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Task Force Talon March newsletter!

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The Claw

  1. 1. The Claw Newsletter Serving the Soldiers and Families of Task Force Talon
  2. 2. V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 The Claw 21 M ARCH 2 012 A Few Words from Talon 6 To all family members and friends of Task Force Talon, I amproud to report that we have officially reached our “half-way” mark.Your Talon Troopers have continued to provide outstanding avia-tion support to our brothers and sisters throughout Regional Com-mand East. Since our arrival, the Talon Troopers have flown ap-proximately 20,000 combat flight hours, moving over 23,000 peo-ple and 500 tons of equipment. Thanks to our dedicated Aviationmaintenance company, we were able to maintain an operationalreadiness rate of over 88%. Due to the tireless efforts from ourmulti-faceted HHC, TF Talon successfully facilitated a number ofhigh-level key leader engagements resulting in over 900 safe, pro-fessional and timely air movements of senior civilian and militaryleaders; including the presidents of Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia andPortugal. TF Talon also provided exceptional MEDEVAC supportthroughout Regional Command East, transporting over 2600 in-jured Soldiers and civilians. This month, six of your Talon Troop-ers received awards from the French military for valor. TF TalonTroopers flew multiple missions as part of the Bagram Airfield Se-curity Team, deterring protestors, responding to our troops on theground and enabling them to capture enemy insurgents. TFTalon’s forward support company successfully operated two For-ward Arming and Refueling Points (FARPs) within RC-East, issu-ing over 775,000 gallons of fuel and 40,000 rounds of aviation am-munition. The Talon FARPs serviced over 2065 military and 290civilian aircraft. None of these incredible feats could have beenattained without the hard work of every Talon Trooper, and the love “TALON FOR A DAY,and support from YOU…our family members and friends. As al- TALON FOR LIFE!”ways, on behalf of all the TF Talon Troopers, I thank you for yourcontinued love and support. We are all continuing to work hard tomake a difference here and look forward to our return to you all.Until next time… Sincerely, LTC LANDY D. DUNHAM TALON 6
  3. 3. T HE C LAW P AGE 3
  4. 4. We surveyed 50 Talons and this is what they said... Would you rather… Would you rather…live in solitary for 10 years or cutoff your hands? If you were skydiving and had only two places to land; a moun- tain of poisonous snakes or a lake full of angry alligators, where would you land? 38 12 23 s 27 said 10 Ye ar said Cut-o isonou said Ang Both Han ff said Po ry ds Snakes Alligat Solitary ors Would you rather… Would you rather… always lose or never play? sleep with a pack of hungry wolves or take a chance and rob Donald Trumps house? 34 16 said N 7 43 ys ever Alwa gry said Rob said Play said Hun Lose Wolves Donald T ru mp Submit your own Would You ING : WARN Rather to... ocking o ntain shhilarious estions c re … and I will put it in the next edition of These qumeant to inspaiy be nauseat- The Claw! contentn. Questions m isturbing! discussio g, bizarre or d in
  5. 5. P AGE 5 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 Holy talon Easter is coming! The holiday (holy day) is a distinct celebration of the resurrec-tion of Jesus Christ, but due to its date near the beginning of Spring the commemora-tion has stood next to other observances of the season. When you go to Wal-Martnear the holiday you are not likely to find an influx of religious materials like crosses,Scriptures or prayer books. Instead, you will find eggs, bunnies and baskets in pastelcolors of Spring. This is simply a byproduct of commercialism. Chocolate bunnies sell,but the resurrection of Jesus and concepts of Spring renewal and fertility are notequivalent and certainly don’t inspire similar levels of devotion. Even so, they all speakto the principle of people and things being renewed.Renewal is important for all of us be-cause we are not perfect. We makemistakes, take wrong turns, behave in-appropriately, harm ourselves andharm others. We are often wounded bywhat we do to others and what othersdo to us. It is nice to have moments inlife when we feel refreshed, renewed,healed and forgiven. Deployment is noteasy, and the separation from familymembers can cause or exacerbateproblems that make us less than wewant to be. Such problems create aneed for renewal in our hearts, minds,bodies, and relationships.Seek renewal. Make healthy changes to your life. Forgive others and ask for forgive-ness from those you have hurt. Start all over again. Change courses. It may not beeasy, but the decision to work toward renewal will be worth it. When we work to healthe hurt and fix what is broken we, our Families and our futures will be blessed. Easteris coming, and renewal can come. CH (CPT) Marlon W. Brown
