7scenes 101


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Learn how 7scenes works in a couple of minutes

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7scenes 101

  1. 1. 7scenes 101Learn quickly how 7scenes works
  2. 2. The Scene lifecycleCreate a Concept,Design, Test and Improve a Prototype,Publish your final Scene to the Public,Promote your Scene,Monitor and Listen to users andImprove again.
  3. 3. Create a Scene • 5 simple steps • Choose a Genre for your Scene. • Describe your Scene. Icon, name, description, instructions and more... • Configure the rules of your Scene. • Add Places to the map. Notes, sounds, video, photos, tasks, rewards and more... • Test and Publish your Scene.
  4. 4. Log in first...You can find everything in your dashboard.
  5. 5. GenresGenres are interactive templates that you canconfigure.
  6. 6. ToursTours are played individually.• Sightseeing Free discovery, go to any location at any time• Storyline Guided tour, follow the story in a sequence• Mystery Tour Treasure hunt, locations appear one by one• Indoor Navigate inside buildings, use QR codes• Extra Passenger Explore with your bike or car, handsfree automation
  7. 7. GamesMultiplayer games are played in teams in events.• Free Play Score as many points as possible in game time• Adventure Role-playing, earn skills, engage in confrontations• Collect & Trade Collect and trade objects earned with challenges• Secret Trail Treasure hunt, finish as fast as possible.
  8. 8. Describe• Make people want to play your Scene. Tell a good story!!
  9. 9. Describe• Use great graphics where-ever you can.• Make a great intro to ensure a good start.• Use the outro to thank those that helped.
  10. 10. Configure• Weak mobile bandwidth at locations? Force media download so all is downloaded first.• Add Levels to make reward different scores• Want everyone to stop at a specific time? Set the maximum game time.• Want to capture public opinion? Create themes for opinion places.
  11. 11. Configure• Configuring skills or objects? Make custom icons!
  12. 12. Places• Create Labels for specific categories of Places• Drag & drop Places onto the right locations. Sound, Photo, Combi, Opinion, Task, Note, Video
  13. 13. Publish• Test first in ‘Draft’ log in with the same account to test it on mobile• Create Events & Teams for multi-player games
  14. 14. A Scene on the webEach Scene has a page on 7scenes.com. You canread about the Scene and see user feedback likereviews.
  15. 15. Promote a Scene • Share your Scene on Facebook and Twitter directly from the Scene page on web and mobile • Integrate the Scene in your website with the tourplayer. • Use the direct link of each Scene
  16. 16. Install 7scenes on mobileFor iPhonehttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/7scenes/id363981583?mt=8For Androidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=seven.client.android&hl=en
  17. 17. Log in to get startedOr sign up if you haven’t already
  18. 18. Discover a SceneSee a Scene on the Map, in the features ornearby lists, by organization or simply search.
  19. 19. View a SceneEach Scene has a page that describes it. Justlike on the web.
  20. 20. Play a SceneNavigate on a map and activate locations. Play avideo, answer a question, upload a photo, scorepoints, share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  21. 21. Playback on the webAfter playing you can play back your route and see allplaces you interacted with and uploaded media.
  22. 22. More?Howto guideCheck the full tutorial at 7scenes.com/support for amore detailed step-by-step guide.More questions?Check out our GetSatisfaction page atgetsatisfaction.com/7scenesVideoWe also have a tutorial video at http://youtu.be/F9HyQ3erKxc
  23. 23. ContactEmailinfo@7scenes.comFacebookfacebook.com/7scenesTwitter@7scenes