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Task Force Talon's Jan. newsletter!

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The Claw Jan issue

  1. 1. The Claw Newsletter Serving the Soldiers and Families of Task Force Talon
  2. 2. V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 The Claw 25 J ANU AR Y 2012 A Few Words from Talon 6To all family members and friends ofTask Force Talon, I pray that you all en-joyed a safe and joyous holiday sea-son. As the Task Force Talon Troopersreflect on 2011 and embrace the NewYear, two things are crystal clear…weare blessed to have such a talentedfamily of Troopers within our ranks andto have overwhelming support from ourloved ones back home. Your Troopershave continued to provide our brothersand sisters within Regional CommandEast with record-setting aviation sup-port. On behalf of all the TF TalonTroopers, I thank you for your contin-ued love and support. We are all con-tinuing to work hard to make a differ-ence here and look forward to our re-turn to you all. Until next time… “TALON FOR A DAY, TALON FOR LIFE!”Sincerely,LTC LANDY D. DUNHAMTALON 6
  3. 3. T HE C LAW P AGE 3 Things We Miss About January Home Task Force Talons list of the things they miss most about home 1 Not having to carry a weapon around 24/7 5 The speed of 10 Not having to get woken up each XBOX live night from jets Spending taking off time with my 6 Having breakfast - kids and see 11 at IHOP Being able to go to the bathroom with- ing them out having to put grow up on a uniform SFC Seth Necessary 12 WARM TOILETS!2 Driving my own car “45 min and listening to my ute 7 Drinking! shower favorite music s drinkin ’ my coffee!3 Freedom to leave ” work and do what 8 Having weekends MAJ Br ad you please Bertino t (yes, he drinks c Waking up to my 9 Fast Food… Fresh out in the s offee4 family in the of the fryer French hower) Fries morning
  4. 4. T HE C LAW P AGE 4 surrounding travelers their Rest andHomeward Recognizance is began. We hope every Talon has a spectacu- lar R&R and spoils their spouses! ;) Bound The path our fellow Talons take to get back to their loved ones for two weeks out of the deployment for Rest and Recognizance. he countless hours flown through the foreign countries of the Middle-East over the Atlantic Ocean to one of the two busiest International Airports in the United States is considered priceless time to Talon Soldiers. Regardless if he or she is on a 12 hour non-stop flight crammed next to a stinky 400 lbs. man who hasn’t show- ered in 15 days, nothing could dampen their spirits. Every month our Talons leave out of Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan to begin yet another adventurous ride to visit a loved one or family. Their 14 days of well deserved relaxa- tion is started by a 6 hour flight to Ku- wait. Followed by a 24-48 hour stay in Kuwait. Then a long flight to either Dal- las or Atlanta with the usual stop in Germany to refuel. From there, they food variety of have a short brief concluded by a con- host to a ldiers find necting flight to their final destination. Kuwait is h R&R So in whic Greeted by warm hugs of their loved chooses, l. delightfu ones and occasional clapping of especially
  5. 5. P AGE 5 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 Chaplains Corner Sometimes I hear Soldiers speak of leaving the Army to do a similar job in the civilian market. There are many considerations for making this kind of lifestyle change. Two of the most common considerationsare the amount of time spent away from family in the Army and oppor- tunities for a higher income as a civilian. One thing that is not often considered is the pride we have as Soldiers. This kind of pride is notan unreasonable sense of self-superiority but rather a special satisfac- tion in who we are and what we do. Although Soldiers endure difficult circumstances at times we are rewarded with a unique sense of pride for what we do as individuals and as an army. After serving five years on active duty when I was younger I made a decision to leave. While I have no regrets for leaving, one thing Ilearned was that the sense of pride I had as a Soldier could not be du- plicated in any civilian job I knew. There was simply nothing which could replace what it felt like to be part of the Nation’s defense in an organization which had long preserved our great freedoms. The sense of pride makes a difference not only in our considerations of continued military service but also in the way we experience lifewhile here. We may not have much here and may be missing much at home, but we can be proud. Pride is a reward for doing difficult things for the benefit of others. Pride is a reminder that everything we do matters, whether flying missions, processing awards, fixing machinesor manning gates. This sense of pride also extends to our Families not only because of what we do as Soldiers but because of what they do to support us and share in the sacrifice. In the midst of great struggleand sacrifice for us and our Families, we are proud of what we are ac-complishing. We are proud to be Soldiers. Our Families are proud too. CH (CPT) Marlon W. Brown
