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TF Wolfpack, 82nd CAB March newsletter

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March newsletter final

  1. 1. Wolfpack Dispatch Vol 1, Issue 6 FOB Salerno, Afghanistan The Reenlistment Edition March 2012 1
  2. 2. Dear Families and Friends of the Wolfpack,We hope you enjoy the six edition of the Wolfpack Dispatch, our unit newsletter from Afghanistan.The intent of this publication is to keep everyone on the home front up to date with the unit activitiesat FOB Salerno.Since this is the sixth edition of our newsletter it means we have reached an important milestone forthose of us from Fort Bragg, NC. We are mid-way through our yearlong deployment and everyone isstill doing great. We are also over half-way complete with R&R for most of the companies and wecan actually see a little bitty light at the end of the tunnel. But we have a long way to go and themost challenging times are still ahead of us. We are doing our best remain focused and avoidcomplacency. Support and motivation from the home front makes a positive difference so pleasekeep up the messages, cards and letters and care packages.Spring has definitely arrived at FOB Salerno. The daytime highs are already in the 70s and will bewell above 80 very soon. Some afternoon thunderstorms are also in the area from time to time andwe keep a close eye on the weather to make sure we remain as safe as possible.The month of March was the beginning of the latest reenlistment window and a total of 42 Trooperstook advantage of the opportunity while deployed. We held dozens of fantastic ceremonies on theground, in the air, and at locations all across FOB Salerno. Job very well done and everyone isexceptionally proud of all those Troopers and their families who are remaining on the Army team.This edition also contains an update from our newest Task Force Wolfpack teammates – the Titansfrom the Ohio and Michigan Army National Guard. We are fortunate to have the CH47D crews andmaintainers stationed with us at FOB Salerno. The Chinooks bring the medium lift capability to theTask Force which is always in very high demand in our area of operations.Welcome Titans – Wolfpack for Life!All the Way, Airborne!V/rLTC John M. CyrulikCommander, Task Force WolfpackWolf 6 2
  3. 3. The Promise I made to my wifeBy U.S. Army Spc. Erin DierschowRC-East PAOKHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan- U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Michael Hayes boards a fixed-wing aircraft headed home to HopeMills, N.C. on March 13 for rest and relaxation after serving six months of his first deployment at Forward Operating BaseSalerno since his wife’s passing on March 27, 2009. He is returning in time to commemorate his wife’s passing with his fivechildren who are currently in the care of his sister, Debbie Hayes, of Newport News, Va., while being deployed.One early afternoon at Fort Bragg, N.C. on 27 March in 2009, Staff Sgt. Michael Hayes, a Newport News, Va. Native, finishedup some last minute packing with his Soldiers in the Task Force Wolfpack Motorpool two days prior to their deployment toTarin Kowt, Afghanistan when he received a series of phone calls.“I just got off the phone with her,” said Hayes, “She asked me what I wanted for dinner, we said I love you, see you later, andhung up the phone.” This was a call Hayes’ wife, of 15 years, Felicia Nicole Harris Hayes, of Wilson, N.C., made just prior topicking up their kids from school.Hayes phone rang a little while later. It was a phone call from the school informing him that his three eldest children, MichaelJr., 7 years old, Courtney, 10 years old, and Emilee, 12 years old, did not get picked up from school. Their two youngest,Precious, almost 2 years old, and Jaylen, almost 3 years old, stayed in the care of Hayes’ wife and were in the care of Hayesneighbor at the time.Hayes didn’t get the opportunity to call home to his wife. He then received one last phone call from his neighbor telling himthat he needed to come home.That morning had started out like every other duty day for any Soldier in TF Wolfpack, 1-82 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion.Soldiers in E Company would report for formation at 0630 to proudly salute the raising of the American flag, and immediatelyfollowing, would conduct Physical Training. PT ended at 0745 so the Soldiers could conduct personal hygiene, eat breakfast,and report to their work call location no later than 0930. For Hayes, a Maintenance Platoon Shop Foreman and a Squad Leaderwith E Company Motorpool, this meant to report by 0900.“Hayes was an aggressive leader, but not a negative aggressive,” said Joe Russell of Franklin, Texas, who used to be aSpecialist in 2009 with the unit as well as one of Hayes soldiers. “You knew when he was around you were going to have towork, but he made you want to.”The Soldiers in the Motorpool packed up their equipment the rest of the morning and broke for lunch around 1130; reportingback by 1300. It was not too long after lunch when Hayes received that disrupting phone call from his neighbor.Hayes immediately got in his vehicle and headed home. While in the process he made a phone call back to the Motorpoolinforming his Plt. Leader, 1st Lt. Michael Fager, of Gainesville, Virginia and Plt. Sgt., Sgt. 1st Class William Plachinski (alsocalled Sgt. 1st Class PJ) of the upsetting news. Fager and Plachinski rushed to meet Hayes at his house for support.As Hayes walked in the house, the first thing he saw was the Paramedics shocking his wife to bring her back to life. Once shewas stable, they took her to Cape Fear Valley Hospital in Fayetteville, North Carolina where they did an emergency surgery toopen up one of her main arteries. 3
