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dipping your toes <br />into kanban<br />@davidjbland<br />#agile2011<br />
kanbanpronounced [kahn-bahn]<br />not [kayun-bayun]<br />
kanban 101make work visiblelimit work in progresshelp work to flow<br /><br />
we already work in iterations...can we use kanban?<br />
yes you can!kanban is applied to what you already do.<br />
our story<br />
2 week iterations<br />
open every story<br />
jump from story to story<br />
swarming...?<br />
problems with focus<br />
mistakes...<br />
inspect and adapt<br />
wiplimit on open stories<br />
much better focus<br />
much better flow<br />
fewer issues<br />
enabled pairing& conversation<br />
revisit wiplimiteach retrospective<br />
i proposed idea of removing wip limit<br />
i barely made it out alive<br />
@davidjbland<br />
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Dipping your toes into kanban agile2011


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This lightning talk will illustrate how a real world agile team working within two week iterations began using work in progress limits to increase focus, foster collaboration and manage flow.

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