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Pastor Survey Form


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Some portions are from Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Pastor Survey Form

  1. 1. PASTOR SURVEY FORMPlease encircle your answer. Feel free to answer the questions honestly and without hesitation. We respectyour confidentiality that is why we are conducting this survey unanimously. This is part of our intensiveeffort to serve you better in our ministry in the District. 1. Your Gender a. Male b. Female 2. Your Age in years a. Under 18 b.18-24 c. 25-34 D. 35-44 e. 45-54 f.55-64 g. 65 and over 3. Your current marital status a. Single b. Married c. Divorced d. Widowed 4. If you have children how many do you have? a.1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5 or more f. none 5. How long have you been with Assemblies of God? a. 1 year or less b.2-5 years c. 6-10 years d.11-20 years e. Over 20 years 6. Do you tithe regularly in our district? a. Yes b. No 7. Do you know someone a close associate or seminary buddy who had left the ministry because of burnout, conflict in their church or from moral failure? Yes b. No 8. Do you frequently experience fatigue and own out on a weekly and even daily basis? a. Yes b. No 9. Do you have a consistent mentoring or discipleship program among your peers? a. Yes b. No 10. Do you have a good marriage? a. Yes b. No c. Not applicable, single. 11. Have you had one-time sexual encounter or an ongoing affair with a member in the past? a. Yes b. No 12. Do you consider yourself a good provider for the needs of your family? a. Yes b. No 13. Do you feel unqualified as a pastor and discouraged in your role as a pastor? a. Yes b. No 14. Do you feel alone in the ministry? a. Yes b. No c. at times, but not always. 15. Do you feel happy on a regular basis with who you are in Christ, your calling, your church and your home? a. Yes b. No 16. Do you feel tempted to leave the ministry to fulfil your financial obligation of your family in the past 3months? a. Yes b. No 17. Do you have good relationship in parenting your child? a. Yes, they’ve grown to be godly children and they are honoured to be called pastor’s kid. b. No, we have dysfunctional relationship. 18. Have you been asked to resign from being a pastor in the past? a. Yes b. No 19. Do you feel passionate in your ministry calling right now? a. Yes , like the first time I heard my call. b. No, I feel disempowered now.
  2. 2. 20. Do you feel you have good emotional, financial, organizational support to do your ministry? a. Yes b. No21. Monthly salary I get from church is __________ a. Very sufficient b. sufficient c. just enough d. not enough22. Have you borrowed money from elders or members within your church? a. Never b. yes, but I was able to pay back c. yes, but I was not able to pay back23. Are you in a significant conflict now with an elder, a member or a fellow minister right now? a. We parted ways, no communication because of denominational conflict b. No, I am at peace with everyone24. Do you evangelize in your sermon every week? a. Yes, it is part of our weekly routine b. No, just when prompted by the Holy Spirit25. Do you do altar call every week? a. Yes, it is part of our weekly routine c. No, just when prompted by the Holy Spirit26. Do you feel you have a strong relational or connecting skills as a pastor? a. I am very confident and I make every effort to make them feel at home with me even though I am the pastor b. I am working on my relational skills27. Do you have high administration skills to administer the church? a. The bible school I attended to gave us enough training on management b. No, I had problems on managing the church28. Do you have a member who you feel bypasses you in their decisions in the ministry? a. Yes, but I address it quickly b. No, they all know who to submit to because we have strong organizational structure29. Is your church healthy on spiritual growth? a. Yes, we have membership series for them to attend b. No, but willing to work on it30. Do you have a healthy, happy church? a. Yes, that’s normally what they describe my church. Everyone feels at home and welcome. b. No, we have a mind-your-business culture in our church31. Do you have a healthy, balance quality time with your family? a. Yes, I usually keep my word especially spending time with my wife and family b. No, I usually prioritize ministry first and needs of other people32. Do you have difficulty managing your time effectively? a. Yes, I tend to miss out on appointment because sometime when an emergency comes up b. No, I know how to set boundaries and I have learned to say no so I can keep up to my priorities33. Do you have an effective Children’s Ministry? a. Yes, we have empowered leaders in Sunday School b. No, we lack teachers and teaching resources34. Do you have an anointed worship team who understand the biblical truth of worship? a. Yes, they are skilful and trained biblically as well. b. No, we have to work on some members in our worship team35. Do you have a vibrant welcoming ushering ministry? a. Yes, we make sure everyone feels at home in our church and we keep records of our first timers b. No, but we have greeters36. Do you have a visitation program?
  3. 3. a. Yes, very active. This has improved our attendance. b.No37. Do you have a high rate of new believers in your church in the past 3 months? a. Yes b. No38. Does your church starts and ends on time during Sunday services? a. Yes b. No39. Do you have an ongoing conflict with another member resulting from gossip or strife that would not stop , was not true, or not properly dealt with? a. Yes b. No40. Have you considered quitting in the ministry in the past 3 months? a. Yes b. No41. Do you feel your church is significant in your community? a. Yes b. No42. Do you think your programs, bible study or outreach initiatives are relevant within your community and receive very good feedback from unbelievers? a. Yes b. No43. Do you and your leaders facilitate members in evangelism and outreach? a. Yes b. No44. Do your members faithfully understand the importance of tithing as a result of your teaching it? a. Yes b. No45. How long does it take for you to prepare your sermon? a. Full week b. 5 days c. 3 days d. a day before e. the night before46. Do you have access to internet? a. Yes b. No47. Do you have your own laptop? a. Yes b. No48. Does your church use latest technology, LCD Projector? a. Yes, we have Audio Visual Presentation b. No, we are still using overhead projector49. We have an excellent board who know their roles and execute their responsibilities well. a. Yes b. No50. Do you have other job aside from being in the ministry? If yes, what?__________________________________51. Our church average worship attendance is a. 0-20 b. 20-30 c. 30-40 d. 40-60 d.60-100 e.100 and above52. Their age group and approximately how many: a. Children_____ b. Youth _____c. Young Professional______ d. Married couple _______ e. Elderly______53. The average level of education of the people in our church? a. Some Masters and Doctorate b. College Graduates c. High School d. Vocational e. Elementary54. What is their monthly income a.3,000 b.5,000 c. 10,000 d. 30,000 and above55. We are faithful in our giving of tithes to the district. a. Yes b. No56. We feel empowered after attending the ministers meeting. a. Yes, I always look forward to it and try to never miss it b. No57. I faithfully attend the yearly convention. a. Yes b. No58. I feel the benefits of being a member of the district and caters to my personal and church needs a. Yes, I believe so. b. No, I believe we can add more programs for the pastors.