  6. 6. T HE C LAW P AGE 6 GLADIATORSSpirits and morale are high as the Gladiators step into the New Year. We would like tothank all of the Family members and FRGs that supported us throughout the holidayseason. Your packages and letters uplifted your Troopers during this pivotal time of theyear. The first snow fall of the year has reignited everyone’s inner child as snowballfights and snowmen litter the Task Force Talon ramp. Although the snow has groundmany Task Force operations to a halt, the Gladiators have continued to press on. Theopening of the Task Force mailroom has lifted the spirits of many Troopers, guarantee-ing the timely receipt and delivery of precious letters and packages. Gladiators have alsosought to develop professionally by participating in the Task Force promotion board andSoldier of the Month board. Gladiators will continue to strive for excellence in all we do inorder to ensure Task Force Talon remains the greatest Task Force in the 82 nd CombatAviation Brigade. Talon for a day….Talon for Life! SGT George, S4 NCO, posing for the camera. SFC Osborne, HHC S3 NCOIC, standing in front of her “Wall of Soldiers”. SGT Lemons and SPC Munoz (aka BIG TIME), our S6 personal, pose hard!
  7. 7. P AGE 7 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 ANIMALSHello, 2012 . . .The holiday season has passed and a new year is upon us, which means the Animals arein the “Middle 90 Days,” possibly the most dangerous time of any deployment. We arecomfortable with the mission, proficient in our duties and responsibilities, and complacencyis a very real risk.Now more than ever it’s important to strive for personal excellence, a trait indicative of high-caliber aviators and crew chiefs. Personal excellence was a concept taught by CW5 LynnHiggins, a former member of A CO 2-211th, whose career spanned 40 years from Vietnamto Iraq.Personal excellence entails doing your absolute best regardless of the situation, because inthe end only you know what you are capable of.In the words of 1SG Randall: “No one remembers how you start a deployment, it’s all inhow you finish it.” Keep up the great work and check your attitude.January has also brought some familiar sights to the Animals: craggy peaks covered in achilly blanket of white; striking sunsets casting orange, red, and purple rays across the sky;and black helicopters lurking under a coat of fresh snow. It can be reminiscent of the wintrymonths in Utah surrounded by Lone Peak, the Oquirrh Mountains, and a frozen Salt Lake.Though Afghanistan doesn’t offer the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” it does often remind us ofthe skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling waiting for us next year in Utah.
  8. 8. T HE C LAW P AGE 8 REGRETThe second quarter of this deployment is off to a slow start for Regret—providing a well de-served break to all our crewmembers. We enjoyed the holidays and spread Christmascheer in the office with care packages from friends and family back home. Everyone inTalon enjoyed using one of our Christmas trees as the back drop to their pictures and vid-eos to send home. While we missed spending the holidays with our loved ones, at leastwe were in good company with our Regret and Talon family. With the New Year came some new weather. Those white caps on the mountainssurrounding Bagram slowly crept down towards us until we were engulfed in snow. We fi-nally experienced some true weather days and were able to snap a company photo. Ourcompany is thoroughly enjoying the snow and the occasional snowball fights are breakingout. It’s almost as if we were kids again—smiles are breaking out left and right. All thesnow has provided some down time for us to reflect on all the successful missions we haveflown thus far. Spirits are much higher with this little bit of a rest period. All of our friends and family back home should check out our new Facebook pagefor pictures and updates on what Regret is up to. Search for “A Co 3-82 CAB”…you won’tregret it. Hope to hear from you soon! CPT Teresa Haltom Regret 26
  9. 9. P AGE 9 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 FLIPPERSFlipper Family and Friends,Happy New Years to everyone. Thank you for your encouraging letters and emails,your heartfelt packages and your never-ending support while we serve away fromhome. It is never easy to be away from the ones we love especially during the holi-days, but knowing that you are always there for us makes it all worthwhile.We just recently completed a move from Sharana to Shank to increase the lift capacityfor Task Force Corsair. So far everyone is enjoying the new location because the foodis SLIGHTLY better and there are no more steep trenches to cross back and forth towork.Remember to be safe, look out for each other, enjoy your time with family and friendsand prepare for a great 2012. We love and miss you all.All the Way,Flipper 6
