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  1. 1. welcome note colophon The Excitement Never Stops W ow! Has it been my second month here already? Time truly flies doesn’t it? Next thing you during the convention, do check out his 6 page article on the event. If that’s not enough, we’ve also compiled a list of some of the coolest gadgets that made their debuts at IFA 2013 in Berlin and we also take a closer look at Intel’s upcoming mobile CPU, know, 2013 will be drawing to a close. This month has been a very Silvermont. Another really cool thing that we got to feature this exciting one for us here at CHIP Malaysia as there was just non- month is a custom gaming rig called the “Gold Digger”. If you stop action in the tech industry back here in Boleh Land and also in thought the modding scene was dead, think again. other parts of the world. Aside from our features, we’ve also got a glorious spread of So since it has been so exciting, we hear you asking us what exactly do we have in store for you this month? First up, as you reviews for you, which include some of the things that got us jumping out of our seats. can see from our cover, we set our sights on hackers. Yes, I know Well, that’s really about it for this month, please continue that we’ve done quite a few articles on this before, but this time, writing to us and don’t forget to check out our website, like us on we are taking a look at how hackers have moved on from just Facebook and follow us on Twitter as we are constantly finding hacking your PCs and are now targetting your smart devices. So its ways to bring the latest updates to you as fast as possible. time to get those security solutions up and running. So that’s all from me this month, enjoy the content we have Other than that, my very lucky colleague Nazrin also managed to get a flight to Japan and also to grace the halls of this year’s prepared for you inside and remember to stay safe and live for the moment. Tokyo Game Show. So if you want to know what went down Jeremy Cheong  Managing Director Noor Azman ONLINE Head of Department YK Cheah DISTRIBUTED BY EDITORIAL @CHIPMY Editor Jeremy Cheong Writer Nazrin Zain Contributors Anand Tuliani, Azril Malik, Brian Pereira, Deepti Krishnan, Dushyant Khilnani, Erick Rustomji, Fabian von, Keudell, Francis D’Sa, Jamshed Avari, M. Biebel, Manfred Flohr, Markus Hermannsdorfer, Michael Eckstein, Monali Gaikwad, Tim Lee,Thomas Littschwager, Valentin Pletzer, Tan Jee Yee Design & Layout Halijah Ismail Cover Design Halijah Ismail MPH Distributors Sdn. Bhd. Ground Floor Warehouse, Lot 2, Bangunan TH, No. 5, Jalana Bersatu, Section 13/4, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Tel: (03) 7958 1688 Fax: (03) 7956 5995 CHIP Malaysia SALES & MARKETING Senior Manager YK Cheah Consultant Muffadzlee Dato’ Sufian ADMINISTRATION Admin Manager WP Lim PUBLISHER Online Dynamics (M) Sdn. Bhd. A-5-07 Block A, Neo Damansara Bandar Damansara Perdana, Jalan PJU 8/1 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: (03) 7727 6554 Fax: (03) 7727 3554 PRINTED BY Unipress Printer Sdn. Bhd. 117-G, Jalan Tiaj 1/4, Taman Industri Alam Jaya, 42300 Bandar Punchak Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel: (03) 6038 5578 Fax: (03) 6038 3944 © This edition of CHIP is a publication of Online Dynamics (M) Sdn. Bhd. licensed by Vögel Burda Holding GmbH, 80336 Munich, Germany. © Copyright of the trademark “CHIP” by Vögel Burda Holding GmbH, 80336 Munich, Germany. No part of CHIP magazine / free CD shall be reproduced without thepublisher’s written permission. The use of the programs in the free CD is subject to the reader’s acceptance of the terms and conditions found in the CD. All information in the magazine / free CD is provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ and CHIP magazine / the publisher makes no representations and gives no warranty of any kind, implied, express or statutory as to the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, non-infringement of 3rd party rights, title, merchantability and / or suitability / fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the said information. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the CHIP magazine / the publisher be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages whether in contract or in tort arising out of or in connection with the use of the information made available in CHIP magazine / free CD. All prices, product versions and URLs’ are correct at the time of printing. All views expressed in the magazine are solely those of the writer and do not necessarily represent those of CHIP magazine / the publisher. International Members of the Family  China Czech Republic  Germany  Hungary  India Indonesia Italy Netherlands Poland Romania Russia Thailand Turkey Ukraine
  2. 2. content september 2013 065 Next-Level Hacking Even with all our latest gadgets, there’s still no way we are safe from prying eyes and hands of hackers as they evolve just as quick as our technology. These days, its not just our PCs that are vulnerable, as anything connected to the internet is fair game for hackers 058 Coolest Gadgets From IFA 2013 This consumer electronics show in Berlin is the place to be when it comes to the latest device and this year was no different 050 It’s All About Games Check out what we saw and experienced at this year’s TGS
  3. 3. content september 2013 008 116 044 038 106 109 FEATURES 038 LegalTECH Instead of just relying on technology to play games, we find out how they can lower the crime rates 044 The Evolution of A.I. Ever wondered how far Artificial Intelligence has come? We’ll show you NEWS & TRENDS 008 Local News Coverage of the latest news and events right on our shores 032 World Wired Web All the latest tech happenings around the world 038 Security Reports Monthly dose of security news TEST LAB 071 Test Lab: The Tools Test Labs’ tools of the trade 072 Test Lab Contents Take a pick and get started! 080 Reviews Professionally conducted reviews following our stringent tests and benchmarks sit and gather dust. Here are some handy tips for you to get the best out of older devices LITE & LEISURE 106 Watch If you love dinosaurs, here are some of the best movies that feature them 109 Company Of Heroes 2 Ever wanted to know what it feels like to lead an army? You can in Company Of Heroes 2 REGULARS PRACTICE 116 Second Life For Old Devices Don’t let that old gadget just 001 Welcome Note 006 Letters 119 Tips and Tricks
  4. 4. content chip cd CHIP CD Featured Tool: Connectify Networking is all about things and people getting together, but we all know that there are hurdles to leap to reach total connectivity. Connectify is a powerful tool that provides two innovative functions that will enhance your networking life -one in turning your PC into a wi-fi hotspot, and another in allowing you to combine bandwidth from all of your computer’s Internet connection. We may be bringing it to you for our Practice session this issue, is but you can’t deny that this is one indispensable tool to keep around. session. speeds, on top of CPU usage and memory usage. Entertainment nt Game Demo Gunpoint A unique stealth puzzle spin in a noir-inspired 2D world, Gunpoint puts you in the shoes of a freelance spy that breaks into high security buildings to steal sensitive data. Get past security by making use of the Crosslink, which allows you to rewire the levels and outmaneuver the guards. And once you’re done with the main storyline, the level editor will allow you to create your own devious puzzles for other people to solve. Movie Trailer Thor: The Dark World 004 october 13 chip malaysia The Monthly 10 Ashampoo WinOptimizer AIMP Gaia Family Tree ChanS ChanSort Multi Commander Perfect PDF Reader Perf W Wiztree Format Factory Novicorp WinToFlash Universal Viewer PC Essentials Graphics Drivers NVIDIA (Windows 7) AMD Catalyst (Windows 7) Internet Browsers Firefox Google Chrome Installer Safari Opera Compressions Software WinZIP WinRAR
  5. 5. letters readers’ feedback Letters Letter of the Month Stuck In A Rut Dear CHIP, I have bought and read your magazine since 2005 and whilst I enjoy reading your magazines every month since I started, I’m currently stuck in a bit of a predicament. I currently have a pile of your magazines in my room, and due to storage issues, I need to let them go, but at the same time I still like to re-read them whenever I like. I understand that you guys also have released digital copies of the magazine on Zinio for Android and iOS devices, but unfortunately I have neither of those. Is it possible for me to have the digital copy of the magazines without the Zinio app? Zach CF Facing The Music Dear CHIP, It was good to see my favourite movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” included in your article “The Music of Sci-Fi” in the August 2013 issue. However could you please point out to the author (and to readers that may have been misled) that the tone poem “Also Sprach Zarathustra” was witten by Richard Strauss who was totally unrelated to Johann Strauss Jr., who wrote “The Blue Danube”. It appears that the author thought they were one and the same, as the line “Strauss’ work as also used elsewhere ...” implies. Errol Mathams Dear Errol, After a bit of verification and some input from our very own in-house movie buffs, you are absolutely right! The author of the article did indeed make a mistake about the two, and we do profusely apologise about that. We’ll be sure to send him to remedial classes about movie music and ensure that we don’t commit the same mistake again. And as a sign of our appreciation for your education in this matter, here’s a little gift from us to you - a Kingston Data Traveler GE9 16GB thumb drive! Dear Zach, Thanks for being such a long-time reader and loyal support of our magazine! We appreciate your support and hope that you’d continue to peruse our publication as your favourite! It is unfortunate, but we have to sadly inform you that our Zinio subscription does not go back till 2005, and the more recent issues are not distributed outside of the service. Our archives are all production copies and we don’t typically give those out to the public. Your best bet would still be to keep the older copies, as you can still get the newer copies whenever you do get yourself an Android or iOS device. We do apologise, and hope that you understand our reasoning behind this. The TGS Pilgrimage Dear CHIP, I read with great interest in last month’s issue where you mentioned that you guys will be attending the Tokyo Game Show this month! This is of relevant interest to me as I am quite enthusiastic about the event. It’s also one of those rare times where new gaming consoles are being showcased before they hit store shelves, and I’m deeply interested in what both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has to offer! Hairil Dear Hairil, It is indeed a great time of the year for gamers. Having only seen and heard about these new consoles through websites on the internet made us appreciate that we were lucky enough to be able to attend the event this year. The Sony and Microsoft showcase had plenty of games from current and next-gen consoles, and they all look very very impressive. We tried out games such as KNACK, Titanfall, Final Fantasy XIII-3 and even some new fighting games that we’re sure a lot of people would love! We have an extensive 6-page coverage of the event this month in our Features section, so do check it out! Write to us at Alternatively, log on to the forums at and make yourself heard! The Letters page is an outlet for you to voice your views and opinions towards the magazine as well as general tech trends. Feedback sent to us may be edited for suitability without altering the intended point-of-view. The monthly winners for LoTM will be contacted for further details. 006 september 13 chip malaysia
  6. 6. news local news Like its predecessors, this phablet packs the latest hardware and sports a 2.3GHz Quad-Core CPU, 3GB worth of RAM, 32GB worth of internal storage, runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and has a 13-megapixel rear camera. (From le ): Vincent Chong, Director, HHP Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; Jus n Joo, Business Manager, HHP Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; and Ma hew Ng, Head of Sales, HHP Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics pose with the new GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Gear Geared Up To Explore The GALAXY Samsung’s GALAXY Note 3 and Gear makes their grand entrance T hroughout the last nine months, Samsung has been doing what they do best and that is by providing consumers with a constant stream of smartphones that cater to every type of user. Their previous flagship the Samsung GALAXY S4 alone came in multiple iterations and is one of the hottest selling devices all around. But for consumers who know Samsung, they would have waited till the GALAXY Note 3 arrived, which arrived on 20 September and it was definitely worth the wait. “With the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Gear, we are proud to set a new benchmark of innovation in the large screen mobile and wearable device category. Samsung’s ongoing smart device leadership reflects our commitment to listen to our 008 october 13 chip malaysia consumers, who want their daily lives to be easier and more enjoyable. The devices enable users to tell the stories of their lives through dynamic and seamless expression of their passions across work, play and life experiences,” said Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. Like the previous iterations that came before it, the GALAXY Note 3 is truly a remarkable device as Samsung have once again packed it with the latest hardware and features. Despite its 8.3mm thinness and 168g lightweight, the GALAXY Note 3 is actually a 5.7inch device that sports a Full HD Super AMOLED display and also 3,200mAh battery. In terms of design, the GALAXY Note 3 retains much of Samsung’s now iconic The GALAXY Gear will be available in available in other colours such as Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold and Lime Green design language but comes with a touch of class due to the soft and texturedtouch back cover that emulates leather. Even the S Pen has gone through a slight redesign and is much slimmer and comes with many new functions such as Air Command, which will allow users to easily access features for all their note taking needs. Launched alongside the GALAXY Note 3 was the GALAXY Gear, Samsung’s first foray into the wearable technology market and also the perfect companion to the phablet. The GALAXY Gear may look just like a very stylish watch but it actually provides users with notifications and quick previews of incoming texts, emails and more from the GALAXY Note 3. It can also be used to answer calls and even record videos and take still images with its 1.9-megapixel camera. “Samsung GALAXY Gear benefits consumers by integrating smart device technology even deeper into their everyday lives, and bridges the gap between the mobile device and fashion worlds to create truly wearable technology,” added Kwon.