  4. 4. Fager, Plachinski, and family sat with Hayes in the waiting room until the doctor came out at about 1655 and told Hayes heneeded to go back there for the last time and say his goodbyes. “And I didn’t. Not right away, and you know….(pause)…I didn’twant to do that…….go back there.” said Hayes shaking his head.By the time Hayes made his way back there he saw the doctors trying to revive her again. They asked him if he wanted them tokeep trying to revive her. Hayes responded, “Yeah, Yeah, keep going!” as his sister stood next to him saying ‘it’s too late, she’sgone’. Hayes responded with, “no she’s not, this can’t be……this can’t be happening.”Felicia Nicole Harris Hayes was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1976 and passed away at the age of 32 on March 27,2009 of a massive heart attack.Just the night prior, Hayes and his wife sat down and drew out their plan for the future. Hayes wanted to complete thedeployment to TK and then get out of the military and start his own business and purchase an RV and an SUV. Hayes wife madehim think about his benefits and how his promotion was right around the corner. “She was like my counselor when I needed it.”said Hayes.“When all was said and done, I made a promise to my wife that I would stay in the Army for the full 20 years and retire, and shewouldn’t have to hear another word about me getting out.”Despite the tragedy of Hayes wife’s death, Hayes is able to experience the continued bond and support of one unit.“I noticed an organization that provided support. I noticed people working together, going out of their way to help the Hayesfamily. We were a family, The Wolfpack. You know you love, but hate your mom and your dad at times, you want to strangleyour brother or your sister, but as soon as something bad happens to your family, you are there in a heartbeat to be there forthem,” said Russell.The Wolfpack went to the commissary and bought tons of food for Staff Sgt. Hayes and his kids to help them out.“Our Chaplain gave me food vouchers since I had a wife and a baby girl. I gave those to Staff Sgt. Hayes to help,” said Russell,who would soon suffer a tragic moment not six months into deployment just like Hayes.Russell made it home after a red cross message was received at his unit in TK that his wife, of four years, Sarah, of Mathis,Texas was very sick.Two weeks of sleepless nights in the hospital with his wife on life support, Russell was faced with the decision of having to layher to rest.As Russell lay sleeping in the chair, one of the nurses woke him up to inform him there was nothing else they could do for hiswife and that her body was failing.Russell and Sarah’s family made the decision to terminate life support. Cause of death was Dermatomyositis. Dermatomyositis isan uncommon disease marked by muscle weakness and a distinctive skin rash. Dermatomyositis muscle weakness eventuallyleads to the complication called Aspiration pneumonia that helped take over her entire immune system.Sarah Russell is survived by her husband Joe Russell, and her daughter Zoi Russell, who was born on 05 October 2007.After Russell’s wife was laid to rest at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Franklin, Texas, Russell reported back to the Wolfpack reardetachment for a compassionate reassignment to Fort Hood, Texas so he could take care of their daughter, Zoi. Russell wasgreeted at Fort Bragg by his squad leader, Staff Sgt. Hayes. 4
  5. 5. “Hayes was always by my side making sure I was getting the treatment I needed, making sure I was okay, making sure I wasgoing to get home to my daughter,” said Russell.Hayes received support himself from so many to include the Wolfpack, Rear D, and Family Advocacy, which is a part of ArmyCommunity Service. They referred Hayes and his family to Military One Source to help them through their grieving stages witha Master’s level, trained Therapist.“I guess this is where I was messing up at,” said Hayes, “I didn’t want anyone around but just me and my kids. So we could dealwith it how we knew how to deal with it.”Hayes broke down one day speaking to family advocacy and they started giving him more help through Army One Source.