famous person that has been in the camp? I don’t know because many important persons have been here and I can’t choose one to say.
  23. 23. Frequent questions• Where was the last year final meeting? It was here in the camp for the first time, but I can say that was the best.• Where can I do the inscription? The inscription can be done in our website or sent to our address.• What kind of wardrobe do you recommend? Warm clothes to the night and fresh and light to the day, but at least one pair of comfortable shoes?• What do you need to the camp?
  24. 24. Contacts• E-mail: royalprincesscamp@mail.com• Website: www.royalpricesscamp.com• Telephone: 004455337898709• Address: lily road, number 23, Edinburgh.
  25. 25. Material that the girls needmandatorily:• T- shirt from de camp;• Passport and Visa;• Hygiene Products;• Clothes appropriated for the different courseslike dance , culinary for example;