  7. 7. news local news Lenovo’s A1000 is the ideal tablet for those who love listening to music, watching movies and gaming during their daily commutes Seen here with the new tablets and models are Khoo Hung Chuan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia (2nd from le ) and Jimmy Chin, Consumer Segment Lead, Lenovo Malaysia (3rd from le ) Tablets Big And Small For All Lenovo launches new and affordable Android tablets T he Android tablet space has grown tremendously over the past few years and with so many choices to choose from, many consumers are now finding it hard to pick the right one for them but the good thing is, Lenovo recently launched three new tablets that come in different configurations and has the features that will satisfy the many different users. “With these latest additions to our tablet portfolio, we’ve created devices that address these customers’ needs, as well as devices for more demanding gamers and multimedia users,” said Khoo Hung Chuan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia. First up on the list, is the A1000, a seven-inch tablet that is ideal for first time buyer as it only costs RM499. Other than the very attractive price tag, the A1000 also comes with features such as Dolby Digital Plus integrated into the device and 010 october 13 chip malaysia large, front-facing speakers that provides users with unprecedented audio clarity. The A1000 also runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, has 1GB worth of RAM and on-board storage of up to 16GB. Then for those who want more processing power, they can always look to the A3000. Priced at RM699, this seven-inch lightweight device features a 1.2GHz quadcore MTK processor, 1GB worth of DDR2 RAM, 3,500mAh battery and 16GB internal storage. It also comes with a 1024x600 IPS display and has an optional support for 3G HSPA+ so users can stay connected and stay productive while on-the-go. Finally, for those who prefer large tablets for content consumption and creation, Lenovo also launched the S6000, a 10.1-inch tablet that boasts a 1280x800 LED IPS display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 32GB internal storage and 6,340mAh battery. It also has The A3000 is for those who tend to do much more on their tablets such as mul -tasking and possibly even document and photo edi ng With this mobile “home entertainment” centre, users can switch seamlessly from entertainment to social media and more as the S6000 packs quite impressive hardware optional support for HSPA+ connectivity, which means users won’t have to search high and low for a WiFi hotspot as they can stay connected wherever they go. Even with all these features, the S6000 costs only RM1,099.
  8. 8. news local news The Best To Come From Sony Sony brings a bit of IFA here to Malaysia S ony Mobile has finally taken its gloves off, and is introducing a wide variety of smart devices that are sure to bring out the inner geek in you. In conjunction with IFA, which was held in Berlin recently, Sony Mobile Malaysia brought a few of the devices showcased at the German tech event to Malaysia as a regional launch. First off the block is the Sony Xperia Z1, a premium waterproof smartphone, which features the best of Sony’s technologies The Z1 features a Full HD five-inch display and uses Sony’s TRILUMINOS display for mobile, creating rich natural colours that are reminiscent of Sony’s own HDTVs. Powered by a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, Sony has included an equally powerful 3,000mAh battery for long lasting power. Sony’s Battery Stamina mode meanwhile automatically turns off functions that aren’t used when it goes idle to save power, and can be turned back on. Sony has also implemented its acclaimed OmniBalance design using a solid one-piece aluminium frame with tempered glass to ensure that the build retains its precise and premium feel. Much like its predecessors the Z and Z Ultra, the Z1 is waterproof and dust resistant (IP55 & IP58), Besides that, the Z1 is also equipped with a 20.7MP G Lens, that has an aperture count of f/2.0, and a 3x clear image zoom, all powered by a 1/2.3 Exmor RS sensor. To go with the Xperia Z1, Sony has also announced a number of new companion devices, which include the Sony SmartWatch 2, which can be used as a second screen for the Xperia Z1, as it is able to access notifications, act as the Z1’s camera shutter trigger and more. The other star of the show has got to be the Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 devices, both of which are highperformance lens-style cameras, which are designed to be mounted on smartphones, and operated via the smartphone screen, connecting to the devices via NFC. The Sony Xperia Z1 is slated to arrive in Malaysian stores early October, whilst the Sony Smartwatch 2 and QX10 and QX100 cameras will be available sometime in the middle of next month. The Sony Smart Watch 2 is compa ble with a wide variety of Android smartphones The new lens-style camera, Sony DSC-QX100 can be a ached to any smartphone or used as a point and shoot camera Introducing the brand new Sony Xperia Z1 Jason Smith, Director of Marke ng, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Sony Mobile Communica ons (fi h from le ); Cheong Wah Tong, Head of Market, Malaysia, Sony Mobile Communica ons (centre); and Ma hew Lang, Corporate Vice President and Head of Southeast Asia & Oceania, Sony Mobile Communica ons (fi h from right), together with models posing on stage with the new Xperia Z1. 012 october 13 chip malaysia
  9. 9. news local news (From le ): Serena Yong, General Manager Prin ng & Personal Systems Group Singapore & Malaysia, Loh Wai Mun, Country Category Manager Prin ng & Personal Systems Group and James Low, Market Development Manager Consumer Notebook Prin ng and Personal Systems Group Slates Of All Kinds HP’s Android-based devices finally arrive on Malaysian shores F irst announced at HP World in Beijing this year, a number of Android-powered HP devices have begun making their way here to Malaysia, where the company aims to give people more flexibility in how users access and share their information on the move. First of these devices is the HP Slate 7, a seven-inch tablet that weighs in at a very light 370g, which is also the first of HP’s tablets to offer Beats Audio for the best-sounding, richest audio experience on a tablet device. It is powered by a 1.6GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor and uses a High-aperture ratio Field Fringe Switching (HFFS) panel which offers wide viewing angles and excellent brightness, regardless whether you’re indoors or out. The HP SlateBook x2 meanwhile is perfect for people who want a 2-in-1 device for both work and play, as the SlateBook x2 is an Android tablet that 014 october 13 chip malaysia comes with a keyboard dock that also serves as a second set of batteries for the device. The SlateBook x2 runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, which is excellent for both work and play, and the 64GBs of storage inside of it ensures that you have enough space for both. For those looking for a more permanent fixture to the house, HP also has the HP Slate 21 All-In-One PC, featuring a 21.5-inch Full HD touch screen display, perfect for family and friends activities. Also powered by a Tegra 4 processor, the Slate 21 includes DTS Sound technology and has the HP TrueVision HD webcam and Wireless Direct which allows users to share videos, photos and data between devices without the need for an internet connection. All three devices are already available in the Malaysian market right now, with the HP Slate 7 selling for RM499, the HP AIO Slate 21 SlateBook x2 -1 SlateBook x2 for RM1,499 and the HP Slate 21 All-in-One for RM1,099.