“From there I slowly started progressing,” said Hayes. “Army One Source was able to provide us with extensive therapy that hashelped my family.Hayes also assisted Russell and his family, recommending these same resources that were given to him. “Staff Sgt. Hayes tookme under his wing. He showed me it was ok to receive therapy,” said Russell gratefully. “He also took me to a place on post andwaited for me till I was done where they helped pay part of the funeral cost.”Russell has since departed military service and continues to raise their beautiful daughter Zoi in College Station, Texas, wherethey now reside.Russell gives special thanks to the 82nd Airborne Division, their families, and the Lonewolves. “There were two things that gotme,” said Russell. “The one thing that got me was that the U.S. Army International Security Assistance Force Joint Commander,U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, who was the Commander of Regional Command East/ Division Commander at the timein 2009, had sent me a letter telling me how sorry he was, how he felt bad about hearing about one of his Soldier’s wives’passing away.” The other person that impacted Russell the most was Staff Sgt. Hayes. “To see someone go through such a trialand still put his feelings aside to help others was amazing.”As a non-commissioned officer and a leader of Soldiers, Hayes continues to lead the way for his subordinates.Hayes’ Plt. Sgt., Sgt. 1st Class Jimmy Crews of Carson City, Nev., states, “I have known Hayes since 2008. He is an aggressiveleader. He does nothing but hold up the standard. He tries to keep the best in the military and make the best Soldier for themilitary. He has the leadership style to be a Sgt. 1st Class and I think he is really going to make it this time.”Hayes in turn gives credit to the 82nd Airborne Division and the help he received from ACS and Military One Source. He leavesa message for those missing a loved one:“Don’t do like I did. You need to talk to somebody. No one is Superman or Superwoman. Even though we wear this uniform,don’t allow that to let your pride get in the way,” said Hayes. “If it was not for my Leadership, Cpt. Fager, now the TF Wolfpack1-82, HHC Commander, Cpt. Karensa Foxx, who is now a UCLA, ROTC Instructor, Sgt. 1st Class Brian Minix, who is now atALU at, Fort Lee,Va., Plachinski, who is now at ALU at Fort Lee, Va., and the late Command Sgt. Maj. Wayne A. Fausz, whowas the Command Sgt. Maj. For the 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, I think I would not have been able to uphold thatpromise I made to my wife 3 years ago. I think my military career would have ended.”When asked, where are you at in your life, Hayes states, “I love my wife to death, but at some point in time, I know I have tomove on. She will always have that place in my heart, but I can’t stop living, my kids can’t stop living, at some point you have tomove on.”Military One Source is provided by the Department of Defense at no cost to active duty, Guard and Reserve (regardlessof activation status) and their families. Military One Source provides a variety of resources for grieving families, to learnmore or to get help visit the Military One Source website at: or call: 1-800-342-9647. Theyare available 24/7/365. 5
  6. 6. NORTH CAROLINA, United States of America- The Hayes Family visits their mother, Felicia Nicole Harris Hayes, grave site at Rest Haven Cemetery in Wilson, N.C. prior totheir father, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Michael Hayes deployment to Forward Operating Base Salerno on August 12, 2011. (Photo taken by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Hayes, Task ForceWolfpack,)NORTH CAROLINA, United States of America- U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Hayes of Newport News, Va., and his family on March 03, 2009, just 25 days prior to his wife’s passingon March 27, 2009.(Courtesy photo taken in Fayetteville, N.C.).KHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Hayes boards the Red Ball, headed home to Hope Mills, N.C. on March 13, 2012 for rest and relaxation afterserving six months of his first deployment at Forward Operating Base Salerno since his wife’s passing on March 27, 2009. He is returning in time to commemorate his wife’spassing with his five children since being deployed.(U.S. Army photo by Spc. Erin Dierschow, Task Force Wolfpack Public Affairs). 6
  7. 7. GREYWOLVESIt is no secret that CPT Stahlberg is a fan of running. For several months, we have been conductingone long run a week gradually building up mileage that culminated in the successful completion of afull marathon (26.2 miles) by 7 people from across the Task Force (CW3 Jones, CW2 Hobson, CW2Hoover, CPT Wagner, CH Shenton, CPT Stahlberg, and SGT Taylor) and 9 (1SG Mahaney, 1LTNelson, SFC Horn, SFC Ruiz, SSG Hohman, SSG Negron, SSG Nowakowski, SGT Martinez, andSPC Rai), that completed a half marathon, a first for many. The weather was perfect for a long runon both of the days that the marathon was ran (scheduling conflicts divided the group in two). Ataround 8:30 am, everyone participating set out to run as far as they wanted. Everyone did anawesome job and I couldn’t have been more proud to have my final run as Greywolf 06 be with somany people that have come so far.March was an exciting and busy month for re-enlistments in HHC. Five HHC Soldiers took theiroath of enlistment again to remain in Active Army Service. Each re-enlistment is a specialmoment for a Soldier that is swearing to continue to serve their country especially during a time ofconflict. SSG Negron was read his oath of enlistment by Chaplain Shenton. SSG Negron chose tohave his re-enlistment ceremony take place in the chapel at