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Getting started with Google Reader and RSS: An Introduction for Educators.

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  • Good basic how-to for Google reader, will share this with outer teachers who are leaning to use Google tools.
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Google reader

  1. 1. Getting Started with Reader
  2. 2. Google Reader is a great tool for exploring the latest news, opinions, and resources in your field. “We Feel Fine” A Blog Visualization by Jonathan Harris
  3. 3. Get started at
  4. 4. Click to Sign in to your existing account or to register for the first time
  5. 5. Sign in to your Google account Or click here to create a new account
  6. 6. Fill all the fields out to create your Google account
  7. 7. Check your email for an account verification link
  8. 8. Click the link in your email to verify your email address and complete the registration process
  9. 9. Now you’re logged in to your new Google account.
  10. 10. Click on “more”
  11. 11. then on “even more”
  12. 12. Look at all the tools you get access to with your new Google account!
  13. 13. For now, click on “Reader”
  14. 14. This is the Google Reader Homepage
  15. 15. But, it’s empty because we haven’t subscribed to any RSS feeds yet.
  16. 16. If you need some extra explanation, check out the getting started guide
  17. 17. Let’s find a blog to subscribe to
  18. 18. Here’s an Educational Technology blog that I enjoy...2 ¢ Worth, written by David Warlick (
  19. 19. To subscribe, so that all updates will automatically come to my Google Reader page, I need to first find the RSS icon, which is usually orange.
  20. 20. Click on this icon
  21. 21. That takes me here, the RSS Feed page for the blog
  22. 22. This particular blog has a nice feature which is very common... an “Add to Google” button.
  23. 23. Click this button
  24. 24. That takes you here. Now click on “Add to Google Reader”
  25. 25. And now, you are subscribed
  26. 26. But before we go back to our Google Reader page, let’s find a different blog to subscribe to.
  27. 27. Here’s another Educational Technology blog that I like...Teach42, written by Steve Dembo (
  28. 28. Again, let’s look for the orange icon to subscribe
  29. 29. Here it is
  30. 30. Clicking on that icon takes you here. But, this RSS feed page looks a bit different from the last one, there is no “Add to Google” button.
  31. 31. Not to worry, we can still easily subscribe. Start by copying the feed url in the address bar
  32. 32. Now go back to your Google Reader homepage
  33. 33. Click on the gear icon found over here
  34. 34. This menu pops up. Click on “Add a subscription”
  35. 35. Paste the feed url that we copied a minute ago into this box
  36. 36. Click “Add”
  37. 37. Voila! We are now subscribed to these two blogs.
  38. 38. You can see all your subscriptions here
  39. 39. All new blog entries will appear here
  40. 40. No need to continuously check for they come to you.
  41. 41. Now that you’ve got the basics, you can play with the settings a bit by clicking here
  42. 42. Here you can do all sorts of things...make folders, share subscriptions, add tags and categories, etc.
  43. 43. Now that you’ve got your reader set up, you just have to find feeds to subscribe to.
  44. 44. The Google Blog Search is a great place to start.
  45. 45. Learn more about RSS for Educator’s at