  6. 6. T HE C LAW P AGE 6 GLADIATORS Gladiators and friends, This past month we have gained four new Gladiators, three via the Michigan National Guard, B/3-238: SGT Kuzma and SPC Michel in Flight Operations, and SGT Harkins in Personnel. Unlike the previous Chinook unit (the Dirty Dime, so named for being a conglomeration of 10 differentunits), B/3-328 is a singular flight company from Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan. Wel- come to Talon and the Gladiators! In addition to our new NG soldiers, we have 1LT Perez, who isoff of a year-long post as the SSA Platoon Leader, A Company, TF ATLAS, replacing 1LT Chura as our S4. 1LT Chura was traded away to TF ATLAS SPO (Support Operations), where she will be helping out with redeployment planning, sustainment operations, and working hard for the support operations officer, MAJ Perkins. The Gladiators have begun saying goodbye to commissioned officers departing for the Cap- tain’s Career Course, starting with the venerable CPT Travis Turner, who did three tours with TF Talon, starting with Bagram (OEF V-VI), Kandahar (OEF IX-X), and Bagram again (OEF XII). CPT Turner served as a battle captain on both this and the previous deployment. The consummateMEDEVAC pilot, many in TF Talon will remember CPT Turner’s enthusiasm, good attitude, and abil-ity to execute missions with no notice. Also departing soon is CPT Christopher Will, who has servedthrough Kandahar and the current deployment as a Chinook pilot and deliberate operations planner. One just-departed Hooks pilot recounted his favorite CPT Will quote, “Forget the planning, let’s do it live.” Also to depart is CPT Jeffrey Hayes, a newcomer to Talon, but not the Brigade, who originally served with TF Saber as a Scout pilot, and now works as a battle captain and deliberate operations planner. CPT Hayes’ pencil moustache and thick glasses have endeared him to all of his fellow Talon S3 workers. Cheers and good luck to all! Bagram’s weather has been warming up, and everyone is looking forward to watching activ- ity increase with the temperature. Current headlines and events have appeared to paint coalitionforces in a bad light, but this has simply steeled our determination to complete each mission and en- sure every TF Talon Trooper and aircraft makes it safely home. Our rotation is truly starting in ear- nest this month as things begin to warm up for the springtime. The spotlight for this month’s newsletter is on a prospective name change from the Gladia-tors to the Chupacabras. Despite a lack of scientific evidence to recognize the existence of the chu- pacabra, many of HHC’s Troopers recognize the legendary status that it plays as a blood-sucking creature commonly known for attacking livestock. While the world waits for hard proof, some of theTroopers of HHC have rallied behind this vampiric predator as a symbol of strength and deadly strik- ing power that leaves only the blood-drained corpses of its victims behind. Subject to TF Com- mander approval, we will see where the petition for a name change takes us. Until next month, Gladiator 6
  7. 7. P AGE 7 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 ANIMALS This February has been a month full of academics and sporadic flying on the days when theskies miraculously clear. It has been a good time for our younger pilots to stop and analyze whatthey have learned so far and draw upon the senior pilots to further understand the systems andtechniques of flying. The down time has also been beneficial to our dedicated and loyal maintainerswho have been able to work miracles on the diagonal faults and give these worn aircraft the tenderloving care required to keep them in business for the remainder of the deployment. There has alsobeen time for the occasional “motivational” poster keeping us aware of personnel accountability(CW4 Mike “Grumpy” Pluim), the dangers of bulimia (CW3 Rich Johnson), anger management(CW3 Tyler Hobbs) and determination (CW4 Lance Robb). The Animal’s deployment is coming to a close and fighting complacency will be one of ourmain focuses in the upcoming months. We have been in contact with the Idaho guard unit that willbe replacing us and are trying to set them up for success as much as we can. We have had a largeexodus of pilots going on leave/emergency leave and have only been able to keep our heads abovewater due to the help from all our great staff pilots and a few of our Medevac pilots. We will haveone more wave of Soldiers going on leave and then we will be almost at full strength when the sea-son starts to warm up and the operational tempo rises along with it. Our outstanding Soldier of the month is SPC Santiago Guzman. Santiago came straight out of AIT to fill a deployment position vacated by a Soldier leaving the service. He has been a human sponge, soaking up as much information on avionics as he possibly can, working alongside maintenance contrac- tors in Texas and from his fellow Soldiers here in Afghanistan. His skills and attitude have been a great strength to our Sol- diers throughout this deployment. SPC Guzman has also served as a highly motivated gate guard at ECP 3 when the need has required it and seeks out ways to help in the war ef- fort. He is gaining a strong proficiency in his job and will be a great asset to the Utah Army National Guard on return to home station.