  10. 10. news local news It’s All About The Latitude And Precision The Malaysian workforce gets upgrades from Dell T o do their part in meeting the demands of the commercial market, Dell launched a slew of new Latitude Ultrabooks and laptops as well as Precision workstations and laptops. These new offerings from Dell come with all the latest hardware and features, making them some of the most ideal choices for organisations. “The new Latitude 7000 series builds on the success of the award winning XPS and Latitude 6430u to redefine the corporate laptop, complete with security, manageability, reliability and beautiful design. And with the Latitude 5000 and 3000 series, we’ve addressed the needs of today’s dynamic workforce by enabling easy entry into businessclass computing,” said KT Ong, General Manager, Commercial Business, Dell Malaysia. With the new Latitude series of devices, Dell has done a great job at balancing sophisticated design, quality construction and uncompromised durability to offer businesses of all sizes a wide variety of solutions. Reliability is something Dell focused on as these devices are built with hardy materials. The added Corning Gorilla Glass NBT that protects the touch display, StrikeZone shock absorbers, Fast Response Free-Fall sensors and rubber hard drive isolation adds to the devices’ overall durability. The Dell Latitude 7000 series begins at RM3,800 while the Latitude 3000 series has a price tag that begins at RM1,900. Both are already available to purchase. The Latitude 5000 series will be available sometime in October. Dell also delivered what are now their most powerful workstations. Part of the Precision series comes two mobile workstations, the Precision M4800 and M6800 and three new tower workstations, the T3610; T5610 and T7610 that are packed with cutting-edge The La tude 7000 series Ultrabooks come in two different designs, the sleek brushed aluminium design features the touch display while the one in carbon fibre has a nonreflec ve display Despite being the more affordable of new La tude line-up, the 3000 series devices are s ll packed with features that make them ideal for educa on and small business users performance with new workstation-class storage solutions; graphics and scientific and other professional software applications. (From le ): Norhizam Kadir, Na onal Sales Manager, Intel Malaysia; KT Ong, General Manager, Commercial Business, Dell Malaysia; Deepak S. Se y, Director, Technology Solu on Group, Enterprise & Partner Group, Microso (Malaysia) and Wee Liam So, Client Business Development Manager, End User Compu ng Solu ons, Dell Malaysia with the new device 016 october 13 chip malaysia
  11. 11. news local news Sun, Sea, Sand and Samsung Samsung’s brings us to an island getaway to try out their latest Android-powered camera S amsung is not done with their camera launches just yet as they have unveiled the latest in their series of Android-powered cameras in the form of the Samsung Galaxy NX, the first interchangeable lens camera that runs Google’s Android operating system. Featuring a 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the Galaxy NX camera is powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor and runs Android 4.2, with a 4.8inch TFT LCD touch display at the back. The Galaxy NX also uses the DRIMe IV imaging engine, which enables better colour reproduction and greater noise control. According to Julian Thean, Marketing Leader for Digital Imaging, Samsung Malaysia Electronics, the Galaxy NX also features support for an array of wireless connectivity, including 3G, 4G and WiFi so that you can share your photos instantly on the internet without having to transfer them to a computer first. The Galaxy NX’s Hybrid Auto Focus system meanwhile combines phase and contrast detection auto focus types to create crisp and vibrant shots. On top of that, users of the Galaxy NX get to choose between 13 lenses, which include ultra-compact pancake lenses to a versatile zoom to a portrait lens. Equipped with a Samsung Galaxy NX each and a wide variety of lenses, all courtesy of Samsung, we made our way through the island of Pangkor, shooting a wide variety of photos, including streets, people and even animals. Having the freedom to choose lenses when shooting is definitely one of the Galaxy NX’s greatest strengths, besides being able to connect to the internet via 3G and WiFi. The Samsung Galaxy NX will be available in stores starting 30th of Julian Thean, Marke ng Leader for Digital Imaging, Samsung Malaysia September, and will retail for RM4,199 for the camera body and a 16-50mm Electronics zoom lens. The Samsung Galaxy NX is capable of using Samsung’s wide variety of lenses 018 october 13 chip malaysia
  12. 12. news local news This here is the Cyber-shot DSC-QX100, which made huge waves at the recent IFA event in Germany. This 20.2-megapixel lens styled camera can also greatly enhance a smartphones shooter (From le ): Ivy Goh, Head of Marke ng, Sony Malaysia; Satoshi Hatano, Director, Sony Malaysia; Kikuo Okura, Managing Director, Sony Malaysia; Zizan Razak, Sony Brand Ambassador; Lisa Surihani, Sony Camera Brand Ambassador; and Masahiko Ishida, Head of Digital Imaging Department, Sony Malaysia A Camera For Every Occasion And Every User Sony brings out their latest shooters W hile smartphones have replaced cameras as the go-to device for taking photos for many consumers, there are just some things a smartphone can’t do such as swapping out lenses or manually setting all the aspects of a camera to achieve creative shots. So to cater to consumers who agree with those points, Sony Malaysia recently launched a bevy of new cameras that caters to almost every user demographic. First in the spotlight was the new NEX-5T. This camera retains many of the same features as the previous NEX-5 such as the large Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with 16.1-megapixels and Fast Hybrid Auto Focus; these features alone ensure that image quality is still top-notch. What’s new with the NEX-5T is the ability 020 october 13 chip malaysia to connect directly to a WiFi connection so users can easily connect the camera to a smartphone, PC or TV to wirelessly transfer photos or videos and is also the first interchangeable lens E-mount camera from Sony with NFC that allows it to easily connect with Android devices with just a touch. The NEX-5T has a recommended retail price of RM2,299. For the shutterbug who prefers a more “serious” device like a DSLR, Sony also launched the α3000. With 18 interchangeable E-mount lenses, photographers will definitely be able to adapt quickly to their environments and shots they want to achieve. This DSLR is built with a 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor that has higher light sensitivity, which means it is able Designed for those who are passionate about photography, the Sony α3000 is versa le as it has a slew of features and can be equipped with a wide selec on of lenses to grab more light thus reducing image noise. This light weight DSLR also has a new electronic Tru-Finder that boasts a generous 100% field coverage. While the NEX-5T and α3000 were the main stars of the show, some of their limelight was definitely stolen by the Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 and DSC-QX10 len-styled cameras which made headlines at the recent IFA in Berlin. These two devices can either be used independently or paired with a smartphone via NFC. Both these devices will be available in October. The DSC-QX10 features a 18.2-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor with high-quality Sony G Lens while the DSC-QX100 features a large 1.0-type Exmor R CMOS sensor with 20.2-megapixels and has a wideaperture Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T lens. But that wasn’t all, as Sony also showcased three other cameras, one for those who live a more active life, the Action Cam HDR-AS30V; another for those who dream of becoming a singer, the HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder and the last for those who are part of a production house that is looking to start recording in Ultra High-Definition 4K videos, the FDR-AX1.
  13. 13. news local news Protecting And Preparing The Herd ZebraCON 2013, a look into IT security and risk management C ondition Zebra Inc., held its inaugural “ZebraCON 2013: International Conference on IT Security and Risk Management” from the 27 to 29 August at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre. The theme of the convention this year was “Defining the Role of IT Security & Risk Management” was attended by over 300 IT Security & Risk Management professionals from local and international organisations. “The conference this year was a platform for us to achieve greater things next year. We had tremendous support from our partners, media as well as our invited speakers around the world that have made this year’s conference possible. It was the first conference of its kind and with its success this year, we will be hosting ZebraCON 2014 in Malaysia and Australia” said Condition Zebra managing director, Wilson Wong. Throughout the event, besides the very informative and interesting keynote sessions, attendants could also take part in round table discussions where they were given the opportunity to pose their questions and doubts to industry experts who were at the event. The topics and trends that were debated during the conference and two-day workshop included informative risk management, strategy development, and PCI DSS V2.0 compliance. The conference day ended with a special panel discussion on managing risk in critical infrastructure. Wong explained that “Internet security has created a recent buzz in the news due to the rising cases of hack-related events that had emerged over the past year. This conference was organized in creating awareness for participants in realizing what are the threats involved and the solutions that participants are able to implement to their business the next day” Besides just the workshops and discussions, attendants of ZebraCON 2013 also had the chance to meet and rub shoulders with leading industry experts such as Chris Farrow, Office of Risk Management – Compassion International & SANS Community Instructor; Jim Manico, VP Security Architecture of WhiteHat Security, and Dennis Moreau, Senior Technology Strategist at RSA Security and many more. There were plenty of other highlights during the conference but one of the best had to be the live demonstration by Jim Manico as he highlighted the vulnerabilities of hacking a user’s credit card credentials to the audience. The live hacking demonstration showed that anyone equipped with the skills are able to alter sensitive information with relative ease. During his presenta on, Jim Manico showed the crowd how easy it is to hack and steal one’s credit card info Panel discussion: Failing to plan means planning to fail ZebraCON 2013 Organisers and Keynote Speakers The highly sought-a er Expert-led training 022 october 13 chip malaysia
  14. 14. news local news The DocuCentre S1810 (le ) and DocuCentre S2010 (right), look iden cal and share many features but both have a difference when it comes to Copy Speed and Print Speed Simon King, Value Product Segment Manager, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific (le ) and Ken Lee, General Manager of Print Channels, Fuji Xerox Malaysia (right) giving the new DocuCentre Mul -func on devices a thumbs up Multi-Faceted Devices Ideal For SMBs Fuji Xerox launches affordable, high-quality and efficient DocuCentres I n an event held in their very own headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. officially launched their award-winning trio of A3 DocuCentre multi-function devices. These new S1810, S2010 and S2420 were designed to meet all the requirements of small and medium businesses and come with the abilities to copy, print and scan and much more. “The DocuCentre S2010, S1810 are easy-to-use multifunction solutions that are perfect for small businesses seeking to upgrade their daily productivity without having to bear significant upgrade costs. They are very high-quality, entry-level A3 monochrome multifunction devices, and the stylish design will make them a welcome addition to any office,” said Ken Lee, General Manager, Fuji Xerox Printer Channel Malaysia. “The DocuCentre S2420 will meet the high-volume demands of small to mediumsized business, managing continuous 024 october 13 chip malaysia usage and large print jobs with ease, without costing a fortune. The devices allow businesses to quickly and efficiently print quality and professional documents in house.” One of the many appeals of the new DocuCentres includes the fact that they are very user-friendly and easy-to-use. This is because Fuji Xerox has designed the new printers in such a way that everything is right at the fingertips of users thanks to the control and display panel. All three devices also come with one touch keys that provide users with easy access to the most common operations; they also come with an exclusive key for ID card copying and paper settings. This three new devices also feature an all new design language as they now sport a wider output space and dark blue output tray, which offers users better visibility so that they can quickly and easily locate print jobs. All three also come with an electronic Like most devices designed for SMBs, they are expandable and can be fi ed with op onal accessories. Seen here is the DocuCentre S2420 with accessories such as the stand, one tray module and two tray modules fi ed sort function that makes print large number of documents a simpler affair. Efficiency also happens to be one of the key focus points of the new DocuCentres and Fuji Xerox have made certain improvements that helps reduce the running costs without compromising quality. One of the ways this is achieve is that all three have a special tank that collects unused toner and recycles it, in turn saving on waste and also time. For the more eco-conscious organisations, the DocuCentre S2010 and S1810 also use EA-Eco toner, which fuses to the page at temperatures at up to 20-degrees Celcius, this feature alone helps reduce the printers’ power consumption up to 20%. These three impressive DocuCenters are already available in the market and are price at RM5,299 for the DocuCentre S1810, RM5,599 for the DocuCentre S2010 and RM6,999 for the DocuCentre S2420.
