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This is a brief portfolio of my work done.I have lead some projects, contributed to some but I have touched them all.

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Shashikant Tewary_Product Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Shashikant Tewary
  2. 2. Portfolio Synopsis • A Mechanical Design Engineer with 5+ years of experience in Product and CAD design.  Exposure in concept design for products in following industry verticals:-  Healthcare  Electronics  Appliances  Defence / Transportation  Industrial / Commercial Skilled in User Study, Concept Generation, Ergonomic Analysis & Presentation Seeking opportunities in new product design & development field 2/12 Shashikant Tewary
  3. 3. Portfolio Proof of Concepts 3/12 Shashikant Tewary
  4. 4. Portfolio Docs-in-Box: An enclosure for paramedic's diagnostic kit Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept: View_1 Prototype Fabrication 3D Concept: View_2 HEALTHCARE Telemedicine Clinic: Based on Indian telemedicine standards Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept: View_1 3D Concept: View_2 3D Concept: View_3 4/12 Shashikant Tewary
  5. 5. Portfolio Wearable Vital Sign Monitor: For pregnant ladies in rural areas Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept 3D Concepts Basic System Working HEALTHCARE Medi-kiosk & eClipboard: Enhancement by feature addition Shashikant Tewary 2D Concepts 2D Concepts 5/12 Shashikant Tewary
  6. 6. Portfolio Ambulance: New exterior & patient compartment design for 108 van Shashikant Tewary New Design_1 Old Design New Design_2 1:1 Mock-up HEALTHCARE Mobile Medical Laboratory: Concepts for MML Vehicle Shashikant Tewary 2D Concept 6/12 Shashikant Tewary
  7. 7. Portfolio GPS Device: Concepts for three different applications Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept: Heavy Duty 3D Concept: Hand Held 3D Concept: In Car ELECTRONICS Set-Top-Box: STB concepts for mid level market segment Shashikant Tewary 2D Concepts 2D Concepts 2D Concept 7/12 Shashikant Tewary
  8. 8. Portfolio Cola Dispenser: Product concepts for high income market Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept 2D Concept 2D Concept APPLIANCES Kitchen Mixer: Concepts for new-gen touch screen kitchen mixers Shashikant Tewary 2D Concepts 2D Concept 8/12 Shashikant Tewary
  9. 9. Portfolio Laser firing machine: Non-contact land mine destroyer concept Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept: Animated Working 3D Concept: Control Panel 3D Concept: Laser Mount DEFENCE / TRANSPORTATION Hybrid Locomotive: Concept for Diesel-Electric hybrid train Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept: View_1 3D Concept: View_2 9/12 Shashikant Tewary
  10. 10. Portfolio Ticket Vending Machine: Different theme based concepts Shashikant Tewary 2D Concepts: Disabled Friendly 2D Concepts: Multi-user 2D Concepts: Inspired Forms INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL Mobile Food Cart: 'Green' and hygienic MFC for self-employment Shashikant Tewary 3D Concept: View_1 3D Concept: Front View 3D Concept: Back View 1:1 Mock-up 10/12 Shashikant Tewary
  11. 11. Portfolio My Services • Ideation through brain-storming • Concept generation: Sketches, Renderings, Free Form Models • Concept images for business proposals • Styling  Ergonomic Analysis through Mock-ups 11/12 Shashikant Tewary
  12. 12. Portfolio Contact • Shashikant Tewary • +919868100263 • • C-21 Kendriya Vihar Sector-51 Noida-201307 Uttar Pradesh India 12/12 Shashikant Tewary