  10. 10. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 0 SPARTANSMost units deploying to operations in the Middle East or Southwest Asia do so as a cohesive operational unitwhen they arrive in theatre. There are exceptions, some of those exceptions are Bravo and Delta Company of the7/ 158th Aviation Regiment. Both Bravo and Delta Company, the Aviation Maintenance Support, are U.S. ArmyReserve Units home based in Olathe, Kansas.The units function is to support the Army’s heavy lift mission, utilizing the mighty Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicop-ter. This particular aircraft has been in the U.S. Army inventory since 1964, starting with the early variant “A” mod-els thru to the present modern CH-47F model that has been fielded to some of the Active Army CH-47 Units.Presently most Reserve component and National Guard Units are using the CH-47D models while some units aredestined to make the transitional upgrade to the “F” model in the near future.Bravo and Delta Companies last deployment to Afghanistan was in 2005-2006 while based in Kandahar. For thepresent deployment the unit was activated on March 17, 2011. The aircraft and crews along with all the supportpersonnel were flown from Olathe, Kansas to Fort Hood, Texas for mobilization, then over to Operation EnduringFreedom XI, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. Once again, as in the previous 2005 deployment, the decision wasmade that both units were going to be divided up into three separate locations while deployed in RC East, BagramAir Base, Forward Operating Base Shank and Forward Operating Base Salerno. Each unit at the three separatelocations are set up as individual functional sections with its own Company Commander and First Sergeant. Eachsection situated and treated as an individual company within their corresponding Battalion Task Force under theBrigade Task Force Poseiden.As with Task Force Corsair and Wolfpack, here at Task Force Talon, under the Command of LTC Landy Dunham,additional personnel resources came from various Army Reserve, National Guard and Active Army Units to fill theneeded positions. Army Reservist and Army National Guardsmen from Joint Base Fort Lewis / Mchord, Washing-ton, Fort Eustis, Maryland, Fort Hood, Texas, New York. Also volunteer active duty soldiers from Korea and Hon-duras answered the call to fill needed positions within Bravo Company.CPT Jonathan Lackamp, 30, was the Commander for Delta Company and now Commander, Bravo Company,Bagram Air Base, said, “Bravo Company being able to perform its mission with such a diverse group is amazingand speaks highly of the Army Standardization Program”. “At the staff level there is a valuable experience to begained with all the different ways of doing things for the different components, i.e. NCOer’ s etc”, states First Ser-geant Carter, 38 with twenty years of service in both Bravo and Delta Companies.Talking with many of the aircrews from pilots, flight engineers and door gunners, the love of flying the mission iswhat carries most of them through the tough times that are endured while on deployment. Army Reservist, SpcDevon Boxa, 26, is one of the few female CH-47D Flight Engineers in the Army Reserve. She arrived into BravoCompany after a reclassification into aviation from Construction Equipment Repairer. Spc Boxa observed, “Itsbeen a challenge in the beginning of the deployment with lots of different techniques from all the different person-nel to accomplish the standard task and to achieve the mission goals”. Six year active duty soldier, Spc. JohnTurner, 24, of Shoreline, Washington and assigned to B Company 3rd Bn 2 Bde 2nd ID in Korea, made the de-ployment, arriving in Afghanistan on 27 June. Spc Turner also reclassed into Aviation as a 15U from the Chemi-cal, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear MOS. While on deployment, many of the maintenance crews weretrained up to fill aircrew positions as Door Gunners or Crew Chiefs. Since attached with Bravo 7-158th Avn, hehas accumulated over 400 hours of day mission flying as a door gunner. Chief Warrant Officer Two Steven Stone,29, also arrived with the Korea contingent, has flown more deliberate night missions than most of the other pilots.When aircrews that have been put together from all the different units, who have not had a lot of time to do anypre-deployment training created a real challenge that was overcome. “I have learned more on this deploymentthan my previous two deployments to Iraq”, says CW2 Stone. Aircrews experiencing combat together unlike mostOccupational Specialties, form lifelong relationships beyond their Military Careers.As mentioned above with all the various units helping to make up the company, ten in all, in the deployment, “TheDirty Dime” was officially given as the alternate B Company name.