  15. 15. news local news Caring & Helping Hands Acer Malaysia exceeds goals for Stop Hunger Now A cer Malaysia has made good on their promise to help the poor as not only did they manage to raise RM60,000 for Stop Hunger Now but on 21 September, which was also World Peace Day, Acer with the help of caring and generous Malaysians managed to pack 60,000 meals in 6 hours. By the end of the day, Acer Malaysia with the help of over 250 volunteers churned out an average of 27.8 meal packs or 166.7 meals a minute. Remy Wong, 25, an Advertising and Promotion Executive from Kuala Lumpur, who lent a hand to help pack the meals said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to do my small part in giving back to society. My daily lunch costs almost RM10. While it is just one meal for me, the same amount can feed up to 10 people via Stop Hunger Now meal packs. Until now, I didn’t realise that my one lunch can make a difference to so many people. I am inspired by this deed by Acer Malaysia and Stop Hunger Now to do Carynne Ooi, Regional Marke ng Manager of Acer Asia Pacific banging the gong to my part to help. And I will announce that the 30888th meals packed definitely be making more effort to not waste food now!” Ever since they started this programme with Stop Hunger Now in July this year, Acer Malaysia has held various activities such as product auctions where RM5 from every product sold at the PIKOM PC Fair, Malaysian IT Fair and Acer roadshows went to the cause. Acer themselves also donated RM10,000 as a kick-off fund. Volunteers adding dehydrated vegetables to the meal pack Coming Of A New Age Lenovo ushers in the PC+ Era with Do+ devices T he IT landscape is an ever-changing and rapidly evolving one and to keep up with consumers’ needs and wants, manufacturers such as Lenovo have to be constantly on their toes. On 19 September, Lenovo invited members of the media to a session where they shared their plans on how they plan to lead the PC Plus space. PC Plus is Lenovo’s way of categorising smart connected devices, which include devices such as convertible tablets/laptops. According to Kevin Beck, Senior Worldwide Competitive Analyst, Lenovo Customer Centers, the ever-growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Consumerisation has brought about new IT challenges. Because of these trends, users are now very reliant on their personal devices especially at work, this in turn has caused quite a bit of headaches for IT managers especially in terms of security as a poorly secured Kevin Beck, Senior Worldwide Compe ve Analyst, Lenovo Customer Centers (le ) and Khoo Hung Chuan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia were the hosts and speakers for the device can cause session data leakage and also becomes a loophole for malware to information but also cloud services to store enter an office’s backend. their files. Other key points highlighted by Beck To cater to these ever-changing needs, is also the trend of mobile computing Lenovo already has a strong line-up of PC and how many workspaces are now devices that will enable users to do more. adopting a more flexible stance in terms Many of these new PC Plus devices are of productivity and entertainment in part of the ThinkPad family and retain the the office. Then there’s also the need same durability, manageability and security for constant connection as employees that Lenovo is famous for. rely heavily on the World Wide Web for chip malaysia october 13 025
  16. 16. news local news The First Round Of Fun MSI organises get-together for fans of their Gaming series devices O n a bright and sunny Saturday morning, MSI Malaysia decided to do a little something to show their appreciation to their fans who are also gamers. So on 14 September, they organised a little gamers’ gathering for their fans of their Facebook page. This event was also MSI’s way of getting closer to their fans and getting to know them better so that they can further fine-tune their products to suit their fan’s requests. Before the event was kicked into high-gear, two lucky fans were invited to play a round of DOTA 2 with pro-gamers from the DuskBin team. This gave them a chance to learn from the pros and also interact with them. After their game was over, that was when things started to get a little more exciting. First up, Suriya Konkham, Marketing Manager, MSI South Asia was invited up on stage to give a presentation Jerry Lu, Country Manager, MSI Malaysia (5th from le ) was all smiles when he was on what makes MSI’s asked to pose for a photo with some of MSI’s most hardcore fans who arrived at the gaming notebooks event even before it began such as the GT70 and Among these accessories, the lucky ones GE40 2OC Dragon Eyes stand out were those who took home with them against other gaming notebooks from the limited edition Siberia headphones competing brands. His presentation which bore MSI’s Gaming logo and covered features the likes of the Killer colour scheme. E2200 Game Networking, SteelSeries All in all, it was definitely a great day Keyboard, Cooler Boost technology and for gamers who made their way down to NOS design. the event but for those who couldn’t join After his presentation was done, them, MSI looks to have more events MSI then proceeded to a quiz session like these throughout the year. where fans got a chance to take home SteelSeries accessories such as gaming keyboards, mice and headphones. Decked To The Nines Ninetology opens its first flagship touch point at Low Yat Plaza T he Ninetology U9 series of smartphones were launched not too long ago by the ASEAN company, and just recently, they’ve also opened up their flagship touch point store in Low Yat Plaza, one of the country’s biggest IT malls here in Kuala Lumpur. Eddy Tay, Head of Channel of Ninetology Malaysia (From le ): Celebrity, Iqwal Hafiz; Ang Ciang Teng ,CEO of Awesome Produc on; Vijian Chan, Chief Marke ng said that the launch of the store had a significant Officer, Ninetology Malaysia; Shian, Chief Finance Officer, Ninetology Malaysia; Sean Ng, Chief Execu ve bearing on the company’s rapid growth as one of Officer, Ninetology Malaysia; Ninetology Spokesperson, Z-Chen; Marco Beh, Chief Opera ons Officer, ASEAN’s up-and-coming mobile device maker, having Ninetology Malaysia; Michael Lee, General Manager, Property Management and Opera ons of Plaza Low Yat; made its mark in the ASEAN region during the past two Eddy Tay, Head of Channel, Ninetology Malaysia and Celebrity, Sasi the Don years, and thanked the government for fostering an environment that is conducive for business. “Our flagship Touch Point celebrates this freedom of business and expression with a wide offering of smartphones that caters to consumers with a wide variety of interests including technology, fashion, sports and so on.” Said Tay. Ninetology has also stated that this is only the first of many touch point stores that they will open, with plans for eight more stores in Klang Valley underway, and eight more around Malaysia to follow soon after. Ninetology’s Flagship Touch Point Store is located on the Ground Floor of Low Yat Plaza and opens from 10am to 10pm every day. 026 october 13 chip malaysia
  17. 17. news local news ATIV-ate Your Life Samsung launches the new ATIV Book 9 Lite ultra-thin notebook in two variants W ith all the smartphones and tablets that they’ve been launching over the past few months, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that the company also has a notebook division that’s just as robust as their mobile devices department. The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite is the Korean tech giant’s answer to your ultra-thin notebook needs. The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite features a 13.3-inch 1366x768 pixel display in two variants, one with a multi-touch screen, and one without. Both these models are powered by the same 1.4GHz quad-core processor, which is a collaboration between AMD and Samsung, as it also features a shared AMD Radeon HD 8250 discrete GPU. It is also fitted with a 128GB SSD and 4GBs of (From le ): Alec Khor, Head of NPC Product Marke ng, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; Wong Man Ngee, DDR3 RAM Director of Informa on Technology Solu ons Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; Kwon Jae Hoon, to provide Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; Kim JunHak, Business Manager of Informa on Technology users with Solu ons Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics in turn allow them to view maps, photos a fast boot speed of eight seconds, and and even edit files on their phones via the a wake up time of two seconds. Even notebook. with just a 2-cell 30Wh battery, Samsung The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite is has claimed that the ATIV Book 9 Lite is available in two colours, Marble White for capable of lasting up to eight hours on a the non-touch variant and Mineral Ash full charge. Black for the touch variant, both of which On top of that, the notebook also are available at Samsung retail outlets for comes with a feature called Samsung RM1,999 and RM2,399 respectively. SideSync, which allows users to connect their smartphones to the notebook and The Next Stage In Evolution For The Z10 Malaysia one of the first countries to get first dibs on the BlackBerry Z30 I t seems that BlackBerry really likes Malaysia as one of their key markets as they announce the availability of the widely anticipated BlackBerry Z30 here in Malaysia. The phone is BlackBerry’s biggest yet, featuring a five-inch display and BlackBerry 10.2 operating system, which offers a number of new features and refinements compared to its predecessors. The BlackBerry Z30 is powered by a 1.7GHz, which is propped up by a 2,880mAh battery, the most powerful processor and largest battery yet on a BlackBerry smartphone. As mentioned earlier, the Z30 also has a five-inch screen, which consists of a Super AMOLED display that helps makes colours on Deborah Priya Henry, Annamalai Muthu, Managing Director, Malaysia, BlackBerry; the smartphone clearer and Adrian Faull, Regional Managing Director, Southeast Asia & ANZ, BlackBerry and Damian Tay, Senior Director, Product Management, Asia Pacific, BlackBerry with the more vivid. all new BlackBerry Z30 at the launch Some of the new features introduced in BlackBerry using, without actually leaving the app. It’s 10.2 include BlackBerry Priority Hub, an certainly a very convenient way to get to improved version of the BlackBerry Hub, your messages quickly without having to which now allows you to set which e-mails abruptly stop whatever you’re doing. and messages are more important to you, Malaysia is one of the first few countries so that you can get to them faster than the in the world that will receive the BlackBerry rest of the messages. Z30 device, and will be available first BBM has also been improved, and can through Celcom on the fifth of October, now be accessed from any app that you’re with the other telcos joining in two weeks currently running using the Peek feature, later. The BlackBerry Z30 will retail for which also allows you to instantly get to RM1,998. the message from whatever app you’re chip malaysia october 13 027
