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Digital pic frame by IW


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Digital pic frame by IW

  1. 1. The Amazing Digital Picture Frame!!! Watch Slideshows and listen to music on a picture frame anywhere in your house!! By Is a be l Wol fe
  2. 2. The 64 MB Digital Picture Frame A tiny processor reads picture data from hardware like computers. Once the pictures are read, the frame can show up to 100 photos in a slideshow.
  3. 3. Why You Should Buy This! You can watch up to 100 photos anywhere in your house! Plays any kind of music while you’re watching! Easy to use downloading software! Includes remote so you can watch anytime, anywhere! Comes in many colors and styles like clear, wooden, and glass!
  4. 4. Made by Hammacher Schlemmer!!! Only $229.95! Buy in stores located in New York City, or order online at!!! Comes with remote, built in speakers, and a lifetime warranty!
  5. 5. Why I think this is a cool gadget: I think that my favorite part about this amazing gadget is that you can immediately show anyone (or watch yourself) a slideshow of your summer or any other event on a picture frame just by pressing a play button on a remote. You can also listen to any music with another click, which means you can lay on your bed listening to your favorite music and watching a slideshow of you and your best friend!!!! I would definitely buy this gadget, and you should too! :)
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