FOB Salerno. SSG Hohman took hisoath of enlistment in the back of one the Titan’s CH-47 Chinook helicopters. His oath of enlistmentwas read by the TF S-6, CPT Terry. It was a unique way to have a re-enlistment and we wereexcited to be a part of it. SSG Nowakowski took his oath of enlistment again and had his ceremonyin a unique location as well. His oath was read to him by CPT Stahlberg on the roof of the TOC.What better place to have it than overlooking our temporary home? The newly promoted SGTMeans took his oath of enlistment by the OH-58Ds on the flight line. 1LT Wright read his oath ofenlistment over the noise of the MEDEVAC UH-60s that were called to conduct a MEDEVACmission. Our final re-enlistment for March was SPC Mason from flight operations. CW2 Gore readher oath of enlistment in flight operations on March 1st. We are very happy to have all of theSoldiers that re-enlisted stay in the Army family for years to come.SSG Nowakowski was promoted on March 7, 2012 to the rank of Staff Sergeant. He has officiallyjoined the ranks of the mighty E6 work horses! I know I speak for the company when I say that weare all very proud of his hard work!We were very happy to induct three NCOs into the NCO corps this month! Congratulations SGTMeans (92Y), SGT Kahng (27D), and SGT Taylor (25U)! They are shining examples of how hardwork and dedication to their mission pays dividends. We are very proud to have them asNon-Commissioned Officers in our Company.Well the 1SGs and senior NCOs have done it again!! On March 11th they gathered in between theTOC and HHC to grill enough meat for over 400 people!! It was a long day for the 1SGs as theystarted the grills up at 8:30am and grilled ALL DAY! They truly out did themselves and everyoneenjoyed the break from the chow hall!After 20 months in command, it is time for me to step aside and for CPT Michael Fager to takecommand of such a wonderful company. We have been through many ups and downs as a companyand I am proud to have served alongside each and every one of you.Next month you will hear from the new Greywolf 06, CPT Michael Fager. I know that he will takephenomenal care of all of the Soldiers as well as their families. For the last time as Greywolf 06... take care of each other, CPT Alicia Stahlberg– GW06 7
  8. 8. TitansHello from Afghanistan. will not be getting a mid-tour leave. While this may be disappointing to Thank you to all the family all of us, the key thing, is that wemembers that have taken part of the are scheduled to come hometeleconference calls. I appreciate all slightly earlier than expected,of your interest and support of our which is the reason for not beingunit, as I know all of your Soldiers eligible for mid-tour leave. At thisdo. I know all of your packages that time, I do not have a set date thatare being sent make a great deal of we will be redeploying. A timedifference to the Soldiers here. window will be passed on as soonThey definitely help keep the as we receive it on this end.morale high here in Afghanistan. It has been very nice working withThank You for all that you do. the 82nd Airborne Division at this time. They have welcomed and integrated us into their unit. We will have a cookout on the 11th to celebrate 6 months of a successful mission thus far for the 82nd. We are also tracking a patch ceremony in the upcoming weeks, which will be when all We are beginning to settle Soldiers will be awarded anddown into our new locations and authorized to wear the 82nd patch asduties. As many of you have heard, our combat patch. This will be awe have a very busy operational very special time for both first timetempo. Most of us are working deployers and veterans alike beingnights, with a small slice of crews associated with a unit such as theon a day schedule. These crews will 82nd with a long, prominent history,rotate occasionally as needed. It is rich with to say that the CH-47Ds incountry are a very sought after and I wish everyone a happy andappreciated asset to the troops in healthy Spring and I will talk toAfghanistan. Your Soldiers are y’all next month.playing a key role in the war inAfghanistan. The missions are CPT Morrisonanything but routine operating in a TITAN 06very austere and challengingenvironment. We have been informed, asmany of you may have heard bynow from your loved ones that we 8
  9. 9. ROUGHNECKSRoughneck Friends and Family, As the troop received additional aircraft, so, too, did we receive additional pilot supportAnother month down, as your brave and from our Saber brothers stationed atgallant Cavalrymen continue to lead the way Jalalabad. CW3 Beau Axton, and CW2shere at FOB Salerno. This past month has Sean Byard, Ronnie Smith, and Mike Spiveybeen especially busy, as the “Bam Bam all flew under the “Bam Bam” call sign thisBoys” led Task Wolfpack in flight hours and month to help us sustain our additionaloverall aircraft readiness, maintaining a missions. Also, we warmly welcome SPCconstant aviation presence over the skies of Christian Gil, an extremely talented andKhost, Afghanistan. With our pilots smart 15J from D/1-17, to our ranks. Theyconstantly in the air, our crew chiefs have all have performed exceptionally well and weperformed brilliantly to keep the