  18. 18. news local news Another Idol Born Alcatel launches the OneTouch Idol X smartphone W ant a powerful, yet affordable smartphone to amp-up your mobile and social media life? Alcatel has recently announced their latest flagship OneTouch smartphone in the form of the Alcatel OneTouch Idol X, featuring a five-inch, Full (From le ): Jason Khor, Business Development Manager, TCT Mobile Malaysia Sdn Bhd, KL Kong, Country HD IPS display and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor in a Manager, TCT Mobile Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Alan Bong, Execu ve Director, Ten Ten Telecommunica ons Sdn Bhd, flanked by brand ambassadors slim chassis, running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Idol X is made to look even more impressive thanks to Alcatel’s “0” bezel which affords the phone an even bigger display area in a more portable form factor, thanks to the full lamination technology that leaves no air gap in between the LCD and touch panel. The IPS technology used with the phone also gives the Idol X the best viewing angles, which come in at more than 170 degrees. A 13.1-megapixel camera also allows users to take stunning images with the Idol X, whilst the OneTouch LIVE brings great apps to the phone, expanding its usability even further. “We are very optimistic with the Malaysian market after having two successful launches and market acceptance since the end of last year. We want to thank the consumers for their trust with the Alcatel OneTouch.” Said Mr. KL Kong, Country Manager of TCT Mobile Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The Alcatel OneTouch Idol X is available at authorized retailers nationwide for the price of RM1,099 and comes in the colours red and black. The New Breeds Siemens Malaysia uncovers talented next generation of game developers created the SieMyCity Competition to get the youth of today thinking about a sustainable Seen here with President & CEO of Siemens Malaysia, Prakash Chandran and Tan Chin Ike, tomorrow. We wanted Chairman of MyGameDev2020 are the teams from various universi es and ins tu ons who took part in the compe on. the young participants to understand the trade-offs involved in addressing real he gaming industry is one of the challenges that cities face – climate fastest growing industries and change, urbanisation, globalisation, many education institutions are safety and security. We wanted to offering game design as a syllabus. To encourage the youth to translate their help grow the local game developer approaches to urban sustainability community, Siemens Malaysia into a platform that would be fun, yet organised the SieMyCity: Build Your educational and informative”. Ideal KL Competition and the winners Participants of the contest were of the competition were awarded on 12 tasked to create a game that also served September. as an educational tool that would clearly Prakash Chandran, President and CEO visualise the effects of sustainable of Siemens Malaysia, commented, “We T 028 october 13 chip malaysia development as well as spread a more relatable vision of sustainability to the Malaysian public. SieMyCity saw 11 teams represent eight different local tertiary institutions but at the end of the competition, the team called The Rook from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia who walked away with the first prize, which was an all-expense paid trip to attend a short sustainability course in Berlin. They and the first and second runner ups also took home cash prizes and earned the mentorship of MyGameDev2020 and the technical support and guidance of Microsoft. Their games will also have the opportunity to turn their concepts into full-fledged games.
  19. 19. news local news More Than Just A Store Samsung ups the ante with its flagship store in Gardens Mid Valley A s Samsung Malaysia launches new products almost every other week, the company has New Samsung Experience Store makes its mark in Malaysia – The ribbon-cu ng ceremony conducted by Ma hew deemed it necessary to upgrade its store in Ng, Head of Sales Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (third from le ), Vincent Chong, Head Gardens Mid Valley to accommodate it all. Deciding of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (fi h from le ), Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, that just refurbishing the store would be kind of boring, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (sixth from le ), Wilson Wee, Managing Director, Welfon Telecommunica on (seventh from le ) and Jus n Joo, Business Manager, Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics the Korean tech giant also decided to leverage its wide (eighth from le ) variety of devices to turn the shop into an Experience Store for all to enjoy. Located on the third floor of Gardens Mid Valley, Samsung’s new Experience Store is more than just a shop with a lot of gadgets. Besides rows upon rows of Samsung devices, which include a wide variety of smartphones and cameras, Samsung has also set up Experience Zones such as the Product Experiential Zone, which houses Samsung’s latest products and devices for users to check out. Other sections include the Kids Zone, where kids can unleash their creativity via Samsung devices, the Smart Home that recreates a living room environment that is equipped with a wide variety of Samsung products, and even the Smart Academy, where customers get to learn how to use Samsung devices, including smartphones, cameras and notebooks. A Celebration For Change HTC Malaysia celebrates 17 years of change with their very own day F or 17 years, HTC has been a company that constantly innovates through their smartphones and to celebrate this milestone, HTC Malaysia officially launched HTC Day at their concept kiosk at The Gardens Mall on 21 September. Seen here with the HTC Malaysia team is Vince Chong, local celebrity and emcee for “HTC has always been the trend-setter in challenging the status the event (1st from le ); Sirpa Ikola, Senior Marke ng Director of HTC South Asia (3rd from le ) and SK Wong, Country Manager of HTC Malaysia (3rd from right) with the HTC quo in smartphone technology. We produced the first Android Malaysia team smartphone and also pioneered the touch-screen feature in smartphones,” said SK Wong. “This commitment definitely did not end there as we launched the flagship HTC One that introduced a full-aluminium unibody and a dual front speaker that no one has done before.” During this celebratory event, HTC also introduced the HTC Switch program as well as a new customer service procedure in support of the Here’s to Change campaign that was rolled out recently. “HTC’s first ‘Here’s to Change’ advertisement featuring Robert Downey Jr., carries the creative message that HTC caters to a variety of different people through the actor’s creative, quirky and rebellious attitude. Robert Downey, Jr. is given creative control and has heavily defined the direction of the ad,” said Sirpa Ikola, Senior Marketing Director of HTC South Asia. Other than that, HTC One X owners also had a chance to upgrade their older device to a new HTC One with a special trade in program on that day. Finally, HTC also introduced their new customer service whereby customers can have their misbehaving devices diagnosed or sent for repairs without leaving their doorstep. All it takes is just a call to the new HTC Careline. chip malaysia october 13 029
  20. 20. news local news Infinity In Your Hands ASUS announces availability of the ASUS PadFone Infinity in Malaysia T ablets and smartphones are hot-selling commodities in the Malaysian tech space. Whilst both devices are equally as lustworthy, wouldn’t it be a lot more convenient and cost-saving if you could have both at once? ASUS has just the solution for you in the form of the ASUS PadFone Infinity. The PadFone infinity is as sleek as it is powerful. Featuring a slender unibody which is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium and a 5.0-inch full HD display, it is powered by a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor and runs Android 4.1. ASUS is also generous with the storage space as they have provided users with 64GBs worth of digital space to use. The main draw of the PadFone Infinity however, is that it comes with a 10.1 inch tablet dock called the PadFone Infinity Station, which also offers users a sleek aluminum unibody build and full HD display much like the phone. By itself, the PadFone Infinity provides users with 19 hours of talktime, but when docked into the Infinity Station, you get a massive 20 hour boost in battery life, bringing it to 40 hours when both devices are fully charged. The ASUS FonePad infinity is available at all ASUS retail outlets and participating stores since and has a recommended retail price of RM2,699. The ASUS PadFone Infinity con nues on ASUS‘ tradi ons of mul -faceted devices The Latest Quartet of PowerShot Canon launches new PowerShot cameras for both pros and newbies A fter the launch of a few new DSLRs such as the 70D and the 700D, Canon has also announced the availability of four new point and shoot cameras in their PowerShot Series. Made for professionals and semiprofessionals in mind, the PowerShot G16 and PowerShot S120 are Canon’s top-of-the-line cameras that feature the fastest auto focus (AF) speeds in any Canon compact camera today. Powered by Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processor and a new 12.1MP CMOS sensor, the PowerShot G16 is capable of capturing image at full resolution of up to 12.2 fps in P mode and 5.7 fps with AF, while the PowerShot S120 reaches up to 12.1 fps in P mode and 5.5 fps with the new AF. The PowerShot SX510 HS and SX170 030 october 13 chip malaysia IS meanwhile was made for those who want something even more compact in mind. Featuring a similar 12.1MP CMOS sensor seen on the PowerShot G16 and S120, the SX510 HS has a 24mm 30x optical zoom lens and has Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor inside. The PowerShot SX170 IS is a 16MP shooter with a 28mm 16x optical zoom lens, and is able to go up to 32x thanks to the ZoomPlus function. Similar to the SX510 HS, the SX170 IS is powered by a DIGIC 4 processor. All four PowerShot Cameras are available at participating retail outlets now, with the Canon PowerShot G16 retailing for RM1,899, the PowerShot S120 for RM1,599, the SX510 HS for RM1,099 and the SX170 S for RM699. With its impressive capabil es, the PowerShot G16 will sa sfy just about any photographer For such a compact device, the PowerShot SX170 IS packs quite an impressive list of features
