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Get to know about our team @ 84ideas.

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84ideas We the People

  1. 1. Kalyan SagarWHO:Diplomat normally, opinionated inebriated,Everyones daddy, Has the potential to besaccharine, super helpful to anyone.WHAT:Founder and the face of 84ideas to the outsideworld. The 84 in 84ideas...he only talks infigures. Can sell a refrigerator to an eskimo. Hemay be strategizing his dates too.TICKS:Loves alcohol and the fine-life. Greatconversationalist. Secretly harbors desires to bea driver. Loves annoying Vemana with his lovefor Apple (the brand).IRKS:Pretends to have none. Absolutely HATES beingidle. Requires the worlds burden on his head.Follow me:Twitter @ calyanLinkedin @ kalyan.sagar
  2. 2. Karthikeyan KrishnanWHO:Entrepreneur, Motivator, the aesthetics guy,Salsa addict, "aggressive" preacher. Comparesall southpaws to Bachchan. Sr. Wannabe gadgetfreak.WHAT:The "ideas" in 84ideas. Talks-breathes-livesProcess, Founder and Web strategy consultantat 84ideas.TICKS:Movies, Salsa, Music, Digs on paruppu-saadamaka dal-chaawalFollow me:Twitter @ anicodeLinkedin @ anicode
  3. 3. Sarat KumarWHO:Super adamant. Artist. Designer. Smoker.Philosopher. Contrary to popular belief, can talkendlessly (especially to women). PredominantlyASOCIAL. Never to be poked around whenfrustrated.WHAT:The Designer. Lovingly called Baba Sarat.TICKS:Cutting chai and cigarette, Linkin ParkIRKS:Meetings, Conference, anything remotelyprocess-driven.
  4. 4. Kalyankumar bethiWHO:Highly motivated, super helpful, ....talks straightto the point and no nonsense guy.WHAT:Gadget Freak with vast experience in designingand always inquisitive to learn something new. Isknown as Graphic designer.TICKS:Cars, Rahulʼs Jokes, Interesting ideas.IRKS:Careless attitude, Cows and buffaloes (Dairyproducts)
  5. 5. Parveen KirmaniWHO:Petite, simple, silent and always smiling. 2D, 3D,Photoshop are few software which run her life andshe is passionately in love with Graphics. Loveswatching Kung Fu panda again and again.WHAT:Gadget Freak with vast experience in designingand always inquisitive to learn something new. Isknown as Graphic designer.TICKS:Chinese food apart from designs and colors.IRKS:Mess and something for which Hyderabad isworld famous "Traffic Jams".
  6. 6. Pruthvi VallabhaWHO:Complicated personality, Elemental beastunleashed for consuming knowledge. Movie andConsole Gaming critic, Adventure loving Athlete,Gadget empathizer and Party animal.WHAT:Comes in formals and is Project manager at84ideas.TICKS:Everything.IRKS:Depends.
  7. 7. Rahul KorrapatiWHO:Extremely entertaining, ridiculously innovativeand controversial specimen copy.Wire jammed in brain, emitting abnormal signalsround the clock.QC Test - Failed, Sanity Test - Failed.WHAT:Presenting you 100% 84ideas guaranteed &trusted HYPER HUMAN also know as SocialMedia guy!TICKS:Ideas and FOOD!IRKS:Hates when gals keep saying" Awwww" "Ewww""whatever" and other words which sound strangeand mean nothing!.
  8. 8. Bente HemmesWHO:Passion for communication and zeal to explorenew media are few things that she loves to talkabout. Quite experimenting when it comes tofood. Loves to cook.Likes it most when the tableis full.WHAT:Face of 84ideas in Netherlands.Called asCommunications manager.TICKS:Believes in sorority meaning loves spending timewith her sisters  and girl friends. Drinks , tennisand shopping comes in the package of ticks.IRKS:Most unexpected “Rain” 
  9. 9. Aruna ReddyWHO:Aquarian who is Eclectic, Intelligent,Independent, Frank and Imaginative. "Lovely andLively Personality with Chill Pill Mentality".Believes in Live and Let Live policy, may it behuman, animals or plants.WHAT:She is peoples person and hence managespeople. Is called as Human Resource Manager.Now we know whom to complain about lack ofpens, pencils and people!TICKS:Goes bonkers over pets and is an addict towardsplants, music and natural landscapes.Enjoys the combination of watching Fictions withMunches and Fantasies with pastries and IceCreams.IRKS:PJs, body odour, life without challenging twistsand turns and bitter gourd!
  10. 10. Reach uswww.84ideas.comwww.facebook.com/84ideaswww.twitter.com/84ideas