  8. 8. T HE C LAW P AGE 8 REGRET "Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush." -- Doug Larson "Spring is a heart full of hope and a shoe full of rain." -- Unknown Spring is on the horizon for the Mustangs! Our winter wonderland is slowly washing away with thewarm welcome of rain showers and rays of sunshine. However, we’re greeted with the slush and mud that isslowly drying away. I dare say, no crew will miss the ice skating rink and balancing act on their way acrossthe flight line to pre-flight their aircraft. It’s always the little things. However, March brings about many “bigthings” to lift our spirits. March marks our 6 month milestone, “the hump!” You can be proud of what yourTroopers have accomplished in these past six months, raising the bar and making the impossible look easy.More importantly, we’re that much closer to returning home safely to all of you. We kicked off this month with the promotion of “SGT” Plummer. In a time of steep competition andthe Army looking hard for its best, it was no surprise to see him make the list. Congratulations SGT Plummerand to your supportive family! The Mustangs also recognized this month’s Soldier and officer of the month.SPC Mohammed was selected for the most improved Crew Chief. His positive attitude and determination arerecognized throughout Task Force Talon. CW2 Kovencz was selected for his outstanding contributions andwork ethic. Beyond his role as an Aviator, he constantly seeks the opportunity to help his brothers and sistersin accomplishing our mission. This month also brings farewell to 2 nd Flight’s Platoon Leader, CPT Haltom.Despite leaving the Company, CPT Haltom remains flying with the Mustangs as a member of the Task ForceTalon’s Air Mission Request cell. This is undoubtedly one of the most challenging of jobs in the Task Force.We wish her well with the road ahead. We also welcome our newest Mustang, 1LT Bogardus. We look for-ward to indoctrinating you to the Mustang family. Now get to work! Just kidding…but seriously-get to work. Over the course of a deployment, Soldiers develop and find a variety of methods to help the timepass. This may fall anywhere from cigars around a fire, skyping with loved ones, and “meetings.” Some (1SGLonnemann-cough cough…) fulfill their OCD through sweeping the Task Force headquarters hallway. Othershave elected to release stress and improve their fitness through a rigorous workout of the day (WOD) in TaskForce Talon’s new CrossFit gym. We were blessed with the support from our Navy brothers who volunteeredto build the gym. A special thanks to the 11th Naval Mobile Construction Battalion. Now, in lieu of a relent-less operational tempo, your loved ones have the opportunity to physically train while on duty and returnhome to you in top condition. It can never be said enough, “Thanks to all the Mustang Family members for your unwavering loveand support.” This will be what fuels our will in the upcoming months and carry us home this fall. All the best, CPT Don Sulpizio Regret 06
  9. 9. P AGE 9 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 FLIPPERSSix months down and your Flippers are doing an outstanding job supporting the ground forces acrossAfghanistan, and I can report to you all that I couldnt be more proud of our Soldiers. February was a snow stricken month for us at the newly dubbed "Talon South" FOB Shank. We passed the timemainly by giving Aviator classes which was followed by several family movie nights. The living condi-tions are on the rise as we have finally moved into our permanent quarters, which has made our time here much bearable. The snow days has allowed everyone the time to add their personally touch to their rooms. As March rolls in so does the warmer weather which is welcomed by all. The warmer weather also means we will see an increase in activity in our District. We had to bid farewell to an outstanding NCO in SGT Nathan Gilbert this month who is currently transitioning out of the Army and into the civilian sector, we wish SGT Gilbert and his family well ontheir new endeavors. We were very fortunate to have such an exceptional NCO as SGT Gilbert in our ranks. He was without question one of the hardest working Soldiers in the Company.As always, we are very grateful for the support you give us. Please keep those care packages com- ing! ALL THE WAY! Flipper 6 CW3 Mayo saving the Crewmembers de- day and ensuring all icing the blades the aircraft are FMC CW2 Drouin giving a class to the pilots
  10. 10. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 0 Motor city muscles Finally B CO 3-238th “Motor City Muscle” has arrived to our final destination. We havehad a great welcome from our new Talon family. All of the flight company is from the Michi-gan Army National Guard, and we have also brought a 42A and two 15P from Ohio. Themaintenance personnel we brought to assist with D CO are comprised of Michigan and OhioNational Guard. In all, we are bringing a great deal of experience with us, and are proud tobe part of the Talon family and contribute to the mission. The RIP/TOA with B CO 7-158th “Spartans” has gone extremely well as they had agreat plan in place before we arrived. The Spartans have set a high standard that we will up-hold while also continuing to seek ways to improve. B 3-238th CDR and 1SG receive their combat patches at the patch ceremony from LTC Dunham and CSM Evans, March 6th 2012.