  21. 21. news local news As Clear As Day BenQ’s new monitors give gamers a visual advantage F or a gamer, choosing a monitor can be as important as choosing the right t components for a computer, as looks, visuals and features all come into play as the monitor is the thing you’ll be looking at the longest when on the computer, after all. BenQ Malaysia has finally announced the availability of the BenQ XL Series of gaming monitors aimed at giving the gamers the best displays money can buy. The two monitors from this series now available here include the BenQ XL2420T and the BenQ XL2411T. Alongside this, BenQ is also launching GROM - Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management, the key improvement incorporated into this new XL monitor, which they describe as a game-changing display innovation that takes competitive gaming to new heights. Both these monitors feature BenQ’s Flicker-free technology that reduces eyestrain from looking at the monitor for long hours. There are also the Display and Smart Scaling modes that allow users to customize the displays’ refresh rate which ranges from 100, 120 and 144Hz, resolution and also screen size. The BenQ XL2420T and XL2411T monitors are both available in local stores right now, for the price of RM1,699 for the XL2420T and RM1,499 for the XL2411T. Seen here is the BenQ XL2411T For those who want something that looks cooler, there‘s the BenQ XL2420T Portable Storage For Your Mobile Devices Seagate ups the ante with portable HDDs for your mobile devices L ack of storage space is a problem that is starting to creep up with a lot of smartphone and tablet users as of late. Whilst services such as Dropbox and do help, accessing these cloud storage services require an internet connection which may not always be available to you, or is sometimes just too slow. Seagate has just the solution for you in the form of the Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD, which is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. It is also integrated with the Seagate Mobile Enhancement Kit, which includes Seagate’s Dynamic Data Driver software technology and this allows the portable drive be used with smart devices. The Ultra Mobile HDD has up to 500GBs of storage and uses only about 01.4W of battery power, which is great as a lot of smartphones and tablets aren’t exactly known for long-lasting battery power. In order to make the pair work, the Ultra Mobile HDD also comes with the Seagate Mobile Enablement Kit, which makes the connection between the two devices possible. For those who simply want the Ultra Mobile HDD for its thinness, there is also an option where users can opt out of the Mobile Enablement Kit. S Seagate‘s latest storage solu on is perfect for the got ‘ l t t t l i f t f th ge er who relies heavily on his or her smartphone and tablet for work and entertainment chip malaysia october 13 031
  22. 22. news world wired web A Pen That Detects Errors During Writing Microsoft Opens More Of Its Own Stores Microsoft wants to open more new stores worldwide in the future so that interested consumers can try out products of this Redmond company before purchasing them. To date, Microsoft already has 75 stores just in America alone. During Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference, they announced that there will be more than a 100 stores worldwide. According to a report in the Financial Times, Microsoft was reported to be in negotiations with shop owners in England, late last year. As compared to Apple stores, the number of a 100 stores planned by Microsoft are considered to be small. The company from Palo Alto already has 400 stores worldwide. Monitor Movements Using WLAN The Kickstarter project known as Lernstift is for a pen that has a built-in vibrator, which vibrates when a user makes a mistake when writing. To achieve this, the developers have packed a small Linux computer in the pen and equipped it with a motion sensor. It doesn’t matter what surface you write on, the pen is able to recognise these errors. In the upcoming version of the Lernstift, it will be integrated with grammar rules. In addition, the pen will also be fitted with a WLAN module so that it can be used by children to play educational games. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a technology, which allows them monitor movements of people through walls. To do so, they used a device called Wi-Vi that sends out WLAN radio signals which is then processed the signals, so that the developers can understand the movements in a room. The portable Wi-Vi device is supposed to aid rescue services. With this technology trapped victims can be found quickly and easily in case of natural disasters. First Details Of Microsoft’s Smart watch MSI Announces AMD FM2+ Military Class 4 Motherboard MSI have not forgotten AMD just yet, as they have just announced that their latest FM2+ motherboard, the AMD A88X-G43 motherboard will be in the market soon. The motherboard will support all current FM2 Trinity, Richland and the upcoming Kaveri APUs, alongside 3+1 screen Eyefinity without the need of an external GPU. MSI is also utilising its Military Class 4 components for this motherboard, together with OC-Genie 4, the CLICK BIOS 4 UEFI BIOS and the Control Center software which combines monitoring, tuning and remote controlling functionalities. 032 october 13 chip malaysia Details of Microsoft’s upcoming Smartwatch have surfaced and according to the information, the watch will feature a 1.5-inch display and a detachable strap. Apparently, the display will not be made of glass but is actually transparent aluminium oxynitride, which is four time harder. The Smartwatch will also run on a special version of Windows 8, has an internal flash memory and will be LTE compatible. Unfortunately, there is still no news yet on when they will be available. 11% IS HOW MUCH THE PC MARKET SHRANK IN THE SECOND QUARTER OF 2013. IN THE FIRST QUARTER IT SHRANK AS MUCH AS 14 %
  23. 23. news world wired web Microsoft Assisted NSA In Spying Intel Launches New Multicore SoC The software company was not only the first co-operation partner of Prism but also the most forthcoming made this messenger interception friendly. Thanks to a technical adjustment, NSA could read Skype chats three times more than before. Microsoft announced in a statement to The Guardian that it would work with the government only “in cases required by law”. Furthermore, the company also stressed that the government agency received access to user data “only in isolated cases”. It was revealed in June that the government agency was informed of the security gaps in products from the users. In addition, Microsoft has been co-operating with the US secret service since December 2007. Hence, it was the first amongst the new IT companies to participate in this. A small note on the side: Microsoft’s tagline is: “Your privacy is our priority”. Facebook Graph Search: Privacy risk Facebook has enabled its social search, known as Graph Search for everyone who has their profiles with the language setting in English (US). Unlike Google, it does not comb through the Internet but through the Social Graph, i.e. all the data shared by users on Facebook. Graph Search does not only detect key words but it also understands the context. For example, if users search for “Friends living in Munich who like BMW”, Facebook draws up a list of contacts matching the description. However, the capacity of meaningful data linking can be dangerous. Most of the “Like” details regarding private information can put the users in a bad light. The search for “Single ladies living in Berlin who like to drink” produces up to a dozen hits. Most of these exposures can put off potential employers. You can be protected against this in just three steps: 1. It is advisable to make the status updates and personal information visible only to friends. The options for this is given in the Menu “Info” and in the privacy settings. 2. Even the visibility of old posts, photos and activities must be set to “Private” or “Only to friends”. This can be done in the “Photos” menu as well as in the activity protocols. 3. Moreover the potentially embarrassing “Like” details can be deleted. 034 october 13 chip malaysia American Authorities Unwelcomed At Def Con During the recent hacking conference, Def Con held in Las Vegas on August, organisers of the conference, asked government service employees to stay away for the first time in its 21 year history. The reason for this is due to the spying programs of NSA. Def Con founder, Jeff Moss was afraid that some of the conference participants would feel uneasy because of the presence of government representatives. However, there wasn’t a “Witch hunt” for the government employees. 45 IS THE APPARENT NUMBER OF ASSASINATION PLOTS THAT WAS DISCOVERED BY PRISM SINCE 2007. PHOTO: REUTERS/ROBERT GALBRAITH A pparently Microsoft was a model student amongst the co-operation partners of the NSA. The English newspaper, The Guardian found out in July, Microsoft readily revealed to the secret service on how the coding of user data can be dealt with. Even before the start of the Webmail service, the authorities knew about on how its information exchange was achieved. Even the time when the service was still Hotmail, NSA monitored the correspondences of its 420 million users. However, Microsoft not only handed the general key for encoded messages to the secret services: It also worked at facilitating access for the FBI to all the data saved in the Cloud SkyDrive. It is predicted that 250 million users were affected by this. Only nine months after buying Skype, Microsoft Built on its leading 22nm tri-gate technology and the new Silvermont microarchitecture, Intel launched three new multicore SoCs for tablets, 2-in-1 devices, all-in-ones, laptops and desktops. The Intel Atom Z3000 series, is currently the most powerful SoC for tablets to date and delivers and ideal balance of performance, battery life, graphics and features for consumers and businesses.
