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  1. 1. The Culture of Canada<br />By: Tommy Marinelli<br />Professor Arguello<br />History 141<br />
  2. 2. Food<br />Each region has it’s own unique ingredients used to make regional dishes:<br />Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic regions: Caribou stew, boiled fiddleheads (ferns), maple syrup, and fish & brewis.<br />Pacific Region: Sockeye salmon<br />Mountain Region: Saskatoon berry jam<br />Atlantic Region: Dulse Chips (red algae)<br />Plains Region: Smoked goldeneye, saskatoon berry jam<br />Northern Region: Caribou stew, flipper pie (harp seal)<br />Many Canadian dishes overlap with American food, but there are some dishes that are unique to Canada, including:<br />Ginger beef, tourtiére(meat pie), peameal bacon (Canadian bacon), oreilles de crisse (deep fried pork skin and fat), bannock (fried bread), bouilli (ham and vegetable pot roast), poutine (fries and cheese curds), pierogis (pastry dish), pemmican (ground dried meat, berries, fat), oka cheese (monk cheese), rappie pie (grated potato and meat pie). <br />
  3. 3. Art<br />Indigenous people have been creating art in Canada for thousands of years. One common type of art seen all around Canada is totem poles.<br />From 1655-1759, early explorers made sketches of North American territory as they explored the land.<br />From 1759-1867, many British soldiers sketched or painted scenery and people in what is now Canada. These pictures were often sold in European markets.<br />Kathleen Munn and Bertram Brooker experimented with the concept of abstract art.<br />These artists influenced the next generation of abstract artists following World War II.<br />Some of the most famous contemporary artists in Canada today are:<br />Michael Snow , Vito Acconci, Sol LeWitt, Erich Fischl, Lawrence Weiner, Joseph Beuys, and ClaesOldenburn.<br />At the world renound Venice Biennale art exhibition, Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller represented Canada in 2001.<br />
  4. 4. Architecture<br />Canada’s architecture in the mid-19th century was dominated by Victorian styles up to the First World War.<br />The earliest Canadian architects traveled and studied other areas, bringing new styles of architecture to Canada that were readily adopted.<br />Gothic Revival style was one of the first new styles. An infamous example in this style is the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.<br />Romanesque Revival buildings emerged including: Langevin Block, Old Toronto City Hall, British Columbia Legislature.<br />Second Empire Style buildings were erected: Montreal City Hall, Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, and National Assembly of Quebec.<br />Other styles emerged: Queen Anne Style became the most prominent style for upper and middle class houses across Canada.<br />Tudor Style, Neoclassicism, Beaux-Arts Architecture, and others became popular as well.<br />Today, skyscrapers have been erected such as the CN Tower in Toronto. <br />CN Tower<br />
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