  11. 11. P AGE 1 1 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 DUSTOFF Good morning, evening, and afternoon friends and family of the All-American DUSTOFF! Atpublication of the newsletter we should have about four months left (depending on who you ask). Now that yourheads are filled with thoughts of our return I will continue the newsletter for the most exciting month our Com-pany has had to date. Much of it, in fact all of it, can be attributed to the weather, and maybe our Commanderbeing on R&R! We are also really excited that this is leap year and February has an extra 24 hours tagged ontoit. Go leap year! During the past month we promoted our 4th platoon medic, SPC King, to E5 and our Bagram OpsNCOIC, SGT McGrath to E6. We were very proud to promote two outstanding Soldiers and wish them the bestof luck with the piles of work they will now receive. 3rd platoon said goodbye to Mike, the Czech 18D (Spec Ops Medic) who flew with us for 4 months whilestationed at FOB Shank. 3rd platoon pilot, CW2 Smith, is no longer a single man. While on R&R he tied the knotto Elian on December 29th at Jefferson Inn located in Southern Pines, NC. Congrats to the both of them andbest of luck. For the month of February, Shank received a total of 42 inches of snow with a low of -6 degreesand high of 34 degrees…that’s in Fahrenheit so there is no crazy conversion to do here. The upside to havingthat type of weather is that the Army job in some cases has come second to being a student. 3 rd FSMT has CW3Bouchard, SGT Cermak, CW2 Melton, SGT Glorfield, SGT Riettie, and CW2 Burley all taking classes. PFCHanaway, SPC Derk and SSG Gibson are not too far behind and are currently enrolling in classes. They are allstudying varying topics from Airport Management to Fish and Wildlife Services. Big up to them and best of luck!The lull in missions has also allowed three members of Lucky Dustoff to study for and earn a first time GO on thepromotion board. SPC Derk, SPC Onubogu, and SGT Riettie are now promotable. We are hoping they makecutoff and pin before redeployment. Despite all the studying going on, Lucky Dustoff has also found the time for sledding and area fortifica-tion. The snow forts and catapults behind our bunkers were all courtesy of SGT Glorfield, SPC Hagens, SPCDirkintis, and SPC Winn. Unfortunately they are going to be removed and disposed of…the catapult never didwork. A few other mentionable events/moments: - 3rd FSMT is excited to be helping with the progression of another crew chief, SPC Winn. - CW2 Forant, CW3 Wallace, and CW2 Sims earned the coveted title of Pilot-in-Command (PC). - CW3 Bouchard and SGT Cermak think they are the BAF Ping Pong Champs! They claimed to havewhooped some butt while passing through on R&R, but 1SG Smith and SGT Munn say otherwise. 2nd Platoon Gypsies welcomed the newest members of the team, SGT Rendon and SGT Steffen toDustoff. They are at JAF to start and complete their progression training, to become air crew members. Bothhave made names for themselves thus far. Steffen, a native or Arkansas (pronounced ARE-kansas), standing ata staggering 4-foot 6 inch, boxer/professional ping pong player frame, can rarely be understood because of herthick accent. She has joined the likes of SGT Otero and SPC Johns when it comes to needing a translator fornormal conversation. Rendon (Sweeney Todd) has a unique ability to gain IV access in patients while letting theblood flow like water, or was that from the saline line he just pulled out? The mystery continues. He is bestknown for his rather intimidating, prison style, spades skills. He constantly comments about various ‘’stabbings’’and ‘’shanking’’ when playing the quiet, peaceful game. They were welcomed by the typical Gypsy kindness:“Go back to BAF, Bafite.” But in all honesty, they say they are glad to have them. CPT Castronovo has started aFriday crossfit workout plan for the group. SGT Allen and Mr. Gardner’s “Team Redneck” took the first placespot on the opening event. I’m sure they made their sponsor’s Ford, Copenhagen, and John Deere proud on thewin. The Gypsies have also chosen one thing each to give up for ‘’lent/40 days of giving up stuff’’. All in all and across the company it seems that everyone continues to hit the gym hard…with beach sea-son among us some have realized the damage caused by the holiday care packages. Big thanks to all… butsome of us got a little fat!
