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Karen scheihing visual cv resume

  1. 1. View My VisualCV Online: Karen Scheihing LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT CHILE HUB LEAD Hub Lead Hatch Ingenieros y Consultores Ltda. El Bosque Norte 500, Piso 12 w: 56-2-430-2608 Las Condes h: 56-2-334-2735 Santiago m: 56-6-846-2349 Chile kscheihing@gmail.comSummaryKaren is currently working for the Canadian company Hatch Ingenieros in Santiago, Chile. As aLearning & Development Hub Lead for the Hatch Corporate Learning Centre, programming trainingactivities within the different competency areas. Organizing internal and external courses, workshopsand seminars, considering employee’s Career Development process. Using e-learning capabilities,assessments, reporting to Canada with the learning interventions in training hours, and coursesperformed, number of attendees and location. Languages, team building, career development,communications, Induction course design. Internal and external providers sourcing. Working for theCorporate Learning Centre and the Information Research Centre. Participated in ASTD (AmericanSociety for Training and Development) in June 2005. Developing HCLC Communicational Strategy andthe Strategy Based in the Learning Development Process principles, as a model to guide us internallytogether with a model to be sold externally as a Consulting group guided by HCLC. Karen is a certifiedFacilitator and has training in Coaching Skills. Her latest project is called "Multitask DevelopmentSkills" for Designers in engineering. The project consists in promoting new skills and developmentlearning in designers to improve, enhance and assure better employment, stability and retention withinthe organization.Work HistoryHatch Ingenieros y Consultores Ltda. Santiago, Chile Aug 2003 - Present Chile Hub Lead - Learning & DevelopmentBechtel Chile Santiago, Chile 1988 - 2000 Human Resources Specialist Karen worked with the HRIS (Human Resources International System) feeding Local, Global and Regional Level). Processing information data such as Global Bechtel Opportunities Administration System–Intranet software that administrates candidates. Global Bechtel Curricula Administration, looking for up-dated data within the identification of those employees with key company technical abilities and experience to fill the specific positions requested. Also had participation in the Personnel Hiring Process: Managing Requisitions Review and Personnel Actions Notifications elaboration pertaining to the submittal of a Work Contract. Employment conditions Review by project, both national and South Latin America Region. Worked with Personnel Statistical Report preparation, including Salary Averages, Project Review and Work Force updates. Graphs, Chronograms and Gantt Charts showing Work Force by Project. Roster elaboration with destaffing forecasts. Training Activities Preparation and Governmental benefit Administration (SENCE). Personnel Performance Evaluation Administration. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. View My VisualCV Online: de Viña del Mar Santiago, Chile May 2004 - Apr 2005 Bachelor of Arts, Communications Santiago branch, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication. Thesis in Corporate Social Responsibility.Universidad de Chile Santiago, Chile Human Resources Management Diploma, Human Resources - Management One year Human Resources Management Diploma, Covering: Organizational Analysis, Human Resources Management Issues in Contemporary Organizations, Human Resources Obtainment and Development, Collective Work Relations , Management, Evaluation and Compensation of Work Performance, Human Resources Strategic Management.SkillsEnglish (Advanced)10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)Karen has an advanced proficiency of the English language. She lived in the United States for twoyears in Bethesda, Maryland. Went to College in the U.S. and fully enjoyed her stay in the U.S. Shehad visited over the years different cities: such as Miami, Orlando, San Francisco and New York, andof course the Washington D.C. area.Coaching (Advanced)10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)Coaching has been a natural activity for her over the past 10 years, she has recently had a formalcourse Diploma with Target DDI in Santiago, finishing very succesfully with the opportunity to workwith selected HR Managers and Recruiting personnel from Banco de Chile. A course with a total of 8individuals enriched the delivery with their own expertise and perspectives to the portfolio. The trainingtook place under excellent role playing conditions and had Alvaro Godoy as mentor and lead instructor.InterestsTravelling, music, literature, reading, dancing, are her favorite hobbies. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. View My VisualCV Online: Intuition is Sinchronicity Communication there for you within yourselfVisualize your ideal Sinchronicity are those Communication requiresfuture, magnetizing the events in life that are not effective listening, givingstart of a new tomorrow, linked in purpose, but context to have theof a new self being they work together for accurate interpretation,person, free, put a name you and your objectives. checking understanding,to what you want to It is so powerful that can and obvious framework,achieve, what interests drive you to a new set of its simple, but stillyou and makes you ideas or creation. requires a lot of patiencehappy. It is your creation, Opportunities in life in a and skills, a lot of workyou are free to chain of events and practice, but theexperience it and to live apparently disconnected. reward is hughe andit. Perceiving colors, The only thing you have fulfilling.nature and light to do is connect the dots, Being able to determinesurrounding you. There see the opportunities in how you can get moreis no fear and the world front of you and manage effective, obtain betteris beautifully working for change in your life. results and influenceyour intention, finding people. You can putyour opportunities to those principles to worksucceed. for you.Donald Kirkpatrick Jack Phillips Karen ScheihingWith Donald Kirkpatrick, With Jack Phillips, in Through the years,in ASTD 2005: pionieer ASTD 2005, from the images and sounds arein measuring learning ROI Institute. part of our existance.levels. Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. View My VisualCV Online: (Target DDI Chile) Nov 2009 - DecThe Facilitator Certification took place in Santiago and gave Karen the opportunity to learn how to bepart of an activity using the key principles and techniques to perform during a session. A meeting, alearning activity or other gatherings at life. Facilitation is a rewarding experience and a great tool touse. Solange Ramírez, Master Trainer DDI gave the instruction. This next-generation resume was created using VisualCV Page 4 of 4