  24. 24. news world wired web IN BRIEF INSTAGRAM CAN DO MORE NOW Facebook has upgraded the features of its PhotoApp, Instagram with two new functions. Users can now record 15 second videos that can be edited and enhanced with filters, clips and photos can also be integrated on Blogs and Websites. HOLLAND WANTS TO BE FUEL FREE The government in Netherlands is promoting the development of electric transportation. In the next two years, Holland will have more than 200 charging stations for electronic vehicles. There will be a maximum distance of 50km between the charging stations. The tank systems are operated with solar cells and are supposed to fill batteries of electric cars in 15 to 30 minutes. The Swiss engineering firm ABB and the Dutch company Startup Fastned are responsible for implementing these plans. FINE INSTEAD OF WEB BLOCKING France has reduced the fine for illegal downloads. Pirating content will no longer result in blocked Internet access but fine will be issued. The first offense amounts to RM6,615 and in case of a repeated offense it is RM13,230. The regulation only affects consumers. If someone circulates pirated content, he/she will have their Internet access blocked for up to a year. Create 3D Objects And Buy It On eBay Exact eBay has discovered the market for 3D printing. In July, the online auction house released a free iPhone App “eBay Exact Beta” to the US iTunes store. Users can configure various printing templates on their own and order them in 3D. Currently, at least 18 products are available in the product range, it mainly made up of ornaments and technical accessories. The personalisation options are still limited. Customers can select the desired material and the color. Engraving can also be done. The objects are produced and delivered by the providers like Sculpteo, MarkerBot and Hot Pop Factory, The service is only available in certain parts of the world. Enabling Inactive Mail Addresses On 15 July, Yahoo released inactive Email addresses. Users who haven’t logged in for twelve months lost access to their accounts. In the course of the 30 day deactivation phase, all the private data as well as the saved data were deleted so that the new users cannot access it. Similarly, according to Yahoo, subscribed Newsletters were cancelled and senders of Emails were informed that their address no longer exists. Even online platforms whose users are registered were informed about this change. For users who applied for the free address during this period, he/she was informed if they got the address they wanted in the middle of August. MasterCard and Visa: Ban Payments To VPN Services Credit card companies MasterCard and Visa have instructed their Swedish partner, Payson not to process any payments to VPN providers in the future. Such services enable users to surf websites using an encoded connection. This measure is probably aimed at fighting copyright violations and online piracy. Anonymisation services related to customers were done via Email. NVIDIA Teams Up With Warner Brother Studios for Batman: Arkham Origins NVIDIA has recently announced that it is working with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and WB Games Montreal to optimise Batman: Arkham Origins for NVIDIA GPUs. On top of that, gamers who purchase an NVIDIA GTX 660 or GTX 700 and above graphics card from participating OEMS around South East Asia, such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, Inno3D, MSI and Palit will receive the game for free when it is released worldwide on October 25 this year. Assange’s Hide And Seek Costs RM56,000 Everyday In June 2012, WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange found refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Since then, the British police have been monitoring the embassy around the clock. According to information by the Metropolitan Police, the costs for the British tax payers will amount to RM19.4 million until the end of May. Assange is hiding to escape his extradition from Swedish and American authorities. chip malaysia october 13 035
  25. 25. news security report Data Theft Of The Month FACEBOOK: MILLIONS OF USER DATA LOST Not cracked so far The EMV chip grants protec on from skimming but only in certain countries German Bank Accounts Robbed Overseas Hacked bank account data taken overseas before being used by hackers S ometime in March this year, a group of criminals installed a number of Bluetooth sensors underneath the cash counters in large supermarkets in the city of Niedersachsen. Within the next few days that followed, the criminals were able to hack through the transactions and obtained credit card data and secret numbers of the customers in these supermarkets. It was stated that records from more than 800 credit cards were stolen and saved on a mobile device. With the data they obtained, the criminals made copies of the cards, and withdrew money from bank accounts in countries such as Equador and India. According to security specialists, the reason why the criminals did not use the cards in Germany is because all of the ATMs in Germany only accept cards with an EMV chip, which has various other account data encoded onto it, which the duplicates don’t have. 036 october 13 chip malaysia Card-skimming Security Gets Tighter The EMV chip is the sole reason why card duplication problems never happen in Germany. The problem however lies with the rest of the world, including the USA. However, since April 2013 the US government implemented what they called an EMV liability shift, whereby in cases that involved data theft and fake cards, the issuer or merchant is liable if their banks do not support EMV technology. That being said, many other countries are still far from implementing EMV technology, and for those who have such valuable data, the trip to countries such as Ecuador and India is worth it for the money that they can reap from the accounts. The damage caused by credit card skimming activities in Germany alone amounted to eight million Euros (RM35 million) in the first half of 2013. Information from Facebook accounts, which was blocked by users from the public was disclosed because of a software error. Therefore, Email addresses and phone numbers could easily be downloaded from users‘ profiles. According to a Facebook representative, less than one percent of users were affected by this error, this however, still amounts to six million people. UBISOFT: USER DATA STOLEN In the middle of June, unknown individuals managed to access the server of the game manufacturer Ubisoft. Here the hackers had access to customer names, Email addresses and passwords. Payment details were not affected by the skimming. Ubisoft did not disclose information about the number of user accounts affected but they advice all their customers to change their passwords. ZAP-HOSTING: ALL DATA STOLEN The data hoster ZAP-Hosting was a victim of an elaborate hack attack. The attackers got access to all the customer data saved on Hoster because of a loophole. The attackers copied this data and deleted the versions on the ZAP-Hosting servers. Meanwhile, although the data has been completely recovered from the attack, the stolen data is still missing without a trace till today.
  26. 26. news security report Cyber Threats In Retail Stores Danger Barometer 10 Percent of all Windows XP systems are infected with a virus. However, only 4 percent of Windows 7 systems are infected. High risk F Medium risk Low risk THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES ARE COPIED To get private information, attackers attract their victims most commonly on copies of Mail log-in sites. 30% E-MAILS 20% SOCIAL NETWORK 12% BANKS PAYMENT SERVICES COMPUTER CRIME IN GERMANY The number of cyber crime cases in Germany has risen to over 45 percent in the last ten years. NUMBER OF CYBER CRIME OFFENCES 100.000 80.000 60.000 40.000 20.000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 SOURCE: BKA Number of the Month: 10% OF ALL COUNTRIES ARE THE ORIGIN OF 56% OF ALL PHISING ATTACKS WORLDWIDE linking all sites to head office is critical to business operating processes.” said Dato’ Seri George Chang, Fortinet’s Vice President for Southeast Asia & Hong Kong. To combat this issue, Fortinet has urged the Malaysian retail industry to secure their network infrastructure by deploying network security services such as Multi-threat security systems and in-depth defense for store WiFi. The Risks Of Online Gaming S 6% SOURCE: KASPERSKY 0 ortinet has made a detailed report about the security flaws in major retail stores in Malaysia. The report mentions that a large number of network infrastructure in these stores are unprotected, and hackers can easily gain access to their centralised database just by hacking into these networks. “The retail industry is fast becoming a major target for cybercriminals. For retailers with stores throughout Malaysia, secure network connectivity ince the advent of fast internet, online gaming has become a major source of entertainment for children and young adults, first starting off with MMORPGs on the computer, and has now extended to the mobile platform. Trend Micro recently conducted a survey on Malaysians who play games online, and have found out that 41 percent of these gamers play at least twice a week, whilst 55 percent responded that they are social media gamers. Trend Micro has warned that hacking, cheating, and theft via online means are also on the rise as more people flock to these online games, and cautioned users against giving out their personal details to strangers online. Piggybacking Malware K aspersky’s three month investigation of the Obad.a Trojan reveals that the brains behind it have adopted a new method to spread their malware. This particular Trojan is disseminated via botnets, but not of their own. These hackers piggyback botnets of other criminal groups, and as these other groups launch their own attacks, the Obad.a Trojan takes a ride along with it, making the attacks a twopronged attack. The most interesting distribution model saw various versions of Obad.a spread with Trojan- SMS.AndroidOS. Opfake.a. This double infection attempt starts with a text message to users, urging them to download a recently received text message. If the victim clicks the link, a file containing Opfake.a is automatically downloaded onto the smartphone or tablet. chip malaysia october 13 037
  27. 27. feature legaltech Fighting Crime with Technology Have you ever wondered if the technology used in movies and TV series like CSI are used in real-life? Well they aren‘t as advanced but they actually play quite a huge role in keeping tabs on ex-cons and even the prevention of crimes By Edwin Lee Yong Cieh A practicising lawyer specialising in telecommunications, media & technology law, Edwin is in a constant effort to educate users on the many legal happenings in the IT world T he Royal Malaysian Police Force is in talks with the AttorneyGeneral’s Chambers to monitor the movements and whereabouts of certain accused persons released on bail by tagging them with an electronic monitoring device (“EMD”), which is a new technological security measure introduced by the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (”SOSMA”) and the Criminal Procedure Code (“CPC”). The police are expected to start using the EMD in October 2013. Both the SOSMA and the CPC also introduced new provisions that allow interception of communications by the authorities. The SOSMA was enacted to replace the archaic and draconian Internal Security Act 1950. It provides for special measures relating to security offences for the purpose of maintaining public order and internal security. The CPC, on the other hand, sets out rules relating to criminal procedure in Malaysia for matters such as the mode of arrest; search of body, property or premises; police investigation of a case; prosecution of an accused person; 038 october 13 chip malaysia procedure for trial, etc. The police claim that this is part of their on-going efforts in utilising all the existing laws and technology available to combat serious and organised crimes, in light of the spate of high-profile shootings and the surge in crime rates in the country. This article focuses on the two new technological security measures introduced by the SOSMA and the CPC, namely, the use of EMD and the interception of communication by the authorities. The use of EMD Under the law, a court may, after taking into account the nature of the offence and the circumstances of the case as being sufficient to secure an accused person’s attendance at court, order for an EMD to be attached to the accused person while he is released on bail. Before an accused person is to be attached with an EMD, he will be given an opportunity to be heard as to why he should not be attached with an EMD. Failing to comply with the electronic monitoring requirement will result in the bail being revoked by the court. Any person who tampers or destroys the EMD shall be liable to a fine of not more than RM5,000 or imprisonment of up to 3 years, or both, as well as paying for the damage done to the EMD. The EMD can either be a device, which is attached to a person’s wrist or ankle; a portable tracking device or a site monitoring
