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Ending a Bad Relationship - Dating and Toilets


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When someone sh*ts on you, it doesn't mean you're a toilet. It means that someone is an a**hole. Don't stick around and be hurt. Move on!

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Ending a Bad Relationship - Dating and Toilets

  1. 1. When Someone Sh*ts on You… prepared by 7thLetterMedia
  2. 3. It doesn’t mean that YOU are a toilet.
  3. 4. NOT YOU
  4. 5. It means THEY are an a**hole.
  5. 7. - Just Kidding -
  6. 8. - You’re ex? -
  7. 9. Just out of a bad relationship? Avoid the a**holes! Find someone better.
  8. 10. Find Someone to Love! Or at least have a great date night to clean that ex stink off you. <3 - Get Out There! prepared by 7thLetterMedia