largest are lucky to have their support.Kiowa Troop in country flying at a near24-hour rate. As busy as your men have been, we still manage to cut lose during the down timeIn response to their hard work, our troopers thanks to the comedic relief of CW2s Chrishave received some well deserved praise and “Christina” Stockwell, Paul “Grumpy”recognition during the month of March. Bowman, and “The Weave.” Also, CW2sTyler “Guns” Galloway, one of our most Barrye “The Storyteller” Saylor and Jordansavvy and smart armament dawgs in the “Mustachio” Hardin have kept us wellTroop, was recently promoted to the rank of informed with their random trivia questionsSpecialist on 1 March. Eligible for re- and debates on which Matthewenlistment, SGT “Two Scoops” Sutton, SPC McConaughey movie is the best. The verdict“Gonzo” is still out.Gonzalez, and SPC “Natasha” Trimakas allraised their right hands and volunteered to Many thanks to the near-continuous supplyserve the Army for three more years. We are of care packages that we continue to receiveall very proud of their selfless service and the from all the families and friends of oursacrifices that their families have made and Troop. Although we have received andcontinue to make to allow them to serve. consumed more than our fair share of Girl Scout Cookies, we have exhausted ourAlso, the Troop received special recognition efforts in the gym to burn off the additionalfrom the folks at “iPads for Soldiers,” who calories. Fear not, we will be lookin’ gooddonated three iPads to some of our troopers. for R&R. Thank you for the continuedSutton, Gonzalez, and SPC “How Much support from the homefront.YaBench” It continues toFinley all be a privilegereceived and honor toiPads work with thesecourtesy heroic men on aof day-to-dayselfless basis. I amdonations consistentlyfrom the humbled atgroup their work ethicand its and drive tosponsors. accomplish theIn mission andaddition, during a visit from the RC-East protect our American brothers on the ground. Again, thank you for your support from theCommanding General, MG Allyn, SGT States. Roughneck troop continues to be“Vick” Satram received a coin from the such a fantastic organization thanks to theGeneral for performing expert maintenance encouragement and care we receive from ouron the ten-bird fleet. Also, during the family and friends. We look forward to aGeneral’s visit, MG Allyn flew on a fantastic return in the next few months.Roughneck bird with CW3 “Nutts” Hodnett,who showcased the fine capabilities of our Scotti Pfirrmanscout aircraft. Jeff also received a coin from Roughneck 06the General. 9
  10. 10. LONEWOLVESGreetings from the Lonewolves! The Troopers continue towork hard and moral remains high.The Company led the Task Forcewith 18 Troopers reenlisting for themonth of March. I know withdedicated Americans like these theArmy will remain strong for yearsto come. The Motorpool Platooncontinues to lead the Brigade witha readiness rate at 98%, while atthe same time guarding FOBSalerno both day and night.Distribution Platoon had severalTroopers receive the CombatAction Badge and one received thePurple Heart Medal for a Rocketattack that took place back inNovember 2011 at the FARP. TheTroopers had the honor of receivingtheir awards from MG Allyn thefuture XVIII Airborne CorpCommander. The Company lostthe services of XO 1LT Roberts fora few months as he becomes the daytime Battle Captain for the BattalionS3. Also, this month theCompany hit the half way mark forthe deployment so we are half wayhome. As always, to the familiesback home thank you for all thatyou do to support the Troopers ofEcho Company.Until next month.Airborne, All the Way!CPT SimmonsLonewolf 6 10
  11. 11. REDHAWKS…..From the Redhawk CP …6 their accomplishments andmore months YAYYY!!! congratulations to the both of them. As March comes to an end Last but not least , we alsowe are happy to say we are past our would like to welcome the newesthalfway mark for this deployment. member to the Redhawk family,Needless to say “March Madness” Keira Lindgren, born on Februarylived up to hype from all spectrums. 16th 2012. CW3 Justin Lindgren,NCAA brackets were filled, one of the highly skilled Instructor reenlistments were done, and Pilots of the Redhawks, went homepromotions were earned, and on R&R late February to be withmissions were accomplished. his wife and newborn baby girl. Congrats, Mr. Lindgren. First and foremost , theRedhawks continued the mission of As we move forwardsupporting the TF Spartan Ground through the latter half ofCommander, providing over 900 deployment, let us continue to beflight hours over this last month. safe, and make it home to our families. Be blessed ……ALL THE The Army and the WAY!Redhawks are honored to have fourof our best Non-Rated Crew 1LT Taj Williamsmembers (NRCM), SGT Ramirez,SGT Murdock, SPC Dishman, andSPC Weaver, continue their Armycareers by reenlisting this month.Thank you for your continuedservice to the Army and to theRedhawks. These soldiers play akey role in conducting flightmissions and maintaining ouraircraft to conduct flight missions. Forward progress withpersonal goals and Army goalskeeps soldiers motivated to strivefor greatness through hard work.The hard work and dedication of acouple of our NRCMs has earnedthem recognition to be promoted.SSG Kerins, currently assigned toDelta Company, but still part of theRedhawk family, made theSergeant First Class (E-7) list, andSPC Kealy, currently in BAFworking on Redhawk aircraft, hasearned enough points to makeSergeant (E-5). We are proud of 11