  12. 12. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 2 DARKHORSEGreetings Darkhorse Family and Friends! As the month of March moves in, we can already feelspring coming. The snow is starting to melt away as the days warm up, mud is on our boots, dustis in the air, and the aircraft maintenance issues are never ending. March brings an exciting timefor our brothers and sisters with 7-158 Aviation Regiement, as they pack up and get ready to head home. Thanks for all your hard work and sacri- fice! But as 7-158 leaves us, we are welcoming the guys from the 3-238th Aviation Regiment “Motor City Muscle.” All in all, 26 soldiers are joining us– 1 in Production Control, 2 in Quality Control, 18 in Maintenance, and 5 in Shops. We are glad to have you guys join the Darkhorse family! This month’s Shops of the Month are the Air- frame Shop and the Hydraulics Shop. The Air- frame Shop is a six man team, led by SSG Chui. These guys work hard repairing the aircraft body, blades, doors, and structure. Whetherthey have to glue, rivet, fill, screw or completely remake a part, they get the job done. While under-manned for the workload that falls on them, these guys continue to overcome the challenges thatare presented daily. SSG Chui would like to give a nod to his guys and their outstanding work ethicand skill, without which, he could not keep up.The Hydraulics Shop, until recently also known as theRazo Shop, is two guys: SPCs Razo and Kreiner, anew addition to the shop from 3-238th. These two Sol-diers help repair a lot of components that are hydrauli-cally run, as well as operate some special equipmentfor us. This includes repairing aircraft struts andbrakes, doing hydraulic flushes on systems, and oper-ating the AGPU (Aircraft Ground Power Unit), which isused to provide electrical or hydraulic power to theaircraft when the aircraft is shutdown and having re-pairs done. Glad to have some extra help in the Hy-draulics Shop and lighten the load of 24-hour opera-tions on SPC Razo! RIDE OR DIE!!!
  13. 13. P AGE 1 3 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 WAR DAWGS It seems like yesterday we sat down to write last month’s article. Time is flying by faster andfaster. With the month of March arriving, the reenlistment window opened. The following War Dawgshave renewed their commitment to our country in service by reenlisting this month; SFC Ramos, SGTPino, SPC Fernandes, SPC Wright, and SPC Pressley. Congratulations! The month of March also brings us growth within the unit. The War Dawgs picked up 1LTCameron Taylor and 1LT Andy Gorrospe. 1LT Taylor will serve as our Executive Officer, he comesfrom TF Atlas. 1LT Gorrospe successfully escaped Air Movement Requests section in Talon’s TacticalOperations Center, assuming Distro Platoon Leader duties. Sadly, we must bid farewell to 1LT JasonBogardus, our Distro Platoon Leader. 1LT Bogardus is a fantastic leader who loved working with hisplatoon. Best wishes in your new duties in Regret, you’ll be missed. We are thrilled to announce this month’s promotions. Promoted to Private First Class; PhilipGoins and Christopher Walker. Advanced to Specialist; Joseph Nehring, Lisa Fuschetto and SeanJean. Excelling into the NCO Corps is our newly promoted Sergeants, Tremaine Johnson and Mait-land Fontaine. A well earned congratulation goes to our newest Staff Sergeant, Andre Nash. We areall very proud of our newly promoted Troopers as they accept their expanded duties and responsibili-ties. War Dawgs struck again at the Task Force Talon Trooper and NCO of the Month competition.SPC James Warren took top Trooper honors and SGT Michael Wagner captured the NCO of themonth honor. Both were recognized with an Army Achievement Medal and will represent the WarDawgs at the upcoming Talon Trooper and NCO of the Quarter event. Congratulations on your out-standing efforts. As we all work to accomplish our mission for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM XII, we findourselves growing closer as a family and more efficient as a team. Though we miss our families andloved ones back home, it is the bond of brotherhood that carries the unit and makes the time on thisdeployment fly by.