  11. 11. P AGE 1 1 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 DUSTOFFThis month in Charlie Company 3-82 we wanted to highlight one of our MEDEVAC satellite sites at FOB Shank.The operational tempo has significantly slowed down in our Area of Operations and specifically at Shank andGhanzi, which allowed the mission to be expanded and focused more on administrative and training opportuni-ties. For example we have awarded several of our Flight Medics the Basic Aviation Badge; they have all workedhard and really earned the right to wear their Wings. We also re-enlisted SFC Bethke…indefinitely. On NewYear’s Day Mr. Dave Schmiechen (3rd Platoon MTP) was promoted to CW3. He is our hard working Mainte-nance Test Pilot and we couldn’t be happier for him! As stated above the focus has really shifted to training. Oneof the most exciting training events was with “PUPPIES” (not really) but we did have a military working dog comeby the Shank AO. Our medics learned valuable information about treating a dog. Dogs do fall under our respon-sibility for evacuation, so this is very important knowledge. Not to mention, who doesn’t like a dog around.We are also working on depleting the hot chocolate supply in Afghanistan; we go through a 50 pack box everyfew days. We have not been above freezing for several days now. Needless to say, we are using every piece ofissued cold weather gear. But fear not, our spirits are still high, due mostly to the hot chocolate supply. We hadsix inches of snow on January 11th, which gave us an opportunity to practice de-snowing the entire aircraft. Thisgave us a good reason to stay inside. Thanks to CW2 Jesse Russell’s guidance, we fought the urge to havesnowball fights. Unfortunately after it all melted the mess just created muddle trails for the next few days. Comeon back snow!We’ve also been utilizing the slower operational tempo in our missions to expand our off duty activities. Shankhas moved on from Spades and Xbox and we are currently tackling the rare art form of Phase 10, which getspretty cut throat. SGT Glorfield really holds a grudge, but the game takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to play, soit really helps pass the time. SPC Winn who is “visiting” from BAF for progression had some beginners luck (orprevious experience) and really dominated his first game, and has since been banned from playing.A real highlight came on January 19th when 6 of our crewmembers: CW2 Puza, CW2 Burley, SSG Melocik, SGTCermak, SGT Butts, and SPC Jensen were awarded The Medal of the Polish Army (Bronze) by Polish LTG Ed-ward Gruszka, in recognition of the hard work and contributions our MEDEVAC has done supporting the Polishin the Ghanzi area. These Soldier’s professionalism and commitment to the MEDEVAC mission greatly reflectson the dedication it takes to be DUSTOFF!! All the way!!
  12. 12. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 2 DARKHORSEGreetings Darkhorse Family and Friends! This month brought D Company the new year accompanied by thefirst snow! The snow was a welcomed guest as it gave the Darkhorses a chance to get ahead on a continu-ally busy and never ending maintenance schedule. Not only did it give the company a boost for maintenance,but it also allowed a little playtime. Snowmen started popping up all around the airfield as well as the occa-sional snowball fight.To welcome in the New Year, the Darkhorses celebrated on New Year’s Eve with a company barbeque. SFCDickerson and SSG Owens worked hard cooking up some hotdogs and hamburgers on the grills for the Dark-horse Troopers. Other Darkhorses spent their time enjoying a cigar or a nice bottle of nearbeer.In addition to celebrating the New Year, LTC Dunham took this time to acknowledge the achievement andcontributions of SFC Derk, SGT Bond, SPC Makela, PFC Greene and PFC Grim for their work on the DART(Downed Aircraft RecoveryTeam) for the OH-58D last November. Each was awarded an Army AchievementMedal. To top off the celebrations for the evening, SPC McGraw was welcomed into the NCO Corps with hispromotions to SGT. Congratulations SGT McGraw!This month’s Shop of the Month is the CH-47 Maintenance Shop. This shop consists of 35 15Us, three ofwhich help run the tool room. The main-tainers in the 47 Shop work tirelessly with maybe a day betweenphases. They are currently working on their seventh phase aircraft, in addition to all the non-scheduled main-tenance. A phase can take any-where between 9-15 days to complete based on what type of phase it is andhow many problems are uncovered as they break the aircraft down and build it back up. SPC Njogu says thatone of the things he’s learned in this shop is “an understanding of what soldiers can really do,” as he’s seenhis team-mates work long and hard to exceed expectations and accomplish so much. Thanks to the CH-47Shop for all your hard work!D Company said good-bye to two Darkhorses this month. CPT Krueger is off to Battal-ion Headquarters towork in the S3 shop as Battle Captain where she will continue to do great things for America. Thanks for allyour work you did as a Darkhorse. SPC Harrison from the Airframe shop headed home this month as he pre-pares to ETS. You will be missed from the Darkhorse Family as well as the Army. Best of luck to you as youhead out from the Army. RIDE OR DIE!!!
