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New Customer


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Interested in scheduling one of our classes? this is what we have to offer. Call 630-229-4434 or e-mail

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New Customer

  1. 1. Classes for the body, mind and spirit
  2. 2. Tai Chi ~ exercise for life!
  3. 3. Why practice Tai Chi? Through practice you can expect to improve posture, balance, coordination, flexibility & strength, reduce blood pressure, stress, release tension, and you can expect a feeling of positive energy to flow through your body.
  4. 4. What the hospitals say ‘ Adults age 70 and older [practicing Tai Chi] reduced their risk of falls by more than 70%.’ Johns Hopkins Medical Letter ~ September 2005 ‘ Tai chi has been firmly established as the exercise routine for balance.’ Harvard Health Letter ~ August 2006
  5. 5. Meeting one hour each week Classes run on a six week session Recommended as an ongoing class
  6. 6. Exercise for all! Tai Chi is appropriate for participants of all ages and fitness levels, the exercises are characterized by low impact, slow, graceful movements. New students are always welcome!
  7. 7. With the body, mind and spirit in balance you can achieve a state of peace and tranquility, be able to relax more, have increased vitality and energy, be more focused and attentive. Mind Spirit Body
  8. 8. New students are always welcome in all of our classes!
  9. 9. Gather around the sacred geometry of the Labyrinth and experience a centuries-old spiritual practice.
  10. 10. Walking the Labyrinth One class, one hour, recommended once per catalogue
  11. 11. Unlike a maze, which has many dead ends and wrong choices designed to trick the mind, a labyrinth is a design with a single winding, unobstructed path from the outside to the center.
  12. 12. When walking the Labyrinth you get the impression of going on a long journey with lots of twists and turns, getting closer then farther away before finally reaching your destination.
  13. 13. Gain peace and engage mystery for personal and spiritual renewal.
  14. 14. Natural Energy Healing
  15. 15. Can I really heal? Yes you can; we all have innate healing abilities. In this class you will learn to tap into that inner wisdom and using the natural energy of the universe help yourself and your family; heal.
  16. 16. What people have said “ We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” Doctor Mehmet Oz – Vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University.
  17. 17. One day 9:00am to 5:00pm or 2 hours for four weeks
  18. 18. This is a practical, hands-on workshop under the guidance of a Reiki Master Teacher and Qigong Instructor. Natural energy can help you to re-establish balance and harmony on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes so that the natural function of your body is restored and its natural ability to heal itself is activated.
  19. 19. Holistic Ceremonies [email_address] Reverend John Robertson 630-229-4434 We are available to preside over marriages, weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, civil and religious unions, baptisms (child and adult), naming ceremonies, divorces, house blessings and clearings, dedications, and empty nest ceremonies.
  20. 20. Falls: they don’t have to happen to you
  21. 21. What do I need to know? Falls are the leading cause of injury death for Americans age 65 and older, and this year one in three people over that age will fall.
  22. 22. What the CDC has to say ‘ Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among persons age 65 and older.’ ‘ In the next 12 months 1 in 3 adults 65 years or older will fall; and 1 in 4 of those will be hospitalized.’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ~ 2006
  23. 23. What will you learn? Learn the risk factors, causes and consequences of a fall; simple things you can do around the home and when out and about to reduce your risk of falling; what to do if you do fall; and what steps you can take to improve your balance. An uncovered electrical lead poses a trip hazard.
  24. 24. Falls: they don’t have to happen to you One class, one hour, recommended once per catalogue
  25. 25. With the body, mind and spirit in balance you can achieve a state of peace and tranquility, be able to relax more, have increased vitality and energy, be more focused and attentive. Mind Spirit Body
  26. 26. The Magic of the Pendulum
  27. 27. The pendulum is a highly effective tool that bridges the gap between your logical left brain and your intuitive right brain.
  28. 28. By interpreting the movements of a swinging pendulum, you can communicate with the depths of your subconscious mind and tune into your intuition.
  29. 29. One class, one hour, recommended once per catalogue
  30. 30. Learn how to program and use your pendulum and tap the unlimited potential of your own mind. Pendulums will be available to purchase, or bring your own.
  31. 31. How to Sneeze and Cough Without Spreading Germs
  32. 32. Chinese Health Balls
  33. 33. What can Health Balls do? Reduce your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, rheumatism and arthritis. They are deeply relaxing, can help reduce stress, improve overall health, stimulate the mind and reduce your risk of cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  34. 34. What the press has to say ‘ [Chinese Health] balls have long been used in Chinese Hospitals to speed patient’s recovery.’ Natural Health Magazine ~ March-April 1997 ‘ Chinese Health Ball exercises help boost the flow of qi. By practicing daily you can accomplish mastery of self, thus, reaping the benefits of good physical, mental and spiritual health.’ Vitality - Toronto’s Monthly Wellness Journal ~ May 2007