  12. 12. DEVIL RAY DUSTOFFGreetings Wolfpack and Devil time with their family and friendsRay Family and Friends, back in the States. I hope that our families back home haveIt seems the winter has come and thoroughly enjoyed the time withgone, and the weather is finally their Soldiers, and we appreciategetting warmer. Unfortunately, as your continued support.change comes with the seasons, wehave found out that we will be In closing, thanks again for theleaving the Wolfpack soon to join hospitality Wolfpack. This hasthe rest of our Company in the been an upstanding Task Force toWest. I would like to extend my work for, and we cant thank youdeepest gratitude to everyone from enough for keeping our job thatthe top down in the Wolfpack much easier. If anyone ever findsfamily, as we have thoroughly themselves in the Tampa/enjoyed our time here, and the Clearwater/St. Pete area, feel free tosupport you have shown us has stop by, although if youd rather bebeen outstanding. The hard work on the beach, we completelyand dedication by all has allowed to really focus on our main job,saving lives. In our short time here, "When I Have Your Wounded"we flew over 400 hours, 90missions, and 100 patients. CPT Josh DaneaultAs we hit our halfway point in the DUSTOFF 06deployment, our Soldiers are finallygetting to take R & R, and spend 12
  13. 13. TimberwolvesDear Timberwolf Friends andFamilies, March has been a fast pacedmonth for Delta Company, TFWolfpack. It was a month of mixedweather and reasonablycomfortable temperatures. By thetime you receive this newslettermost of the Timberwolves wouldhave been deployed for over 190days and are looking forward tocompleting this tough deployment. This month we welcomedthe arrival of Soldiers from D Co3-238th of the Ohio National Guard.They bring many years ofexperience in CH-47 maintenance,shops, and avionics repair to thefight. Their skills are definitelyneeded here and appreciated by allof the supported units as well.Keeping the big rigs in the air is ahuge combat multiplier. Delta Company had a fewpromotions this month. It is alwaysa good thing to see Troopersadvancing in their careers.Congratulations to JonathanAndrzejewski who was promotedfrom PFC to SPC and CrystalBrown, Ryan Edgell, Daniel Ochsand Sergey Vakhrushev who werepromoted from SPC to SGT. Also acongratulation is in order for SGTLindsey Taylor who was acceptedto go and attend WOCS and thenflight school.CPT Kirk ShandsTimberwolf 06 13
  14. 14. REDWOLVESDear Redwolf Friends and just in time to join his wifeFamilies, Kimberly and family to welcome their new baby girl, Sophie Harper,As March draws to a close, the into the world. Unfortunately, SGTREDWOLVES continue to make Cain’s new baby boy was not asyou all proud by setting the patient. His wife Misty gave birthstandard for an Attack Helicopter to Colton Christopher just hoursCompany here in support of before his SGT Cain made it homeOperation Enduring Freedom. It for R&R on March 18th. Finally,has been a busy month full just three days later on March 21st,accomplishments, but as always, SGT Franklin and his wife Heathernone of it was possible without the welcomed their new baby boy,love and support of you all back Waylon Lee, into their family. Allhome. three babies are happy, healthy and, along with the rest of their family,This month the REDWOLVES looking forward to the safe anddistinguished themselves by having speedy returns of their fathers.two crew chiefs selected asMaintainer of the Week. This As we cross over into the secondmarks the fourth month in a row half of the deployment, the RED-that a member of the company has WOLVES would like to reiteratebeen selected for this award. We the importance of the support wewould like to congratulate SPCBurgess and SPC Lueschner for receive from all of our Families,this achievement during the month Friends, and FRG members. It isof March. Due to the tireless efforts your uplifting letters, emails, andof these Troopers and their fellow care packages that help us throughcrew chiefs, the REDWOLVES the busy days and long flights.have maintained a record of never Thank you again for your support.canceling a mission due tomaintenance. CPT Robert SicklerCongratulations to the newlypromoted SGT Preston Cruz. SGTCruz has been an invaluable asseton the flight line and an examplefor Troopers across the Task Force.We are lucky to have a SquadLeader like SGT Cruz and areproud to call this new NonCommissioned Officer a RED-WOLF.The REDWOLVES would like toextend a warm welcome to thenewest members of our REDWOLFFamily. First, on February 25th,SFC Riedel made it home for leave 14