  13. 13. P AGE 1 3 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 WAR DAWGSThis month Echo Company kicked back with a festive holiday party over Christmas. A special thanksgoes out to SFC Ramos and the Wardawg Troopers who organized and set up the party’s events thatwent above and beyond expectations during a deployment. There was vocal entertainment providedby Bagram based Soldiers and Airmen, in which they sung all the favorite holiday songs. We also en-dured a rowdy rendition of Jingle Bells sung by the Wardawg NCOs, LTC Dunham, and CSM Evans.Dinner was supplied by the DFAC that included the best buffalo wings in theater and another fabuloushand decorated cake done by SGT Nash. AAFES provided an additional jolt to the party with a verynice selection of gifts that were raffled throughout the evening. We also thank SGT Wagner for theamazing display of break dancing that got the crowd fired up, capping off an awesome party. HQ Platoon also found time in their busy schedule to “gather” some food for a New Year’s BBQ gettogether that included hamburgers and hot dogs. SGT Tutt and SGT Buskirk demonstrated their cook-ing skills on the grill again for the troops.The outlaying FARPs have been busy with continuing improvements of their footprints. The DistroPlatoon has been working long hours in order to provide a more effective and efficient fueling andarming process for our aircraft. CPT Wrinkle and 1SG Hatcher found the time during a recent visit toenjoy a skewered summer sausage over an open fire pit out at FOB Morales-Frazier . SGT Rosadohas perfected the craft of “meat on a stick” dinner as pictured.Kudos to the motor pool who have been hard at work manning the gate to the airfield, driving the bus,issuing the weapons from the arms room, guarding the OCP compound, and even finding time to con-duct some maintenance with limited personnel. All is done with motivation and a positive altitude asthe mission continues.We are happy to announce and congratulate SGT Speight on his promotion from Specialist thismonth. Congratulations also go out to SPC Mack and PFC Gallion who were recently recognized andcoined by the Brigade Commander, COL Jamison for exceptional performance of duties. Our featuredupcoming Trooper of the month will be PFC Bradshaw, Cody. He lived up to all the Seven Army Val-ues (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage) while beingsolicited to take a bribe from an Afghanistan National. He stepped up and did the right thing in the ab-sence of others and reported the incident. This speaks volume for his character, more so on his Honorand Integrity that he possessed that day.
  14. 14. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 4 BLACKHORSE Happy New Year! We hope you all enjoyed the Holidays!We had a fabulous Christmas! The Troop conducted a Secret Santa. The most popular itemswere a couple knives that were given. They both were stolen a couple times during the exchange.Santa delivered the Troop an Easy Bake Oven. CW2 Panza has been placed in charge of theEasy Bake oven and thus far he has made one pizza, which was about the size of a silver dollar.New Years was a good time, some of the Apache pilots rang in the New Year by bringing tidings ofpeace to some of the terrorists. We have been operating all across the battle space. We havebeen able to capture some bad dudes and find weapons. We’ve also been able to protect soldierson missions and we’ve protected the Koreans allowing them to sleep more peacefully, knowingtheir base is secure. We’ve been very busy.A few days ago we had our first snow days. The Troop had a lot of fun playing in the snow the firstday. We even had some international bonding as the Korean aviators joined us in the snow. Afterthe snow fall, we returned to work and dug our aircraft out.Recently we welcomed 2 pilots into the Troop, WO1 Ibrahim and CW4 Wolgamott. They are bothanxious to join us in the fight and are great additions to our Troop! CPT Scottie Pace & 1SG Donald Adkins BlackHorse 6 BlackHorse 7
  15. 15. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 5 TALONS OF THE MONTH SPC Munoz, Alexander Company/MOS: HHC/ 25U Siganl Support System Specialist Hometown: Puerto Rico Baby! Growing up I was small (5’6”) until high school I grew to (6’3”) Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Play Skyrim on XBOX Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Make cutoff and become and NCO Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Obtain Network + and Cisco certificates Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My wife and dog Q: Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or in outer space? A: Outer Space so I could be the next Darth Vader. SPC Mckean, Nicholas Company/MOS: A 2-211/ 15T UH-60 Crew Chief Hometown: Layton, Utah I like long walks on the beach. Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Reading the dictionary Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Become Promotable Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Just be the best man! Q: What do you miss most about home? A: The cold weather and mountains!
