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Uncharted Path


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Poem for Department of Education
Alternative Learning System
April 2007

Published in: Education, Technology
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Uncharted Path

  1. 1. UNCHARTED PATH Poem for Department of Education Alternative Learning System
  2. 2. With the prevalent rise Of school-leavers in our sight It takes a conscious heart To snatch them out of that plight
  3. 3. Those who have been under-privileged From the comforts of luxury Some are sent to exclusive schools While others can't even survive a day
  4. 4. Some have lost their dignity Some don't even own a thing Some are neglected and abused While others just plain wounded
  5. 5. They're hurting and crying in silence You can just see it in their eyes It takes a heart to feel the pain It takes an action to ease the pain
  6. 6. The hidden stories of broken lives The shattered dreams that no one knows The falling tears that no one sees The untold miseries from within
  7. 7. All the aspirations & dreams All the hopes & desires All have been awaken Now it can come true
  8. 8. Because someone believed There is someone who paid the price And taught them how to be back in the race again And gave them wings to soar high
  9. 9. It takes a teacher To tap one's full potential It takes a hero To carve it to one's heart
  10. 10. Competition may be stiff Opportunities may be rare But I know from within This time they can win
  11. 11. The noble cause of touching lives Is an honour that a teacher has Serves as a light post to their Uncharted path of uncertainty
  12. 12. To turn trial to triumph For it just takes someone To just believe And make things happen
  13. 13. We, the teachers Are the history makers of our country We write the future Right in the lives of our learners Written by: Rimalyn Siriban April 2007