  15. 15. Congratulations!!! Listed below are the Troopers who were promoted, received an award, or reenlisted. Below those, are our Troopers with recent Birthdays! Promoted AwardedPFC Willie Redick Purple Heart (Army Achievement Medal Continued)SPC Jonathon Andrzejewski SPC Zachary Qualls SPC Russell Lueschner SPC Edgardo MoralesSPC John Derosa Air Medal SPC Tikam RaiSPC Tyler Galloway CSM Kirk Inniss SPC Damian SandersSPC Branden Glembusz LTC John Cyrulik SGT Chris KahngSPC Keith Neal CW2 Patrick KirkSGT Crystal Brown Combat Action Badge CPT Jeremy IrvineSGT Preston Cruz PFC Earnest BroomeSGT Christopher Edgell SPC Brittany Butler Commanding General CoinSGT Chris Khang SPC Lee Younger SPC Lorenzo ChapaSGT Terrill Means SGT Mia Ellington SPC Damian SandersSGT Travis Morgan SGT Frank Knox SGT Travis MorganSGT Lucas Murdock SFC Cassandra Cox SGT Lucas Murdock CW2 Adam Saunders SGT Venkata SatramSGT Daniel Ochs 1LT Brett Roberts SSG Pia ThowSGT Breeana Taylor CPT Kyle TomasinoSGT Sergey Vakhrushev Task Force NCO Soldier of theSSG John Nowakowski Army Achievement Medal Quarter BoardMSG Ronald Stewart PFC Christopher Ellis SGT Heather Gibson PFC Octavius Lewis SPC Keith Burgess SPC Darren Leonard SPC Christopher Long Happy Birthday!! SPC Parris Allen SGT David Hyatt SSG Selwyn James SPC Jonathan Andrzejewski SPC Devin Kays SSG Matt Whitworth SPC Jonathan Black SPC Logan Long SSG Gerald Regilus SPC Luke Blow SPC Joshua Martin SFC Valeria Green SPC Devin Kays SPC Delwen Samuelson SFC Raymond Laplant SPC Logan Long SPC Bee Vang CW2 Ian Davis SPC Joshua Martin SPC Louis Velasco CW2 Alexander Hunter SPC Delwen Samuelson CPL Charles Thomas CW2 Timothy McGuire SPC Bee Vang SGT Jordon Besaw CW2 Case Wilson SPC Louis Velasco SGT Chad Frits CW3 Javier Ortiz CPL Charles Thomas SGT Jeremy Hopper 1LT Taj Williams SGT Jordon Besaw SGT David Hyatt CPT Lincoln Lanier SGT Chad Frits SSG Erik Andrews SGT Jeremy Hopper 15
  16. 16. TF WOLFPACK RST Grace and peace from the Wolfpack ReligiousSupport Team. Thanks be to God for his continuedblessing, provision and protection on us over the last month.March has been another great month of ministry for theWolfpack RST. We have had the privilege of attendingmany reenlistment, promotion and award ceremoniesrecognizing the outstanding work being accomplished byour troopers. Our Chapel Services have led us through theseason of Lent and we are eagerly awaiting the Eastercelebration. In our Religious Education program wecontinue reading our way through the Bible at the E100Bible study. We have just started the Book of Jeremiah.If you would like to read along with us go We also finished the“American Heritage Series.” The study has encouragedus to get back to our moral and religious foundations of ourgreat country. Our mid-week prayer meetings have been apowerful time of intercessory prayer. We consistently seethe hand of God working in our lives as we have seen manyanswers to prayer. During our Faith-based movie night wehave seen several encouraging movies, to include “TheGrace Card” and “Ten Commandments.” We continue to receive numerous care packages tosupply the Chapel Free-X store and to send out to ourbrothers and sisters at outlying COPs. We greatlyappreciate all the encouragement and support that wereceive from all of you. We continually lift you up in ourprayers. Many thanks and blessings, Chaplain Shenton 16
  17. 17. Spotlight on TroopersEvery month each 1SG picks an outstanding Trooper to reperesent his Company/TroopB/2-328 GSAB, SPC Lucas WarkMOS: 15U- CH-47 Helicopter RepairerHometown: Pinckney, MichiganSPC Wark is Single.Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOBSalerno?A: I work out at the gym. I do photography and I work.Q: What do you like most about this deployment?A: I like flying the most.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A: This is the best place in theater, considering.Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A: Enables us to fly. Learn more about the airframe. Help withoperations.3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“Work towards my Master’s.Professional – “More in depth knowledge of my MOS.”Personal – “Learn how to play the Harmonica.” HHC/1-82, PFC Kyle Runkle MOS: 42A- Human Resource Specialist Hometown: Forreston, Illinois PFC Runkle is single. Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: Being a Soldier and making people smile. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A: More laid back atmosphere. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: I think it’s great. There’s stuff to do here. There are defac’s, showers, and we have beds. Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A: We make sure Soldiers get everything they need. My job boosts soldiers morale. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational -“Complete my Associate’s degree out here.” Professional – “Get promoted to Specialist and continue to make people smile.” Personal – “To make it home from deployment and take my family on vacation.” 17