  35. 35. One class, one hour, recommended once per catalogue
  36. 36. Why use Health Balls? You can improve strength, flexibility, dexterity and circulation in the fingers, hands and wrists. Reduce stress, aid relaxation and stimulate the mind. All participants receive a free set of Health Balls!
  37. 37. Holistic Hands [email_address] John Robertson 630-229-4434 Experience deep relaxation; a feeling of overall wellness, and the soothing comfort of human touch that comes from the power of energy healing and reflexology
  38. 38. Cobblestone Walking
  39. 39. Emulating the ancient stone reflexology pathways found throughout Asia; our cobblestone walking class is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the principles of acupressure and reflexology. The uneven surfaces of the rocks stimulate and regulate "acupoints" located on the soles of your feet.
  40. 40. “ Cobblestone mat walking is safe, improves physical function, and reduces blood pressure in older adults.” Oregon Research Institute - 2005
  41. 41. An ongoing class meeting for one hour each week running on a six week schedule Also available as a lease program for senior residences
  42. 42. Combining simple exercises, self-foot massage and cobblestone mat walking; participants can expect improved health-related quality of life, improved physical function and reduced blood pressure.
  43. 43. New students are always welcome in all of our classes!
  44. 44. Strengthen your body stimulate your mind empower your spirit
  45. 45. Cane Fu: for health Cane Fu: for self-defense
  46. 46. Cane Fu: for health <ul><li>The cane can be carried anywhere and rarely attracts undue attention... until you need it to. In the right hands it is a formidable self-defense weapon - that can also be used to strengthen the body, stimulating blood circulation, relaxing muscles and joints, and improving organ function. </li></ul>Cane Fu: for self-defense
  47. 47. Cane Fu: for health <ul><li>Combining a gentle exercise routine based on the principles of T’ai Chi and Qigong with conscious breathing and self-defense techniques; this class helps improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength, helps reduce stress and release tension. </li></ul>Cane Fu: for self-defense
  48. 48. Cane Fu: for health <ul><li>An ongoing class meeting for one hour each week running on a six week schedule </li></ul>Cane Fu: for self-defense
  49. 49. Cane Fu: for health <ul><li>Suitable for all ages and abilities, bring your own cane! </li></ul><ul><li>Rattan canes are preferred and are available from the instructor. </li></ul>Cane Fu: for self-defense
  50. 50. Help prevent the spread of the flu virus! Cough and sneeze correctly!
  51. 51. Learning Lunches Health and safety education in your workplace at your convenience!
  52. 52. Learning Lunches The cost of medical services is rising so rapidly that many employers are being forced to reduce benefits or ask employees to shoulder an ever-increasing portion of the cost of insurance. Fortunately, there is another, better answer – teaching employees how to reduce their utilization of medical services.
  53. 53. Learning Lunches A well-planned fitness initiative can provide potential cost savings to the company from $2.30 to $10.10 per $1.00 spent on the programs.
  54. 54. Learning Lunches [email_address] John Robertson 630-229-4434 We provide workplace wellness programs designed to lower insurance costs by improving your employees health. Contact us to discuss your requirements:
  55. 55. Learning Lunches <ul><li>Our classes include: </li></ul><ul><li>50 Secrets of the worlds longest lived people </li></ul><ul><li>Are you ready? disaster preparedness </li></ul><ul><li>An introduction to T’ai Chi </li></ul><ul><li>An introduction to karate </li></ul><ul><li>Chinese Health Balls </li></ul><ul><li>Self-defense and more </li></ul>
  56. 56. <ul><li>Eat well - </li></ul><ul><li>Missing meals can cause weakness and dizziness. </li></ul><ul><li>Eating regular, balanced, healthy meals will help you keep up your strength. </li></ul>How to reduce your risk of falls
  57. 57. Easy Tai Chi A gentle, beautiful and flowing exercise routine that is a joy to do, energizing and deeply relaxing; it brings health and vitality to all who practice it.
  58. 58. Exercise for all! The gentle rocking motions and stretching movements improve circulation and digestion; and reduce physical tension. New students are always welcome!
  59. 59. Exercise for all! The controlled breathing reduces stress and anxiety, helping calm the mind. It helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure, boosting energy. New students are always welcome!
  60. 60. Why Easy Tai Chi? Students may choose to sit or stand as needed; making this class suitable for all ages and abilities. New students are always welcome!
  61. 61. An ongoing class meeting for one hour each week running on a six week schedule New students are always welcome!
  62. 62. Are you Ready? – a FEMA disaster preparedness class
  63. 63. Learn what you need to know - To stay informed To help yourself To help your family To help your community in times of crisis
  64. 64. Learn how to -
  65. 65. Learn what you need to know - In one short class you can be ready in case disaster strikes
  66. 66. One class, one hour, recommended once per catalogue
  67. 67. Seven Stars; providing classes for the body, mind and spirit
  68. 68. Classes are available individually or as ongoing programs
  69. 69. John Robertson is a martial artist practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Tang Soo Do. A Master and Teacher of Japanese and Western Reiki, Reflexologist, Medical Qigong practitioner, teacher and healer.
  70. 70. Contact us: John Robertson 630-229-4434 [email_address]