  16. 16. P AGE 1 6 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 SPC Penecost, Rodney Company/MOS: A 3-82 / 15T Blackhawk Crew Chief Hometown: Greens Folk, Indiana I played piano for 8 years Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Go to the gym and study Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: I want to become promotable Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Finish Associates (only two classes left) Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My 6 month old baby boy and my wife Q: Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or in outer space? A: Underwater so I can swim with the sharks SPC Randal Roberge Company/MOS: B 3-82/ 15U CH-47 Crew Chief Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Going to the gym and watching movies NO on my laptop PICTUR Q: What do you want to achieve in your E MOS this deployment? AVAILA BLE A: Progressing to Flight Engineer Q: Goals for this deployment? A: To achieve my Sergeant rank Q: What do you miss most about home? A: The freedom to go to the beach/mountains and just the feeling of being able to just get up and go if I wanted to.
  17. 17. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 7 SPC Friend, Christopher Company/MOS: B 7-158/ 15U CH-47 Crew Chief Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina I am the oldest of six Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Video games! Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: I am content where I am. Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Start college courses and become promo- table Q: What do you miss most about home? A: Being able to cook for myself Q: Would you rather be able to breathe under- water or in outer space? A: Underwater because it seems more plausi- ble.SPC Furr, SimoneCompany/MOS: C 3-82/ 15P Aviation OperationSpecialistHometown: Copperas Cove, TXWhen I was born, my eyes were gray.Q: What do you do on your free time?A: I play computer games, Workout, watch dvds onmy computer.Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS thisdeployment?A: I basically want To know the ins and outs of myjob, so when someone comes to me, They are100% confident I can get what they need for me todo done.Q: Goals for this deployment?A: Get at least 2 classes In college done.Q: What do you miss most about home?A: Ordering from places you cant here (ie. Chinagarden, papa jonhs).
  18. 18. P AGE 1 8 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 3 SPC Njogu, Simon Company/MOS: D 3-82/ 15U CH-47 Mechanic Hometown: Wichita, Kansas Born and raised in Kenya Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Read articles and journals online Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Learn more about the CH-47 airframe Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Stay safe and get the mission done Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My wife! :) Q: Would you rather be able to breathe under- water or in outer space? A: Outer Space because I am afraid of waterPV2 Cody BradshawCompany/MOS: E 3-82/ 92F Petroleum Spe-cialistHometown: Hickory, North CarolinaI enjoy singing in the showerQ: What do you do on your free time?A: Fish and HuntQ: What do you want to achieve in your MOSthis deployment?A: Develop leadership skills and run my ownshiftQ: Goals for this deployment?A: Pass PT test, get back my rank, learn howto better myself and live up to the army val-ues.Q: What do you miss most about home?A: Spending time with the wife.
  19. 19. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 9 SPC Snead,Stephen Company/MOS: F Trp 1/17/ 15S OH-58 Me- chanic Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky I use to stutter when I was a kid. Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Play guitar and go to the gym. Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Get promoted Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Getting promoted is really my only goal Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My little girl, who will be turning 3 Jan 27th. Q: Would you rather be able to breathe under- water or in outer space? A: Underwater because it seems like it would be cooler to explore.
  20. 20. TALON FOR A DAY Our address is still the same: LAST NAME, FIRST TF TALON, C/O BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN APO, AE 09354 Feel free to send me an email if you have any suggestions or questions. Until next time... SPC Porter, Amber TF Talon PAO Families are like fudge—mostly sweet with a few nuts. — Authour Unknown TALON FOR LIFE!