  18. 18. A Troop/ 1-17 CAV, SPC Darius NeighborsMOS: 15J-Aircraft Armament/Electronic/Avionic SystemsHometown: Evansville, IndianaSPC Neighbors is Single.Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here onFOB Salerno?A: I play pool at the MWR. I work, watch movies with the crewand gaming.Q: What do you like most about this deployment?A: Being in a different place. The work load is not asdemanding.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A:This FOB is definitely better than Kandahar..Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A: I get a better opportunity to learn more about my job.3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“I’d like to learn more about the AutomotiveServicing.”Professional – “Become an Automotive Technician and run myown shop.”Personal – “Try to learn what I can here.” A/1-82, SPC Christopher Bratton MOS: 15R- Apache Repairer Hometown: Bowling Green, Missouri SPC Bratton is single. Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: I work. I like to go to the gym and play video games on both the PS3 and XBOX gaming systems. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A: This is my first Tour. We stay busy working. I like that I have the opportunity to learn the finer details of my job. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: It is a small, quiet place. I like that everything is in walking distance. Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A: We work hard as Apache Repairer’s so our Pilots can keep the ground guys safe and be able to maintain that watchful eye while in the air. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational -“Enroll in college classes.” Professional – “To get promoted to the rank of Sergeant.” Personal – “Return to Fort Bragg more monetary sound than when we first deployed.” 18
  19. 19. A/2-82, SPC Tommy Spikes MOS: 91C- Utilities Equipment Repairer Hometown: Killeem, Texas SPC Spikes is married. Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: I play video games and workout at the gym. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A: I like flying. It’s really fun. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: It is the best FOB in Afghanistan. Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A: Without the Air Taxi, nothing gets done. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational - “Keep working closer towards my degree.” Professional – “Get promoted to the rank of Sergeant.” Personal – “I would like to get a 300 on my PT test.”F/5-159th, SGT Ed BaderMOS: 68W- Healthcare Specialist/Flight MedicHometown: Tampa, FLSGT Bader is married and has one daughterQ: What recreational activities do you participate in here onFOB Salerno?A: Shaking hands and kissing babiesQ: What do you like most about this deployment?A: The banana French toast at the defac.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A: It is pretty nice.Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A: I save lives.3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“Stay current on medical and continue medicaleducation.”Professional – “To do the best job I can.”Personal – “Figure out how to use swa email.” 19
  20. 20. D/1-82, SPC Joshua GuertinMOS: 15B- Aircraft Power plant RepairerHometown: Sanford, MaineSPC Guertin is married with one daughter.Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here onFOB Salerno?A: I play XBOX and work.Q: What do you like most about this deployment?A: We live in hardened buildings.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A: It’s nice. I like the RSOI tent defac.Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A: We keep the aircrafts flying.3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“Keep working towards my degree.”Professional – “Get promoted to the rank of Sergeant.”Personal – “Keep doing my job to the best of my ability.” E/1-82, SPC Denver Cristello MOS: 92F- Petroleum Supply Specialist Hometown: Dunnellon, Florida SPC Cristello has one daughter Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: I work and I workout at the gym. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A: I like how we all work together as a family to get the job done. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: This FOB is nice. It has everything you need. The living quarters are nice. Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A: We provide the aircrafts with fuel and ammo so the pilots can continue with their missions. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational -“Continue working towards my degree..” Professional – “Keep learning more about my job to prepare me for when I get out of the Army.” Personal – “To make it home to my daughter and work on my resume. I plan to work for Lockheed Martin when I get out.” 20
  22. 22. HHC Change of Command 22
  23. 23. REENLISTMENTS 23
  24. 24. REENLISTMENTS 24
  25. 25. HIGHLIGHTS 25
  26. 26. Below are the addresses for Each of the Companies/Troop. Feel free to send letters and boxes to your Trooper. GREYWOLVES DEVIL RAY DUSTOFF Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, First HHC/1-82, TF Wolfpack F/5-159, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 ROUGHNECKS REDWOLVES Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, FirstA Troop/1-17, TF Wolfpack A/1-82, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 REDHAWKS TITANS Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, First A/2-82, TF Wolfpack B/3-238, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 TIMBERWOLVES LONEWOLVES Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, First D/1-82, TF Wolfpack E/1-82, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 26