  28. 28. feature legaltech device. These devices have a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS)and are linked to a receiving centre by means of a fixed line, radio frequency, satellite or other technology. These devices are capable of transmitting information to the receiving centre in regards to where the device is located at a particular time, if the device is functioning and is also capable of detecting if the device has been tampered with and will transmit information to the receiving centre in such situations. Using EMD to track the movements and whereabouts of accused individuals has proven to be quite effective in many jurisdictions around the world. It is said that the EMD will act as a restraint on recidivists (convicted criminals who return to crime after they are released from prison) as gangs are unlikely to rely upon or re-engage with those who are being monitored. EMD can be used to ensure that the accused person remains in a designated place or does not enter prescribed areas or approach certain people such as the complainants or the witnesses. The police will be immediately alerted if the accused person ignores or goes against the court’s order. It will also be easier for the police to track down the location of the accused person if he jumps bail. Interception of Communication by the Authorities Under the law, the Public Prosecutor, if he suspects that the accused is likely to contain any information relating to the commission of an offence, may authorise any police officer – (a) to intercept, detain and open any postal article in the course of transmission by post; (b) to intercept any message transmitted or received by any communication; or (c) to intercept or listen to any conversation by any communication. The Public Prosecutor also has the power to require a communication service provider to intercept and retain communication, and authorise a police officer to enter any premises to install an interception device. Any information obtained from such interception shall be admissible in evidence at trial. Interestingly, the SOSMA even gives power to a police officer with the rank of Superintendent and above to perform the interception without authorisation of the Public Prosecutor in urgent and sudden cases where immediate action is required leaving no moment of deliberation. What this means is that, the authorities can “eavesdrop” or “wiretap” telephone lines, emails, letters or even web surfing habits over social networking sites without a warrant, as long as the Public Prosecutor considers that it is likely to contain any information relating to the commission of an offence. Senior police officers may also do so on their own accord where circumstances require. Provisions relating to the interception of communication by the authorities are not new in Malaysia. Similar provisions are already found in other legislation such as the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009, Strategic Trade Act 2010, Copyright Act 1987, etc. However, the laws cited above are restricted to communication data only. If the data does not form part of the communication, as far as the law is concerned, the authorities have no power to intercept/access or conduct surveillance on such data unless they have obtained a warrant to access such data. Many have voiced concern that the Public Prosecutor should not be given such a broad power to intercept communication. While it is true that in certain circumstances, interception of communication may be effective in preventing crime and collecting evidence, it should be dealt with within the parameter of natural justice coupled with adequate checks and balances by an independent body. For example, in the UK, the police must obtain a warrant from the Secretary of State before it can carry out interception of communication. The Secretary of State will only issue a warrant if it is satisfied that the police have met the tests of necessity and proportionality. The Secretary of State also publishes an annual report showing the number of warrants issued in a year. The law also does not allow the data collected from interception to be used in court as evidence. In the US, prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it was extremely difficult for the authorities to wiretap communication as it must first obtain a “super-warrant” (so named because it was harder than getting a regular search warrant) from the court, and the authorities were subject to strict oversight and a variety of strong privacy protection obligations. However, these laws were changed shortly after the terrorist attacks. Recent newspaper reports indicate that certain authorities such as the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency have flouted these laws by conducting widespread electronic surveillance on millions of Americans’ telephone and Internet communications, with the help from major US-based telecommunications and Internet companies. In one lawsuit filed against the US Government, a thirty-year NSA veteran claims that the NSA had collected almost 20 trillion transactions over the past 11 years. Conclusion The police are increasingly turning to technology to fight crimes. Police cars are now equipped with cameras and GPS monitoring and tracking devices; crime scenes are videotaped and photographed; and CCTV security cameras are placed at strategic locations throughout the main streets and highways. It remains to be seen as to whether the use of these technologies is illegal and unconstitutional as it could potentially amount to a violation of Article 5 (right to life, personal liberty and privacy) and Article 9 (right to freedom of movement) of the Malaysian Federal Constitution. Having said that, it is understandable that while the criminals are resorting to more sophisticated technology in committing crimes, the authorities should also step up their efforts in fighting crimes. The key is always about striking a fair balance between maintaining national security and protecting the privacy of the individuals at the same time. This is never an easy task, and one hopes that the authorities will only exercise these new powers with restrain, for good cause, and only when absolutely necessary. The view expressed in this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter and does not constitute professional legal advice. You are advised to seek proper legal advice for your specific situation. chip malaysia october 13 039
  29. 29. feature tech spelunk Tech Spelunk The Gold Digger Intel Core i7 4770 ES One of Intel’s highest-end processors at the moment, the Intel Core-i7 comes clocked in at 3.4GHz, but can be overclocked to 3.9GHz, just nice if you need that performance boost for whatever reason. Second to only the Intel Core i74770K, this processor is more than enough to let you do whatever you want to on the PC, be it for office work, watch HD TV series and movies, or even play the latest games. ASUS Z87-Deluxe We’re quite sure that this motherboard wasn’t chosen solely due to the fact that it fits the black and gold theme of me the Gold Digger PC, but you wouldn’t know that just by y looking at it. ASUS went for an image change with their eir Deluxe motherboards, but they also made sure to have a e number of new features such as the Dual Intelligent 4 processors which help improve performance, efficiency, cy, power and system cooling. Another cool new feature the Z87-Deluxe has is that it comes with an external Wi-Fi adapter that to allows the PC to connect to the internet t without needing a cable. ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC C We’ve reviewed the ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC not too t long ago, and we agreed that this card is probably one of e the best bang-for-the-buck graphics cards in the market et right now. The guys at Mod ‘n’ Go Design must have felt elt the same as they decided to go with this one, although it’s h a bit of a shame they didn’t paint the red stripes gold. Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W brid A powerful PC calls for a powerful power supply unit (PSU). Cooler PSU). Master’s Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W was called to action, and the whole idea , behind using this particular PSU is that it will allow users to gradually ers upgrade their machine without worrying that the PSU won’t be able to support future additions to the Gold Digger. 040 september 13 chip malaysia
  30. 30. feature tech spelunk While the PC modding scene has lost it lustre over the years, there are still some diehard customisers out there who are still hard at work and creating some of the most radical looking desktops you will lay your eyes on. This dream machine we have here was designed by the folks at Mod ‘n’ Go Design and they prove that the modding scene is alive and well as they sent us a custom-made gaming PC called “The Gold Digger”, which is made with some of the best components available in the market now. To know more about them and what they do, give their website a visit at mngdesign BY CHIP Team C Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Th The stock front panel of the Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 was replaced with a custom ma made panel which was made using acrylic, whilst the top panel was removed to give the Go Gold Digger a more naked look. The PSU panel was also modified to make it easily rem removable and comes with three plastic rails to keep it secure. Mod ‘n’ Go have decided to do away with an optical disc drive and removed the ODD and HDD cages so that there is m more space for the fan. This also allowed the folks at Mod ‘n’ Go Design to fit in a 360 360mm radiator for a custom water cooling setup. C Cooler Master Seidon 120XL S and Cooler a Master Turbine M Master M Cooling is an important feature of any computer, modded or otherwise, and it is with this in mind that the guys at Mod ‘n’ Go Design went with Cooler Master’s Seidon 120XL cooler and the Turbine Master fans, as both of them are easy to setup and install. The creators of this beast also made sure to spray-paint them gold to fit with the Gold Digger’s theme. Mushkin Chronos Deluxe M 120GB and Mushkin 1 BlackLine PC3-19200 16GB B Kit K M Mushkin is the brand of choice for the SSD and R RAMs, and it is for good reason. Mushkin has been a an enthusiast favourite for storage and memory p products as far back as we can remember, and t their wide variety of products are of high quality a and excellent performance. In order to fit the t theme, the top part of the Mushkin BlackLine’s h heatspreaders were painted gold. A ASUS MX279 LED Monitor T The Gold Digger PC features one of the nicest m monitors we’ve seen in a while, in the form of the A ASUS MX279 LED monitor, which we’ve reviewed i in this month’s issue in the Test Lab section in p page 95. chip malaysia september 13 041
  31. 31. feature the digital rebellion TWITTER REVOLUTION WHISTLEBLOWER, LEAKER AND HACKER The riots after the Iranian presidential election in 2009 were known as the Twitter revolution because the fledgling service was used to coordinate protests for the first time For some, they are heroes and for others they are traitors or even criminals: Whistleblowers pass on confidential documents, which time and again proves to be like primary explosives. The publication by Bradley Manning is even considered as one of the catalyst for the Arab Spring revolution. 2,024,166 65.5 % tweets during the Iran election were recorded by the Web Ecology Project research team during the period between 7 to 26 June. The short messages came from 480,000 users of the Twitter posts about the Iran election and protests came from 10 percent of the users. Majority of the users, 59.3 percent, wrote only 14.1 percent of the total tweets The publication of 250,000 diplomatic telegrams resulted in an international Cable Gate Bradley Manning, scandal in April US Army 2010. Since July 2013, Manning stands before a US military court The passing of internal slides revealed that the monitoring program PRISM and TEMPORA, was used by the Edward Snowden, American and formerly NSA British secret agencies to intercept Internet traffic across the world The US cables and Stratfor e-mails, among others, were published with the help of the Australian platform. He was accused of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks spying in the US Digital Rebellion Social networks are becoming the main medium of major protests and revolutions. Before the youth take to the streets, they first gather online By Benjamin Hartlmaier 40,000 people were on the streets in Germany on 15th October 2011. In other parts of the world, about 1,000 demonstrators gathered in 82 countries, to demonstrate for social change. This day will now be forever remembered as the climax of a new protest culture, which has its roots in the social network sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. The young demonstrators brought together the Hashtag #globalchange, which was used to coordinate actions in advance over the Internet. The initiators of the protests already had experience with the planning of protests over social networks because the so-called “15th October Movement”, included the Spanish Group “Democracia Real Ya” (Real Democracy Now), the Greek movement of the “Empörten”, the occupy movement and other groups from the Arab Spring revolution. All the relevant groups, who had previously organised massive protest on the Internet, were represented on 15th October 2011 (refer to the image on pg 43). The digital rebellion came to a temporary halt, but it was not over. 042 october 13 chip malaysia 25 Twitter users were arrested by police for protests in Turkey in June 2013. The charge against them was: they had spread misleading and offensive information over the short message service. The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Erdogan also termed these social networking sites as “The most pathetic threat to the society”. The Turkish government is now demanding more access to Twitter: The communication minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim stated that “If we want information, we would want somebody in Turkey who can give it to us”. 10 years in prison – the sentence given to the Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond. He pleaded himself guilty to breaking into the systems of the US private intelligence agency Stratfor in 2011. The copied internal e-mails show that the US Department of Homeland Security was actually commissioned for fighting terrorism and also the spying of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The ministry gave special attention to the communications between the demonstrators over the social networking sites. PHOTOS: ISTOCKPHOTO/ALBERTC111; REUTERS/ANTHONY DEVLIN, POOL, LUCAS JACKSON, JOHN KOLESIDIS, PAWEL KOPCZYNSK, UESLEI MARCELINO, JUAN MEDINA, KAI PFAFFENBACH, MURAD SEZER, STRINGER, STR NEW, BOBBY YIP; U. S. ARMY SOURCE: STATISTA.COM; IPSOS The hacker community has repeatedly stolen confidential documents of “opposing” organisations, Anonymous, Web collective such as internal E-Mails of the private US secret service Stratfor in the year 2010