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  1. 1. Scoring Key SA2 2012-13 Std X 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. B OR A 1 C 1 B 1 C 1 B 1 B 1 A 1 D 1 C 1 th Italy was divided into 7 states in the middle of the 18 century- Sardinia- Piedmont were under princely states – North was under Austria - Centre- was ruled by Pope and Southern region was ruled by Spain. The main leaders of Italian unification were- Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia, his Chief Minister Count Cavour- two revolutionary leaders Guiseppe Mazzine and Garibaldi- with the help of these leaders Italy was unified – Victor Emmanuel II was proclaimed king of united Italy. OR Ho chi Minh trail – an immense network of foot paths and roads- used to transport men and materials from north to south – The trail had support bases and hospitals – Supplies were transported in trucks – Some were carried by porters – most of the trail was outside Vietnam. 3 The First World War led to a huge increase in defence expenditure which was financed by war loans and increasing levies – Prices increased – Extreme hardships for the common people – Acute shortage of food due to crop failure – People thought that hardships would end after the war – All these helped in the growth of nationalism. 3 Civil Disobedience Movement – Colonial government began arresting the congress leaders – Arrest of Abdul Gaffar Khan – Angry crowds demonstrated in the streets of Peshawar – Mahatma Gandhi was arrested – Industrial workers in Sholapur attacked police posts, municipal buildings – Government started a policy of brutal repression – Peaceful Satyagrahis were attacked – Women and children were beaten – In such a situation Gandhiji decided to call off the Civil Disobedience Movement. 3 Proximity of jute producing areas – Inexpensive water transport – Good network of railways, roadways and waterways to facilitate movement of raw materials to mills – Abundant water for processing of raw jute – Cheap labour from West Bengal and states of Bihar, Orissa and UP – Kolkata provides banking, insurance and port facilities.(Any three) 3 Presence of big rivers – dissected relief – dense forests – frequent floods and international frontiers – Air transport has made access easier in North Eastern states. 3 Transport plays a significant role in the economy – Quick movement of raw materials and finished products – Helps in people’s mobility – Promotes National Integration – Reduces time and distance between places. 3 Judicious use of minerals – Care for the future generation – Sustainable development – Idea of ‘Save our Earth’ to be materialised. 3
  2. 2. 17. Political party – Group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the Government – Agree on some policies and programme for the society – Political parties contest elections – put forward different policies and programmes – Decisive role in making laws – Forms and runs Government – Play the role of opposition – Shape public opinion – Provide people access to Government machinery and welfare schemes (Any three). 3 18. Pressure groups and movements try to win public support and sympathy by organising 3 meetings, campaigns – filing petitions – Organises strike or disrupt Government programme. 19. Lack of internal democracy – Dynastic succession – Growing role of money and muscle power – Parties do not offer a meaningful choice to the voters. (Any three) 3 20. Right to be informed – Right to choose – Right to seek redressal – Right to represent (Any three) 3 21. No need of collateral security – Reasonable interest rate – timely loans – Women become self reliant – Provides a platform to discuss and act on social issues like health, nutrition, domestic violence. 3 22. Art – Poetry – stories and music aroused nationalist feelings – Folk songs – folk dances created the true spirit of the nation – Karol Kurpinsky celebrated the national struggle through operas and music – turning folk dances like polonaise and mazurka into nationalist symbols – Language played an important role. OR Role of women – Were brave fighters – Women even shot down planes – Women helped in nursing the wounded – Constructed under ground rooms – In the Ho chi Minh trail 70% to 80% were women. 5 23. Champaran – 1916 organised peasant struggle- 1917 – Satyagraha at Kheda - 1918 Cotton mill workers strike at Ahmedabad – 1919 – Nation wide satyagraha against Rowlatt Act – Non co-operation movement – Dandi March. 5 24. Air – Water – Thermal – Land – Noise pollution 5 25. Having formal constitution – elections – ensuring citizen’s rights – Welfare of people – Accountability – Improves the quality of decision making – Democracy is good in principle – Economic disparity – Social injustice – Other discriminations – Democracy can only create conditions for achieving our goals. 5 26. Challenge of expansion – Greater power to local Governments - Extension of federal principles to all units of federation – inclusion of women etc. – Eg. India and US face this challenge. – Deepening of democracy – Strengthening the institutions of democracy – The control and influence of the rich and powerful people in making governmental decisions should be brought down – Every democracy faces the challenge. 5 27. New technology and production methods – increased production standards – Large companies emerged as Multi Nationals Eg. Tata Motors, Infosys – Small producers – hard hit due to stiff competition – Many people became jobless. 5 28. RBI monitors the banks – Whether cash balance is actually maintained – Checks whether banks give loans to small cultivators – Periodic information on how much they lend. 5 29. Consumer redressal is becoming cumbersome – consumers have to engage lawyers – Time consuming – Cash memos are not issued – hence no evidence – Existing laws are not clear on the issue of compensation to consumers. 5
  3. 3. 30. 1X5 I) II) A B A B C Madras Ahmedabad Ankaleshwar Ajmeer Goa
  4. 4. Q.No 30(I) OR 1 2 A C B