  14. 14. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 4 BLACKHORSE TF Talon Family,This has been a month of promotions for Fox Troop. We started the month with the promotion of PFCDuncan to Specialist. SPC Snead finally achieved enough points and made the rank of SGT. Hewaited a long time for this promotion and is ecstatic to have finally made the rank of Sergeant.Next we had WO1 Ibrahim promoted to CW2. While he is still the newest pilot in the Troop, he washappy to shed the WO1 rank.SGT James was surprised to learn he had enough points to be promoted and pinned on Staff Ser-geant. We expect him to excel with his new responsibilities as a Staff Sergeant.Finally, we had the big promotion of CW3 Bartlett to CW4. It is a big accomplishment and we’re ex-tremely proud of Mr. Bartlett and know that his promotion is well deserved.The temperatures have started to climb and are hovering above freezing for the majority of the day.We anticipate that we will be busier as the temperatures rise.As always we appreciate all of your support. We are quickly approaching the half way mark of the de-ployment and we hope that the next six months are even faster than the first six! Cheers CPT Scottie Pace & 1SG Donald Adkins BlackHorse 6 BlackHorse 7
  15. 15. P AGE 1 5 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 TALONS OF THE MONTH SPC Angelica Robinson Company/MOS: HHC/ 42A Human Re- source Specialist Hometown: Watertown, New York Q: What do you do on your free time? A: CLEAN – This place is filthy Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Becoming more knowledgeable on everything 42A wise. Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Get out of doing details! Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My one year old son, Christian Joel.SPC Guzman, SantiagoCompany/MOS: A 2-211/ 15N Avi-onic MechanicHometown: Salt Lake City, UtahQ: What do you do on your freetime?A: Learning how to play the ukuleleQ: What do you want to achieve inyour MOS this deployment?A: To be the best I can to help themissionQ: Goals for this deployment?A: Learn my MOS as best I canQ: What do you miss most abouthome?A: My two kids: a 2 and 3 year old
  16. 16. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 6SPC Mohammed, MinhajCompany/MOS: A 3-82 / BlackhawkCrew ChiefHometown: Bridgeport, ConnecticutQ: What do you do on your free time?A: Read books (Fundamentals of En-gineering)Q: What do you want to achieve inyour MOS this deployment?A: Become proficient in my skillsQ: Goals for this deployment?A: Pass my Fundamentals of Engi-neering ExamQ: What do you miss most abouthome?A: My Family SPC Manning, Michael W. Company/MOS: B 3-82/ 15U Chi- nook Mechanic Hometown: Cape Canaveral, Florida Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Go to the gym and watch movies Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Make Flight Engineer Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Excel in every aspect of my job in support of our Country Q: What do you miss most about home? A: The beach
  17. 17. P AGE 1 7 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5SGT Crampton, DanielCompany/MOS: B 3-238/ 15U CH-47Crew ChiefHometown: Macomb, MichiganQ: What do you do on your free time?A: Watch War movies and work outQ: What do you want to achieve inyour MOS this deployment?A: Make Flight EngineerQ: Goals for this deployment?A: Win NCO of the Month Board,Flight Engineer, SURVIVE, and bringmy whole crew back!Q: What do you miss most abouthome?A: My 2 year old dog named Reming-ton SPC Carlton, Adam Company/MOS: C 3-82/ 15T Black- hawk Crew Chief Hometown: Summerville, SC Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Work out and study for school Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Help save lives and keep the mis- sion going Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Work towards getting out of the military and going to college Q: What do you miss most about home? A: Home Wrecker Burrito from Moe’s
  18. 18. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 8SPC Harell, JohsuaCompany/MOS: D 3-82/ 15J Electron-ics, Avionics and Armament SystemsRepairerHometown: Dublin, VirginiaQ: What do you do on your free time?A: Watch movies (His favorite isFlashback)Q: What do you want to achieve in yourMOS this deployment?A: Fine tune my MOS skillsQ: Goals for this deployment?A: Make it home alive!Q: What do you miss most abouthome?A: My cars: Two Volkswagen Beetles(‘68 and ‘75) and a Volkswagen Bus(‘70) SPC Bailey, Sharitza Company/MOS: E 3-82/ 92F Petroleum Specialist Hometown: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Watch movies and play video games Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Progress and learn more every day Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Make it home alive Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My own bathroom
  19. 19. P AGE 1 9 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 5 SPC Steven Koons Company/MOS: F Trp 1/17/ 15R Apache Crew Chief Hometown: Flossmoor, Illinois Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Play video games and do corre- spondence courses Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Pass on all my knowledge of my aircraft to my battle buddies Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Get promoted! Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My wife, Samantha, who I have been married to for 2 years and my 14 month old son Seifer Danger!
  20. 20. TALON FOR A DAY Today and tomorrow let each day grow and grow. Keep smiling and never give up even when things get you down - Shughart from Black Hawk Down Our address is still the same: LAST NAME, FIRST TF TALON, C/O BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN APO, AE 09354 Feel free to send me an email if you have any suggestions or questions. Until next time... SPC Porter, Amber TF Talon PAO TALON FOR LIFE!